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Posted By ChrisOVC

Ok then.. dont think im ready for this

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Posted By ripelivejam

the horror

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Posted By DodgyBlaster

Background picture = I'd give it 5 days.

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Edited By DoubleSpy

Tecmo Deception

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Posted By Humanity

I just don't know but it looks all sorts of messed up

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Edited By I_Stay_Puft

Smells like Teen Spirit.

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Posted By ross2075

I've got a fever and the only prescription is more tentacles.

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Posted By 10thenemy

it just looks like he's covered in barbecue sauce.

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Edited By hollitz

I'm ready for a survival horror return to form! Maybe Mikami can do it.

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Edited By CaLe

This just makes me wonder what Swery would do if he was in Mikami's position, having all the resources a company like Bethesda can provide. I'm sure we would not be left indifferent.

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Posted By wrecks

Where does Evil Reside?

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Edited By Undeadpool

Step 2 reminds me of the old classic:

Faaaake bloooood

You scare me like the reeeeal thiiiing

If you were the reeeeeal thiiiiing

You'd scaaaare me moooore

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Posted By Nerdware
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Posted By Pixeldemon

Step 4: Japan

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Posted By Conciliator


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Edited By nickux

I love Shinji Mikami's games, more than I could probably relate in this comment, but this trailer feels really dumb. Without gameplay it's hard for me to get excited for it as a game. Based on his previous work, I have no doubt it will be great but this trailer looks like a low-budget horror torture movie. I understand it's being used more to convey the tone and what their goals are in terms of style, horror, etc. but I'm never much for live-action trailers for a game.

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Posted By wrecks
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Posted By KatyGaGa

this trailer is awful. its like something the kid in Last Action Hero would watch as previews.

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Posted By Pop

Oh man, I would so watch that movie, looks so good, I had this evil smirk on my face the entire time. This guy doesn't usually make PC games so meh.

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Posted By Bombzinski

Alex, you're listing those things like it's a bad thing.

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Posted By Hunter5024

Not really feelin the tone of this trailer. Too much gore, which is my least favorite aspect of horror.

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Edited By MeatSim

It's Pyramid Head's 2nd cousin once removed Safe Head.

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Posted By perilator666

i can dig it.

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Posted By perilator666

also of course this has bach in it. because everything out of japan has bach in it.

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Posted By triviaman09

Great. Now can I see what the game actually looks like?

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Edited By Elwoodan

FMV game?

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Posted By kalibr

live action trailers and commercials for games needs to stop

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Posted By Lyfeforce

I look at this, remember the FMV intro to Resident Evil and realize I'm just going to wait for the quick look.

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Edited By geirr

So he replaced Pyramid Head's pyramid with a safe and give him a big hammer. Brilliant!

I want to see the actual game though, live action trailers are silly.

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Posted By MalkavianJD

Man, Bethesda publishing? All care for this game went out the window in 5 seconds.

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Edited By MildMolasses

@meatsim said:

It's Pyramid Head's 2nd cousin once removed Safe Head.

No, no, no!. Safe Head is Superhead's far more responsible and less promiscuous sister

@geirr said:

So he replaced Pyramid Head's pyramid with a safe and give him a big hammer. Brilliant!

It just looked like a smaller version of monster from RE5... with a safe on its head

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Edited By Ravelle

I expected Patrick to be on top of this, not Alex. ;P

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Posted By lightsoda

Looks cool, I'm in.

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Edited By Yummylee

I really like what they've done with this. Its got a very undeground 70s horror movie sorta look to it, spliced with some Clive Bark-ian and a bit of Lovecraft-ian for good measure. Kinda goofy in parts, but if this trailer's tone will be in anyway indicative of the full game, then it's clear that Mikami's at least trying to create a genuinely unnerving horror game.

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Posted By BlastChamber

My body is ready

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Posted By PACMAN_

Dang son!

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Posted By white

Tentacles, you say?

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Edited By sondunmurkedu

I am a tentacle fan!

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Posted By JNSK

Looks creepy as hell. I'm not great at enduring Horror games, unless they give you plenty of ways to savagely brutalise the enemies (a la Dead Space), instead of having to run away from monsters (e.g., Amnesia), but it's hard to tell from this unrevealing, albeit awesome-looking, trailer.

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Posted By sirdesmond

Wow, the graphics look great.

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Posted By Barrock

Man, Bethesda publishing? All care for this game went out the window in 5 seconds.

They also published Dishonored which was great.

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Edited By Maitimo

It's maybe not the greatest trailer, but the promise of a new survival horror game from Mikami gives you hope for an otherwise dying genre.

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Posted By GalacticPunt

Step 4: Cut a hole in the box.

Step 5: Put your dick in the box.

Maybe Mikami feels the world is now ready for his live-action cutscenes, RE1-style.

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Posted By so1337

You make it sound so easy, Alex.

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Edited By drowsap

Well this will haunt my dreams from now on thanks GB lol

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Posted By CoolYetiDance

You're supposed to leave step 3 out, the joke is ruined now!

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Edited By CitizenJP

Needs more tentacles.

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