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This game is THE MOST FUN I've had playing video games ever, as someone who started playing guitar in response to how much fun Guitar Hero was. Every change he talks about is a big deal. Note detection, no loading screens, custom-set difficulty, built-in riff repeater, even the master mode (which was a meh feature to me) sounds intriguing with the way it's done.

I pre-ordered it. And I know where my next 300-odd hours of gameplay are going once this is out.

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Posted By MikeyZeroG

This is my most highly anticipated game, even more so than GTA 5. I loved the original and learned a lot, but the menus drove me mad, as did the way they executed riff repeater and other learning tools. I can't wait for this game -- I'd easily pay $200 to own it.

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Posted By bleekmajeek

@lego_my_eggo: Yeah I know what you mean. Personally I wish they would let you select something on screen by playing a note or a chord or something, but the game is still awesome regardless lol

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Posted By paulunga

I actually really liked the original Rocksmith, got a lot better at playing the bass thanks to it. This looks like a great update, I'm definitely getting it.

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Posted By bluefish

@nardak said:

This guy seems like a younger version of Peter Molyneux.

That's EXACTLY what I was thinking, thank you.

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Posted By schrodingers

@scaramoosh: The lag was probably introduced by you're setup; there's a reason Rocksmith tells you to use analog audio out.

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Posted By lord_python

As someone who bought the original and had problems with it... this is seriously amazing. They fixed nearly everything wrong with it. Now here's hoping the song selection is even greater and more awesome!

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Posted By crimsonlordofwar
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Posted By SpoogeMcduck

Yay, no menus! I liked rocksmith but those menus kept me from playing as often. Is the cable the same no matter what platform? So I could use the one from the 360 version on PC?

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Posted By sensy

Rocksmith 1 is directly responsible for me buying a fucking Gibson Les Paul Standard today (because it made me start playing guitar again when it came out on PC), so this better be fucking awesome.

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Wow, am I the only one that thought this was an advert for Apple product when it started playing?

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Posted By Catlicker

OMG OCTOBER. I was expecting this for next year, but apparently sports videogames have educated other franchises to put the next year as title!

Sounds great to me, the sooner the better. :D

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Posted By scaramoosh

The last one had major lag that made it unplayable, I hope they fixed that.

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Hey buddy! Look at me when you're talking to me!

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Posted By ThatRoss

Can't wait for this! Bought Rocksmith 1 on PS3 after Vinny's Quick Look...then bought the PC version when it finally arrived, as the PS3 version was so slow (epic load/save times, horrific menus, lousy frame rate)...

Hoping my 2011 Mac Mini has enough graphics juice to play this...if not, back to the PC.

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@sissylion: If they fix the problems of the first like they're claiming, yes. If not, then its nothing more than an instructional game that really wants to be guitar hero. The first has its heart in the right spot, but I also feel like it was trying to be something its not and muddying up some really satisfying mechanics with annoyances in the process. That said even if it's like the first you'll get better by shear repetition and for many its a fun and debatably better replacement of the old way of practicing a guitar(a pair of headphones with the song on repeat).

I plan on preordering it and getting it day one, so it you want to wait for a review from a guitar player(intermediate player) before you make the investment then I'll be happy to post one up on the site.

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Posted By sissylion

So my guitar-playing skills have been stagnating for a few years, but I also only play acoustic. For those who have played the first game, is this series enough of a quality instructional/practice tool that it would be worth it for me to pick up a really shitty electric guitar so that I could, you know, play it?

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@xyber: Ya, with my setup I had hardly any noticeable lag, but I do find the audio to lacking at best. Thinking of splitting off my audio to my amp this time.

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but do I stick with the PS3 or move to the PC version. hmmmmmmm.

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Posted By Xyber

They really need to tell people if this finally supports third party hardware as an input device... Like a semi professional interface..

Otherwise i am instantly out.

It doesn't really matter if you use your own interface or the Rocksmith cable, the input lag is mostly on the software side. And if you have the audio setup correctly for the game the audio lag is minimal.

And it was possible to use your own interface and ASIO or something if you got a modified .exe for the game. Don't know how well that works though.

Looking forward to this game, 382 hours in the first one now and will probably be over 400 by the time this is out..

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Edited By skrutop

"Fix the menus" indeed. I really liked Rocksmith, though it certainly had its share of rough edges. I'm really looking forward to this new version, as they seem to focus way more on training and practice over high scores and fake rockstar career progression.

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Posted By csl316

Vinny's enthusiasm for the first one had me intrigued. Really looking forward to this, mainly for the jam track business.

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Posted By PLWolf

Learned a ton with Rocksmith and so excited about this version. Now I can finally create my setlist, toss the controller, and jam for an hour. And no loads!! That part killed me in RS.

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Edited By crimsonlordofwar

As someone who's put 90+ hours into the first I been looking forward to a version that gets rid of the 'gamey' parts of Rocksmith. Day one if true, especially since the PC versions going out dayndate with consoles

I'd also love it if they added note rearrangements, because there were a few songs were I wasn't a fan of their placement and kept getting thrown off by whats on the screen vs my arrangement. That said, I'm pretty stoked :)

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Posted By ShaggE

@mjhealy said:


It's not a rhythm game, though.

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Edited By AngriGhandi

But honestly? At this point, anyone who's still even making a rock music rhythm game is going to get my money, purely on principle.


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Posted By Atom

Already pre-ordered. I hope they actually do release the Mac version this time around.

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Edited By AngriGhandi

"Isn't everything dubstep now?"

No, everything just picked up the "backmasked bass drum" effect from dubstep. Everything else dubstep related is gradually dying a pitiable death from overexposure. Like that guy in "To Build a Fire."



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Posted By MjHealy


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Edited By Lego_My_Eggo

Good, there fixing all the big problems i had with the first. I still wish they would allow some kind of menu control with the guitar tho, fells awkward having to pick up a controller every so often for menu stuff, but thats just me being nitpicky.

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Posted By rubzo

Anyone else getting a Jony Ive feel with this video?

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Posted By AlmostSwedish

They mention every single problem I hade with the first game.

Game of the Year.

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Posted By rasko_the_brave

Loved the first one.

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Posted By clush

No Jerry Cantrell. Stupid video.

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Posted By CornBREDX

Oh wow. Didn't know this was still a thing that existed.

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Posted By JazGalaxy

@namco51 said:

Glad I'll finally be able to manually pick the difficulty instead of it constantly mixing up the damn notes on me.

Yeah, that really hurt the first one. It was tough to play for a while and then put the game down for a few weeks and come back to it. The level you are at when you get done playing for 2 hours every day and the level you are at when you come back after two weeks of not playing are never going to be the same.

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Posted By Zaapp1

Picked up the first game on sale a few weeks ago, I'm actually really enjoying it. Looking forward to the upgrades in this one.

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Edited By JazGalaxy

They really need to tell people if this finally supports third party hardware as an input device... Like a semi professional interface..

Otherwise i am instantly out.


Why do you care? The Realtone cable works fine...

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Posted By JazGalaxy

Look like it also does Bass guitar, that would be good, I'v had mine for more then ten years and can't play.

Yeah, I use Rocksmith Bass and I can report that it's great. I love it. It has a lot of problems, but they are all experience issues, as they mention in the video. The game itself works great and is a ton of fun. The problems are just things like a poor, slow interface, and requiring you to play their Rockband-like "story-mode". If you just want to fire up 10 tracks and play some music, you really dont' want to worry about "unlocking" venues and crap.

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Edited By tepidmule

"Rocksmith 2014 kicks the shit out of Rocksmith 1!" LOL!

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Edited By ajamafalous

I'll definitely pick this up at some point. Bought the first one on a Steam sale but still haven't picked up the cable yet.

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Posted By CheapPoison

They really need to tell people if this finally supports third party hardware as an input device... Like a semi professional interface..
Otherwise i am instantly out.

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Posted By namco51

Glad I'll finally be able to manually pick the difficulty instead of it constantly mixing up the damn notes on me.

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Posted By MrBacca
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