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Posted By DemonGeese

Looks awesome.

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Posted By Sphinx

Hell yeah!

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Posted By RadBadger

Well that's just about the weirdest trailer I've ever seen for a racing game. No Porsche? Get us a Warthog!

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Posted By Dany

I read on GAF that you can't even drive it? I read that awhile ago so I dunno if it was corrected or not.

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Posted By Warchief

damn shame you cant DRIVE it.

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Edited By Giantstalker

I'd rather they put, you know, a HMMWV in the game. It's not going to win any races but still

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Posted By ronin00

I'm sure if they do allow this thing to be driven it will be DLC for $10

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Posted By bybeach

Yeah,uhm, with all those gas cans racked up along the warthog's derriere, just don't shoot it in the ass. It is kind of a neat looking off-road pretend vehicle, though.

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Posted By Terjay

Boom. Sold.

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Posted By Waffles13

Okay, um, wait a minute.
I love Halo and the mythos, but they seriously made a backstory for a non-drivable car model in a racing sim? Like, seriously?
Also, that looks barely recognizable as a warthog. I know Forza is all about insane detail, but for a celebration for the decade of Halo, you'd think that they'd make it look as close to the original as possible.

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Posted By Slaker117

I wish you could drive it. :/

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Posted By Slaker117
@Waffles13: It's a Halo 4 hog.
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Posted By SkullcrusherMountain

Alright, so if there's a warthog in Halo 4, either it'll take place partly on earth, or Cortana's just dropping them from the broke-ass ship he's been sleeping on? Seems like that's a weird thing to contrive just to have them in the game. And the fun of them was getting another person to drive, and being the gunner. That's going to suck if MC's the only dude around. Unless they taught Cortana how to drive, but then she'd get in accidents all the time, with her being a woman.

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Posted By MisterMouse

the autovista thing still needs something else to get me behind it...

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Posted By Falconer

I've watched this like, a dozen times now. Can't. Fucking. Wait.

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Posted By Waffles13
@Slaker117: Fair enough, but I still think for a Halo retrospective it's super weird.
Scratch that, it's super weird regardless.
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Posted By shadowboxer

Warthogs are built to last.  So, strap yourself in and watch as the earth comes speeding at you. Don't worry everything's going to be a-okay.

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Posted By PJ

@Waffles13 said:

Also, that looks barely recognizable as a warthog. I know Forza is all about insane detail, but for a celebration for the decade of Halo, you'd think that they'd make it look as close to the original as possible.

That would be dumb since this is the Halo 4 Warthog.

And have you ever played a Halo game? That looks pretty much exactly like a more detailed warthog.

No Caption Provided

Yeah, Looks pretty damn similar to me. But with a shitton more detail.

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Posted By Benjamimmy

The Puma!!

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Posted By dillinger

This might be the worst idea I've ever seen

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Posted By AngelN7

I liked the part when she flipped back up with her hands

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Posted By Mr_Skeleton

Can I get another friend to man the turret and destroy the other cars? Please?!

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Posted By Sooty

Oh hey, a cross over.

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Posted By guvnor

This will be a feature in Forza 4 used for all of about 10 seconds. What a waste of everyone's time, how about giving us another drivable car instead working on dumb shit like this and making us pay for DLC a week after launch.

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Posted By sparky_buzzsaw

@ShaggyChu said:

I've watched this like, a dozen times now. Can't. Fucking. Wait.

Agreed. Driving a Warthog was always my favorite part of the Halo games, and seeing this in Forza just is awesome.

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Posted By Belonpopo

Let the haters hate.

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Posted By Swordfish9

And next I want M35 Mako IFV on the list of cars.

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Posted By jorbear


I will be buying Forza 4.

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Posted By Waffles13
@PJ said:
No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided
Different turret shape, bigger wheels, random roll cages, smoke-stack looking thing on the driver's side, multiple giant fuel tanks in the back, and much wider frame. I know I'm being an EXTREME stickler, and I obviously know nothing about the plot of Halo 4, but assuming the conceit is that it takes place immediately after Halo 3, then the only warthogs around should be the exact same as those in the previous game.
Also, if you're looking for something extremely similar but with much more detail, look at the actual Warthog Bungie had WETA build. THAT looks like a better version of the classic 'Hog, not this Forza one.
Again, I know I'm being a total OCD dolt demanding everything be the same, I just really don't like random redesigns for no reason, and Halo's been good about consistency everywhere it makes sense and having a logical explanation any time it otherwise wouldn't. Here's to hoping the same goes for this.
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Posted By zombie2011

Sweet, it would be sweet if you could control it using just the sticks but that probably won't happen.

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Posted By Razorlution

It truly is great to see how far we have come in the lighting department in games, looks spectacular

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Posted By Gargantuan

The suspension doesn't look like the original Warthog at all

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Posted By FMinus

That does it for the "Forza is a simulator" debate.  

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Posted By Deusoma
@Dany said:

I read on GAF that you can't even drive it? I read that awhile ago so I dunno if it was corrected or not.

I'm not doubting you, just confused: if you can't drive it, then what exactly is it? Is Forza 4 gonna have a database of the stats of famous cars from videogames or something?
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Posted By Bollard

I love how it costs 343,000 credits. 
Very clever.

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Posted By DG991

Ah man... Maybe its the nostalgia of the first game but hearing that music and stuff makes me wanna play some halo. I still haven't played 3 and reach lol.

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Posted By Sander

Not bad. I love how they can be a simulator but also display a middle finger to those who got a camshaft up their arse.

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Posted By Butler

The fact you can't drive it makes it so much worse. It's there, I can see it in game, and I can't play with it? That's just rude. plain rude.
From what heard it's just to show off the Kinect driven show room feature.

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Posted By 234r2we232

Ah, I forgot how bad and generic Bungie fiction is.

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Posted By Helgi
@KillaWolf13 said:
The Puma!!
What in sam hell is a puma?
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Posted By ArkHunter

I will only buy the game if I can man the turret and gun down passing sports cars! LOL

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Edited By first2die

It should be the M12 LRV, not the FAV.

Edit: Sadly, I'm not even joking. A quick look back to my Halo 2 and Halo 3 Manuals will show the warthog as the M12 LRV. I think they changed the name for Reach.

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Posted By GozerTC
@first2die said:

It should be the M12 LRV, not the FAV.

See these tow hooks, they look like tusks.  
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Posted By oct_ONES

@Giantstalker: the H1 Hummer has been confirmed for Forza 4

I cannot wait for this game!

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Posted By John1912

Actually a a great tie in/cross over or whatever.  

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@Waffles13: Well Frank has said there has been "some time" between Halo 3 and 4, like up to 3-5 years. On a panel it was said that the UNSC would be using Forerunner technology in their new weapons, which would go along with the "few years" idea. I think canon wise this will just be the newer version of the hog (which I agree is a bit weird because it seems to look less futuristic with the suspension and "utility" look it has).     
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Posted By EpsilonSE

Forza has been the only franchise that has ever got me to pre-order its games, mainly because of shit like this.

@Swordfish9 said:

And next I want M35 Mako IFV on the list of cars.

YES!... Actually, Forza never went in and put fictional cars in before, I think they might be taken a cue from Burnout Paradise and having a few "Legendary" Cars show up for DLC at some point. The Mako might be a little big, but I don't see why they don't throw a few fictional fan favorites in the mix. Unless, "certain people" get all huffy and say that Forza is getting to accessible.

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Edited By Rapid

We don't need no stinking Porsche! 
Forza set  in Halo Universe Timeline CONFIRMED

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Posted By Juicebox

Now we just need some alan wake tracks....

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