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I thought Clem was a frog now.

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I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt but the idea of playing as Clem doesn't appeal to me. I was looking forward to seeing how my choices in S1 would reflect in her behaviour going forward but that's essentially thrown out the window if I'm choosing her responses.

I hope Telltale prove me wrong...

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Can't wait.

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I'm sure the game will be fine, if not great, but story wise I would have liked some more time to have passed to see if she ended up as a messed up psycho or something.

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I just hope this game isn't a janky mess of shit like it was last season. The act of playing the game was fucking painful on every level.

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I never really developed the attachment to Clementine that other people seem to have. I mostly played the first season for Lee.

And maybe Kenny.

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Well that was piss weak.

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I will say that I loved the first game(s), but The Wolf Among Us has really tempered my enthusiasm for this. It was a jittery, framey mess of potential.

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@ultimaxe said:

I don't know, man. I loved Clementine and did everything in my power to take care of her, but I was kind of hoping that she wouldn't be a part of season 2 at all.

You're bananas, I want to see how she's doing and help her as much as I can.

I have my doubts S2 will be as powerful, but I don't care, I just want them to try.

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I smiled.

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@the_vein said:

@ripelivejam: The difference between comic Andrea and show Andrea is shocking. Comic Andrea is one of my favorite fictional characters ever, show Andrea is one of the most annoying things ever.

Totally agree. Carl is pretty shit too.

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I hope it's soon.

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@ripelivejam: The difference between comic Andrea and show Andrea is shocking. Comic Andrea is one of my favorite fictional characters ever, show Andrea is one of the most annoying things ever.

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I don't know if playing as Clem will be as good as taking care of Clem (that's even if we are truly playing as her.) I would rather take on the role of a father/brother figure and want to protect her vs. protecting myself. I just don't think that will be as effective.

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When is soon? CURSE YOU!!!

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Woo! Looks like Clem is about to kick some zombie backside!

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So this was awesome timing for me. Last night I played episode 4 for the first time, then this came out today, and minutes ago I just finished episode 5. With the cliffhanger after the credits I don't know how they could have done Season 2 without Clementine.

Everybody has been talking about how they don't want Season 2 to be the same as Season 1 so how interesting is the idea that the protagonist is a little girl. Yeah there's a big risk, but I love when developers take risks and this could pay off in a big way.

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In season 1 I could put myself in Lee's shoes, but if season 2 is gonna be another character you control looking after Clem, it's gonne be super weird. Like Lee 2.0 instead of having the freedom to come in to their own.

Unless you just control her, which kinda defeats her whole point of existing in season 1. Instead of being a huge external factor of your decision making, and to a lesser extent a barometer for the choices you've made, she'll just be you.

I guess I'm more interested in how they'll figure that all out instead what will actually happen (which I'm sure will be great and terrible). But ohhhh man they could totally fuck this all up.

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I don't know, man. I loved Clementine and did everything in my power to take care of her, but I was kind of hoping that she wouldn't be a part of season 2 at all.

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@lightningstrike14: The moment that the trailer went to the preview thumbnail was like a punch to the gut. Now I'm not sure I'm ready for it.

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@the_vein: yeah carl actually kicks ass for better or worse, as does andrea.

man the show sucks.

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Hopefully, Clem will be able to die. Not that I hope she dies, but another season of her serving as the invincible child in a horror story is going to get tiring. The writers need to take her to a point where she's legitimately in danger of not making it.

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Uhh, PS4 please...

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@sonicboyster said:

I loved how the first game ended. Absolutely loved it.

This completely irreversibly destroys that.

You sure you're not being slightly hyperbolic?

Oh wait this is a video games forum.

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Clem ain't takin' no zombie shit this time around!

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I loved how the first game ended. Absolutely loved it.

This completely irreversibly destroys that.

What the hell are you talking about dude.... It's a teaser trailer with a voice over. I really hope you're not as naive as you're letting on.

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@amyggen said:

From the Wiki:

"Telltale wants to tie this game into the TV series and is exploring some way of tying the characters from the game to characters from the show."

As one of those who think the TV show is mediocre to downright bad, this doesn't really fill me with confidence. But the game's writers seem a lot better than the show's writer, so we'll see.

Well, the show is insanely successful, and AMC bet on the wrong horse with Survival Insticts. Anyway, they've actually started talking about Macon in the show, so they seem to building that up.

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@yummylee: I think 400 Days tried to fill that role. I'm guessing Season 2 will be focused on Clem (and as a result, how she is shaped as a person due to your decisions in Season 1), which I'm pretty excited for.

I think we'll meet new people, but if anyone is going to be killed in Ep. 1, I'm betting it'll be Omid or Christa.

Edit: Marked as spoiler just in case. It's about the next season, but you may be able to draw conclusions about S1 by it.

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HYPE, I blame myself for making this more then it seems

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I've never been so relieved that a pretend person was ok.

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Pulling all the heartstrings.

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That trailer didn't tell me anything I didn't already know from the end of the first season.

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@development: And to have them fight alongside the zombies. Didnt see that coming!

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@the_vein: Jesus, why get so defensive? I read the comic for years, and I know that it's all about the human response to the fucked up situation. That's what almost all zombie fiction is about, that's the whole point of the genre! All I said was that I thought that Kirkman's writing of dialogue always held that series back, in my eyes he's never been able to write good dialogue. But I never thought it was bad, I wouldn't have read as much as I did if I thought it was.

And the never ending nature of the comic is what made me stop reading, a lot of the issues began to feel like the filler episodes of Lost, more soap than good drama. I can't really think of a single example of fiction that has been able to sustain its quality when the author wanted to write it "forever", so I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Kirkman for me has always been better at ideas and world building than actually executing on it, so I'd rather see him focus on something else.

That's just me though, don't bite my head off dude.

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I have some serious chills going down my spine right now.

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@amyggen: Have you ever even read the comic? The whole thing is entirely about the human response to the fucked up situation. Of course he'll never "finish" the story, he's said many times he wants to write the comic forever.

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Fuck, I'm not ready for this.

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@amyggen said:

@the_vein: I'd argue that the game was more successful at telling human stories in a zombie setting than the comic ever was (I've fallen off the comic now, Kirkman will probably never finish the story). Kirkman created a great world, but his dialogue has always held that comic from being really great imo.

I would disagree. One of the reasons I immediately liked the comic was because it felt realistic in its portrayal of human adaption to circumstances. For instance in the comic Rick and the group quickly adapts to the fact that noise attracts zombies, and becomes proficient at killing zombies with hand weapons. But in Telltale's game the characters never seem to get this. In the comic the characters become used to zombies, they stop being frightening monster and instead become just an everyday-hazard. You can't stay afraid of something you can't avoid, you would end up dead.. Again, this never seem to truly happen in Telltale's game. Another thing is that I often felt the the story suffered a bit because of how the game needed to give the player choices. Particular the ones made to create a strong emotional reaction in the player, like the scene with the bear-trap for instance. Some pretty absurdly fucked up stuff happens in the comic too, but it never felt ham-fisted like I felt some of these scenes did.

I guess I would agree that Kirkman's writing isn't always great, but I can't say the writing in Telltale's game is particular amazing either.

That said, Telltale's game is definitely the next best thing to the comic, by a long shot. I watched the the first season of the TV-series and tried watching the second one, which resulted in a long angry post in some random related forum and I haven't watched it since.

I'm not really reading comic right now as the story was moving fairly slowly last I checked. But I'll get back to soon.

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@darkest4 said:

Time to cry like a girl again. I can't believe there's heartless monsters out there who think the first game is dumb, cough cough.

I think the problem is that some people found serious issues with the first season while others have nothing but praise for it. I am actually one of them. I like the game for what it's trying to do, but at the same time, there were a lot of instances where something happened and I just didn't see any logical answer or action out of the options I was given. It often felt like they wanted you to make tough choices when you really didn't have to. Also, I know you're not supposed to replay parts over, but due to glitches and bugs I was forced to on several occasions. One of them included episode three right leading up to Duck's death. Because I needed to replay a part, I noticed how insanely little sense everything around it made. It completely blew the immersion for me and the entire part afterwards, how Duck died, had no impact on me whatsoever because of it.

Couple that with poor gameplay and yeah, I have the tendency to say it's overrated. I do still really like that game, but not as insanely much as everyone else seems to.

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Currently playing the first season (only recently bought a pc) and loving it. That being said, feeling very excited for a second season. And to finish the first and play The Wolf Among Us.

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Time to cry like a girl again. I can't believe there's heartless monsters out there who think the first game is dumb, cough cough.

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I was sincerely hoping Clem wouldn't be in this at all or perhaps the game would make brief allusions. Damn.