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Well alright.

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@nickux said:

I love Shinji Mikami's games, more than I could probably relate in this comment, but this trailer feels really dumb. Without gameplay it's hard for me to get excited for it as a game. Based on his previous work, I have no doubt it will be great but this trailer looks like a low-budget horror torture movie. I understand it's being used more to convey the tone and what their goals are in terms of style, horror, etc. but I'm never much for live-action trailers for a game.

1) It's supposed to be dumb...?

2) Trailers without gameplay are also supposed to be dumb.

I understand your feels about this, but I've kind of made my peace with live action trailers. All I know is they'll show gameplay eventually, and I'll judge it then. But yeah, it's kind of lame - I don't know what other medium has commercials that don't show off that medium (although TV commercials for books are effing hilarious).

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Mikami horror? Sign me up.

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Posted By Heartagram

This looks awesome. Exactly the kind of thing I like to play.

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@barrock said:

@malkavianjd said:

Man, Bethesda publishing? All care for this game went out the window in 5 seconds.

They also published Dishonored which was great.

I'm guessing they were referring to the way Bethesda tends to fuck their customers in some regions like Eastern Europe.

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Posted By miva2

Looks kinda boring to me.

I love quirky japanese games but i'm not a fan of Shinji Mikami. I love many games he worked on but i always feel like it's his team that's genius and not SM himself. That's just the impression that I get. I'm not sold on him. Platinumgames and Suda anytime, Shijni meh.

@cale said:

This just makes me wonder what Swery would do if he was in Mikami's position, having all the resources a company like Bethesda can provide. I'm sure we would not be left indifferent.


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Posted By Icecreamjones

Pyramidcubehead there looks vaguely familiar.

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Posted By mekon

Who's there?

On the far side of the room, a movement in the shadows.

JULIA almost retreats, but something keeps her staring
into the murk, as SOMETHING - the remnants of a human
form made of twisted, blistered strands of flesh,
raises its head. It's squatting against the wall,
unable to lift itself into a standing position. Its
eyes, however, have life in them: and hunger. This,
though he's unrecognizable, is FRANK.

(a pained whisper)

Oh my God.

Don't look at me.

Who are you?

I said: don't look.

She looks away.

Help me.

Tell me who you are.


JULIA's face registers horror and disbelief.

No. God no.

Believe me. It's me. It's
really me.

What happened to you?

His blood ... on the floor ...
It brought me back.

Back from where?

Just help, will you? Please God,
help me...

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Posted By HatKing

I'm not confident this is the guy who is going to "save" survival horror. Keep in mind it was a lot of the concepts that evolved from his games that apparently "ruined" the genre to begin with.

Before I get stabbed with all of your pitchforks, I'm not knocking his games. I've enjoyed several of them. In fact the only game he's been involved with, of the few I've played, that I would consider disappointing is Shadows of the Damned. But you're deluding yourself if you don't think games like Resident Evil 4 birthed the way for the modern survival horror game. Dead Space would not exist if Resident Evil 4 weren't there first.

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Posted By The_Doctor_52

This is a great tour of his office can't wait to see the game.

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Plot Twist: this entire game is actually an ad for V8 juice.

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Posted By skunkdragon

Ah good old fashioned prosthetic Horror none of this CG bollox

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Posted By espgaluda

the master of unlocking headsafes

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Posted By espgaluda

its safe to say this will be a combination of survival and horror

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Posted By viking_funeral
  • Pyramid head analog? Check.
  • Creepy girl from The Ring with extra arms? Check.
  • Guy with glass embedded in skin à la Pinhead? Check.

At the very least, I respect the sources this is ripping from.

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Posted By RetroVirus

Excellent. The more that these enemies look/feel like The Thing, the better.

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Posted By big_jon

Some of that was pretty sweet, I love fucked up mutant ass looking monsters.

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Posted By capt_ventris

So that's what a barb wire factory looks like!

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People are so hard to please these days. It's Shinji Mikami, clearly aiming to make an actual HORROR game again.. Plus the trailer actually has real physical special effects and no CG that I can see, old school style.
Everything about this screams being in the spirit of old-school horror games and films, and that makes me totally down with it, even though this trailer tells me pretty much nothing about the game.
Consider me interested!

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Posted By imperiumSG

i need to see this movie!

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i love twisted horror shit, and this teaser is some of the more twisted shit i've seen in years. sign me up.

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Posted By pickassoreborn

This looks like it could be Silent Hill's creepy uncle. You know, the one who likes to stroke his hair. No, not that hair.

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The live action trailer looks genuinely terrifying, if the final product is anything like this I'll have tears of joy (fear). Horror games this gen have been absolutely terrible, as they have been trying to appeal to the mainstream and forgetting what the genre 'horror' is. I'm hoping this brings it back to when horror games were actually horrifying and not just a third / first person shooter in disguise.

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I, uh...
I dtill don't know what the game's about. I mean it'll probably be cool and scary. But if you asked to give you more details, I wouldn't know what to say.

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I was not aware that Shinji Mikami was making a Silent Hill game.

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Soo, soo ready for this =)

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Static from old records, black and white photos of sad looking children, glimpses of boogeymen and gratuitous smash cuts don't automatically make for good horror. Someone show me a survival horror game that can tell a story on the same level as American Horror Story and I'll show you the future of this genre.

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