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I am really enjoying the art style.

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Yup. I'm finally on board with this. Looks like this game has been turned around for the better.

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Looking to be a good game and I hope it turns out well, August is looking to be a packed month when normally it isn't.

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Gotta say I love the tone and aesthetic they are going for here. Enemy Unknown was great but this immediately speaks to me way more on a "feel" level.

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@originalyellow said:

Very Mass Effect-y, definitely interested.

I thought the same thing, which makes me... unsure. I played ME 2 and 3, and never liked to use the tactics menu.

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Looking great so far.

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Damn, that looked freaking great.

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@smiddy: Well most of their impressions have actually been talked about during the Afterhours live stream in the last half of the first night (most of their in-depth impressions were on the first night actually) and on the 3rd act on the second night. Other than that, they've had the dumptruck interviews and some of the other stuff they probably can't share yet since they're probably under embargo.

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Hmm, this actually does look pretty cool. I'm digging the boxart too, I think. It's so weird to see something like that for a shooter and not a generic dude in power armor with a big gun on the box. It's something different, and that's good.

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@gaspower: That was last week though. I'm talking about this week. I would have expected a lot more interviews or write ups of their impressions. Maybe a QL.

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Wow! Seeing the combat system in action just put this game on my radar.

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How about an Xcom game that matches or exceeds the original? This looks awful.

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This looks fucking amazing.

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If this plays like Freedom Fights then I will be happy.

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Looks cool and all, but can I give my dudes pink pants????

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@butano: Exactly. I was actually thinking of replaying through Hell's Highway this morning and hoping Gearbox puts out another one. The lack of recent games featuring live action tactical squad combat commands bums me out. Any of these first or third person shooters could throw in assault and fire team commands and it would instantly make me interested in the genre again.

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I was really liking how the FPS looked but I can't say I have much to complain about where they've gone with the game. This is looking super rad, I'm real excited to get my hands on this.

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Ooooo....this looks to fix the Brothers in Arms fix I've been having....

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I am glad they took the time and listened to the initial reactions. This game looks legitimately interesting, polished, and I can see myself having fun playing it. I no longer think about it as "X-Com", instead I see it as a game set in the world of X-Com and that is always the distinction they needed to make for this game to work. Good on them.

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Don Draper vs. Aliens?

I'm in!

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Don Draper would have the good taste not to fight an alien invasion without a blazer. Was that a double negative?

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Sound design on these trailers still going strong.

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@smiddy: They are doing 3 hours a night of Podcast at the end of each night of E3 not to mention their regular blog stuff.

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Don Draper vs. Aliens?

I'm in!

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What even is this game anymore

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I'm legitimately very excited to play The Bureau, looks like a ton of fun & a pretty natural extension of the XCOM license.

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wow- this looks legitimately great now. hope it's more than just a good-looking trailer!

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Looking better.

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More timed exclusive DLC for the 360 on this game means I'll wait until THAT runs out, at which point the game will be like $20 cheaper. I don't play the "timed exclusive" game.

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What's going on? why is there so little content on the site? Especially the week after E3. shouldn't it be a madhouse on here?

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Now tell me that these characters have at least Jagged Alliance-levels of personality and you have my money.

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Very Mass Effect-y, definitely interested.

Can't wait to see what the romance options are!

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Cool, this no longer looks terrible. It's been long enough since the new XCOM that I'm ready for a sequel. I'll accept this as filler while waiting for the next one though.

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@tesla: Guy face down eyes up gun in hand on front cover. Artsy cool cover on reverse. Because marketing is people are dumb. :(

Marketing gotta do what marketing gotta do. :(

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@tesla: Guy face down eyes up gun in hand on front cover. Artsy cool cover on reverse. Because marketing is dumb. :( I would love to be proven wrong on that, though. edit-- When they show box art in the trailer that usually means the design is final.

This game looks fun. Mass Effect 1 combat with better squad commands is right up my alley.

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I wonder if the box art will actually be all redacted like they show at the end of the trailer, or if they'll default to guy grimacing with gun in hand.

Anyway, this looks like a really cool compromise for bringing XCOM to a new genre and retaining some of the strategy roots. I'm glad this game survived even though they went away from the original FPS design, which I thought looked really interesting.

Hopefully it turns out to be a good game.

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Posted By GaspoweR

Very Mass Effect-y, definitely interested.

Yeah, only with better squad commands. Hopefully this game doesn't fall into bad scripting problems considering that these types of games would often have those kinds of problems.

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So far it's looking like things turned out the best possible way for this franchise.

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This looks cool, but I still miss when this was going to be a BioShock-esque FPS.

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All that and a sweet hat.

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Wow, that looks better than expected!

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Very Mass Effect-y, definitely interested.

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Secret secret