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This looks *really* stupid, and like a lot of fun.

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@Branthog said:

@Tesla said:

@Branthog said:

@Tesla said:

@Branthog: You can boil down just about every video game in existence to a "thirteen year old boy's fantasy". If immature turns you off so much, maybe put the controller down and read more classic literature or watch a French film. Refined palates are rarely the target audience of game developers.

Anyway, this looks like fun. I like Platinum Games frantic action style and the crazy Metal Gear universe, so sign me up!

That's a totally fair point -- there's just something that's particularly more thirteen-year-old-boy-ish about a sword that cuts thousands of times a second for super awesome slo-mo violence or Gears of War roided dudes that look like they're a human Abrams Tank. It somehow makes it come across as a more hollow game when they make such a big deal out of 'OHMYGOD LOOK AT HOW MANY PIECES I CUT THIS DUDE INTO!". That's something that's awesome the first two times in a tech-demo and then becomes instantly dumb.

If it was a half hour of that with Raiden in a twenty hour MGS 5, then that'd be just about the perfect amount.

On the other hand, if the story is as fun as MGS4 and it has crazy long cinematics and other things going for it, there's still a chance I can look past that (and the sort of Bayonetta-ish combat-style which I just don't think I can do anymore) and trudge through.

I just... yeah.... the mechanics look more like a chore than anything else. :/

I definitely see your point that the mechanic could get old over the course of the entire game. I share that opinion with you actually.

But I also love the fact that bodies and the environment react to your sword. That is entirely new to me. As a guy who loves Battlefield and Red Faction partly because of the destructible environments, I look forward to playing something that allows me to do that kind of thing with a sword instead of high explosives.

I actually feel the same way about those games, too. At least, the Red Faction games. Like this slice and dice mechanic, they're all destructive elements that would be great pieces of a game -- but even in Red Faction, I feel you're left wanting something more (after awhile). That's common among all of gaming, though, I suppose. Too many games do one new or neat thing and that's their whole trick. And they lean on it through the whole game.

I don't deny that there aren't some that would find this single thing a blast in this game. And if this were in an arcade in 1992, I would be having a fucking awesome time. I just find myself really put off by it. Which is unfortunate (for me, primarily) as I'm ready for more MGS craziness of the style I got in MGS4.

This is first and foremost a Platinum Games action game set in the Metal Gear universe, think more like Bayonetta, Vanquish etc (though of course not exactly the same). If you don't want an extremely fast, action game then this won't be the game for you. I'm not saying that to be nasty, just that this isn't a traditional metal gear game but as a Metal Gear AND Platinum Games fan it's bliss for myself (and I'm sure some other Metal Gear fans). You need to go back into Metal Gears past for that. I'd recommend the original Metal Gear Solid PS1 digital download on PS3 and the Metal Gear Solid HD collection. 1 and 2 lead into 4 so that completes the main Solid Snake story and 3 is a prequel with Naked Snake. MGS1 is probably the most dated as its from the PS1 era but I still love that game to bits, I still consider it the best Metal Gear game of the lot.

There's also apparently a Metal Gear Rising Revengeance demo due next week so you could always try that then as well :)

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Played the demo at Eurogamer last year and was massively impressed. And just try to remember this isn't an MGS game specifically.

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Needs more watermelon cutting.

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Man pick an accent and stick with it Raiden. This continues to bump me out, it looks like a bare bones Bayonetta with one gimmicky QTE thing to support it.

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Two comments:

Future cars suck

Deadly force authorized! [gun to holster, brings out stun thing]

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I'm not a huge fan of the police but man what happened to them seemed a bit excessive for trying to enforce what seems to be a pretty sensible law. Military Cyborgs don't belong in built up areas.

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...wait. Jack the Ripper? What?

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I love how I can always tell an Alex article or posting.

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Threatening a police officer = Deadly force

*puts away gun and takes out a stun baton*


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why is the gamma set super high? That doesn't look good, Konami. It looks like i am watching this on a broken lcd screen. :/

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So Raiden's a cop-killing sociopath with a different voice actor now?

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My interest in this game has been a roller coaster - first stoked for a new take on the MG franchise, then cool anticipation of a quality but "yet another" crazy Platinum game, and now this gameplay footage has gotten me stoked all over again. What looked like a button masher with the "gimmick" of cutting people up looks like a goddamn art form in the right hands. Whoever was at the controls here sold me a copy.

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I love the cops coming after him with police batons. Electrified or not, dudes got a fucking sword. Youre not gonna win that fight

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@Evan_Buchholz said:

Cyborg Ninjas drive cars too! They're just like us!

That cracked me up too. "Regular guys? They couldn't handle all the blood and body parts. Not me, I I like it a lot. But not as much as I like my new Audi R8. It's got a 4.2 liter engine with fuel injection, standard. And it came with a free six month Sirius satellite radio subscription."

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Oh, wrong game.

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looks stupid

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It's a good thing Capcom dumped DMC out there before this because holy hell, Platinum is really kicking ass.

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@IronScimitar said:


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Honestly this doesn't look good really. Looks like a lot of the same moves being repeated and the cutting mechanic just comes off as super gimmicky.

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Only Rank B?!?!?

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@amishmonster said:

So Raiden's a cop-killing sociopath with a different voice actor now?

Guessing all the sword killing let his latent child murderer side reemerge. The Jack the Ripper title was given to him back in MGS2.

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@HerbieBug said:


...wait. Jack the Ripper? What?

His title back when he was a child soldier under Solidus. MGS2 lore.

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"My gaze would dart to his lower jaw."

I'll admit, I've never been attracted to Raiden, but with his design here... yeah, okay, I'd stare at his butt. He is one sexy-ass cyborg ninja.

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Im just so underwhelmed by this.. This is way too God of war / Devil May Cry for my taste.. Guess I blame that on the fact that they shoved "Tactical Espionage Action" down our throats for so many years... This doesnt say "Metal Gear" at all imo..

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This looks as stupid as its name. Very.

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@White said:

Threatening a police officer = Deadly force

*puts away gun and takes out a stun baton*


I thought the EXACT same thing.

"Gotta club that robot to death, boys!"

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When I read articles like this, all I want to do is go to another website that actually treats the MGS series like a video game and not some red-headed step child.

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NOT COOL, Navarro. Dude's mandibly-challenged.

Show some sensitivity.

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@IronScimitar said:


What he said.

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Rofl, I love how he's casually driving his fucking car. Hahaha.

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@Branthog said:

As a life-long PC gamer, the only MGS game I've played is MGS 4 -- which I loved. I am really excited to hopefully play more MGS. But not this. That thirteen-year-old-boy-sword-slashing-insanity-fantasy thing just does nothing for me. And the character of Raiden does pretty much nothing for me.

Also. . . . that voice. . . . that dumb, dumb voice . . .

so because i like crazy violence and sword slashing I'm thirteen.. alright pal.

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I'm having No More Heros flashbacks by just how stupid this game looks, I LOVE IT!

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Seeing this being done on my own streets of Denver is probably the weirdest thing.

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@nikopeters: Indeed, it's freaking weird! Raiden was totally driving North on I-25. And there's nothing like visiting Denver... Queen... Fashion... Street?

As long as they have some sweet cyborg hookers on East Colfax, then they did their homework.

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I thought from screenshots and previous video this game looked graphically impressive but it looks like a game from 2007 - it has large blocky polygons and wow I just had no clue how bad it looked! The game play looks good but those graphics are laughable comparing to most recent games. What the fuck?

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Finally a metal gear game I can get behind.

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So is this game written BY 10-year-olds, or just FOR them? What a bunch of hammy garbage.

Also, police officers, why did you put your guns away?

Guns can't stop cyborg Ninjas, have you ever Seen Gray Fox or Mr X? In the scenes they are in and in the fight with Gray Fix he would slice the bullets away.
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@PrioritySeven said:

@White said:

Threatening a police officer = Deadly force

*puts away gun and takes out a stun baton*


I thought the EXACT same thing.

"Gotta club that robot to death, boys!"

At that point, it became personal.

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When does this take place in the fiction? Because this completely goes against Raiden's character at the end of MGS4.

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@JeanLuc said:

When does this take place in the fiction? Because this completely goes against Raiden's character at the end of MGS4.

It appears that it's now set after MGS4.

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LOL @ Cyborg Ninja Raiden just rolling down the highway in his sensible sedan while having an inner monologue about what a fucked bloodthirsty sociopath he is.

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@amishmonster said:

So Raiden's a cop-killing sociopath with a different voice actor now?

No that is Quinton Flynn, i'm guessing that's his psychopath voice because he doesnt sound like that in all the trailers.