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Really bad trailer. Doesn't really know who it's audience is.

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I've still yet to play Infinity, but it looks like they are expanding on their initial vision, and continuing to deliver a quality product. I'm all for it! Keep it up Johnny V!

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The ability to set win/loss states is a massive improvement and is really something that should have been there since day one, but the levels still have that sterile feel of a bunch of preset pieces put together like a Lego set. I hope they can go full on LBP someday and let you directly create objects and shape terrain, though I guess they'll likely never go that far as it'd open up the game to the obligatory Infinite Void of User-Generated Dick Levels. Until then the Toy Box still isn't a big draw for me, which is a shame as so many figures are Toy Box only.

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@accolade: I just wish there was more of a focus on Disney stuff that mattered to me. Last time around it was modern Pixar movies like Cars and Monsters University and this time around there's too much emphasis on Marvel. I can only assume that Star Wars will be the emphasis of next years game to coincide with the new movie.

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Looks pretty cool, I must say.

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I'm waiting for some 1950's Disneyland stuff.

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I'm unreasonably excited about this.

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I have my special edition paid for as well as all the Guardians of the Galaxy figures and play set. I cannot wait.

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I hope they add Silent Hill figures.

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Can't wait!