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Also, it's so weird that the same damn game series now has three different names.

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One of the first videos of this type I'm actually super excited to watch.

Edit: Yup, looks awesome.

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Wow, can't wait.

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Looks incredible. Also the enemy at the 3 minute mark is...a lot like an enemy in DS2, though this does look like a follow-up to that aestetically.

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Odds on this causing another noticeable boost in PS4 sales?

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I tried to keep away from pre-release content with Dark Souls 2, since all I did in Dark Souls 1 was look everything up and know Exactly what I was getting into before even trying...

But I can't resist this!!

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really hope the game still has multiple armor and weapon sets!

not that the main character doesnt already look badass!

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the kick is back!

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No PC release?

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That was awesome!

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Man, that looks really impressive. Great lighting, fast combat, and just an overall cool design...

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Looks great. I didn't realize just how much it looks like the Souls games in damn near every way - UI, character movement, atmosphere, etc.

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Another game that Brad won't finish.

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Yeah, I'm going to have to get a PS4 sooner than I was intending to.

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That final enemy in this trailer has a great name...a name that surely has graced a few metal band album covers as well. Game is looking good. And exactly like Dark Souls, but good all the same

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@hichael: Nope Sony is co developing it with FROM.

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3:14 That move might as well be a Miyazaki trademark at this point.

I'm becoming increasingly torn on this. While the departure of shields could be the greatest thing to happen to this kind of game, I'm really not digging the super gothic art style.

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I love how versatile the new sytheblade-type-thing looks. And dodging seems to have gotten a welcome boost in speed. I'm also getting an RE4 vibe from the villagers, especially when they all start flocking towards strange noises in a trance.

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I don't care what anyone says, I don't like the jacket. I want to see more gear.

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The environmental design is exquisitely BALLER!

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@mrblobby64 said:

I'm really not digging the super gothic art style.

Until this, Dark Souls was the most gothic thing I had ever seen. I'm amazed and delighted that they somehow managed to ramp it up further.

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YES! I might actually have to buy a PS4 after all. This looks so intriguing, surprised that it is basically Old Damp Jack the Ripper London Souls. Thought it would be more different compared to the other Souls' games.

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god damn that looks good, this is the biggest PS4 seller so far as far as I'm concerned, MS has absolutely nothing even close to this.

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the kick is back!

You can also mess around with corpses again if you're into that kind of thing ;p

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This looks wonderful but considering I don't and won't be getting a PS4, I'm pretty bummed that I'll be missing out on this. Maybe there'll be a multi-platform spiritual successor in a couple years called Bloodthorne? Maybe???

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After putting over a hundred hours in each Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 this year, I didn't expect to be so excited about this game. The art direction is just outstanding.

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As someone who has had no interest in Dark Souls or Dark Souls II, this looks surprisingly intriguing. I think it's that the new setting looks cooler and the combat seems more fun. I think I'm in.

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I loved scythes in Dark Souls I and love how this weapon looks. For some odd reason it reminds me of FF9 with the twinblades (even though they already exist in the souls games). Cannot wait for this game to come out I hope it will be within the next 6 months like they said at gamescom.

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Very hyped for this, Close enough to Dark/Demons, but clearly quite different.

So awesomely baroque, grimy and twisted! Gimme!!

I can see a lot unsettling design changes though, particularly problematic to my souls play style.

There seems to be a very clear focus on agility, and the new health recovery system noticeably pushes active combat and improvisation rather than defensiveness and careful planning.

No shields or magic also kind of worry me a bit, as I generally play a sorcerer, although quite honestly, I think magic doesn't fit the setting as much.

I guess the frame rate is a bit choppy too, but They still have time to iron out the technical details. Can't wait.

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man, I'm so bummed this won't be on PC :(

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I really like the Souls games, but for some reason this isn't doin it for me.

I think I actually want some fresh mechanics in this setting, and the similarities are a bit too strong.

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the visuals and atmosphere are great. There is something about the gameplay, speed and sound design that doesn't do it for me though...it feels more arcady...doesn't it?

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Maybe this is nit picky, but some of the sound design seems off. Like, the fighting effects are really metallic sounding. Maybe just me, though.That said, the game looks beautiful and will probably be a release day purchase for me.

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Hmmm... We will see if this game lives up to the hype on release date.

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So this really is Dark Souls 3. Even some of the sounds were directly out of the Souls-games. God damn it, i have to buy a ps4 now.

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wait, what exactly is healing the character when he slashes an enemy. It's when there's like mist on the slashes or something. But I don't see an item being used.

Edit: Twitter tells me it's a chance to gain back health when an enemy hits you and you hit back.

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@jackburtonme: I have the same feeling watching the video...something feels disconnected and awkward.

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A Victorian Era Dark Souls? Yes please.

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This looks incredible! Oh man!

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Every day I wake up, realize Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive and die a little inside.

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That dodge animation looks so smooth...Can't wait for this.

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that boss fight music is FANTASTIC

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I'm very interested to see how the who players entering your world and fighting with you thing works. I remember hearing it's not true co-op and in the video we had a brief look at is and there was no summoning to be seen.

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Dark souls the van helsing edition

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Oh hell yeah, can't fucking wait. Especially loving the massive dogs and that badass dude in the wheelchair. I hope the city is as massive as it looks, unlike say Anor Londo. (Although to be honest Anor Londo's initial reveal makes up for that.. goosebumps every time.) I hope we get to see some other areas soon, too. Valley of Blighted Gutters 4.0 anyone? :)

And the boss at the end here, where's Patches when you need him? Damn clerics always tearing shit up!

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That little side dash move looks cool. And the kick, from what I can remember they took the kick out of Dark Souls 2 but I could be mistaken.

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Are you watching, Squaresoft? This is how you divide your resources on a franchise. In the time it's taking to finish one part of "Versus XIII" From is already going to give us two thirst-quenching sequels to Dark Souls.