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Wow, the set looks nice.

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infinite loading

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This looks like a Flight Club setup :D

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New digs look sharp.

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So, now that you guys figured the video stuff out... Video Bombcast every week, right?

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Wait, there is video in my podcast now?

Also, go Dave!

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Downloading this at 17k, something is very, very wrong.

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@Morningstar said:

Downloading this at 17k, something is very, very wrong.

Downloading this at 3mb/s is pretty amazing.

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That studio is real nice and they're all set up to do a video Bombcast if they ever want to.

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@AlmostSwedish said:

infinite loading

it is taking forever to load

downloading it doesn't seem to speed up the process either

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The set looks insane.

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C|Net and CBS desktop wallpaper....solid......

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@SSully said:

@Morningstar said:

Downloading this at 17k, something is very, very wrong.

Downloading this at 3mb/s is pretty amazing.

Well, Im up to 32kb/s so its getting better :p

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This is INSANELY cool.

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I approve of video podcasts... and Dave's hoodie.

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Yay I have been waiting for the video. i have already listened to this like 8 times. so funny. :)

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Something really wrong with this. Keeps freezing when I'm streaming.

And it started so well.

Where are the top men now? Get them on it.

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Going really, really slow here as well. Will be downloaded in one hour.

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Fantastic, was looking forward to this!

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Hurray, video podcast!

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So at what day are we planning on having the video podcasts up? I'm guessing it took this long since its kind of a first time thing.

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The video freezes at 2 minute mark...I guess I have to download this and wait another hour to watch this.

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Awesome was hoping the video was going to be archived! Hopefully you guys can get the subscriber video's back on a "schedule" soon. Before you guys tried getting out one a week, but hopefully in time that may be able to go to two?

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i choked on my lunch when vinny intruded in dave's camera.

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I was taking a drink of water when the weird plinko noise started around 3:50 and it freaked me out.

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I cant download this =/

Wont accept my password on Itunes....

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HUMP is a brilliant name for the podcast. I advocate this.

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Excited to see what you guys will be able to do with the new equipment.

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Coke Zero is the nastiest-tasting shit.

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@gladspooky: GET OUT

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That's a awesome setup.

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OK. Now it's working fine...

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That new studio is pretty fucking sick.

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That studio is so weird!

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So we meet again, Jeff's sweater.

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@nick_verissimo: It's only weird I've you've never seen a Gamespot podcast I guess :)

Glad the video is finally up though. I tried listening to just the audio, but for some reason I just couldn't get past 10 minutes or so before turning it off. Makes me sad.

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O'Bandwith McNobandwith

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giantbomb, you guys are killing me. when will you STFU about how you can do good stuff in the future and just get back to making good stuff.

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Was this streamed? damn.

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This is dangerous. I love the videocast. Now I want to watch the Bombcast!

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@stinky said:

giantbomb, you guys are killing me. when will you STFU about how you can do good stuff in the future and just get back to making good stuff.

It's been a while since I just wanted to post "QFT" somewhere, now here's my chance!


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Fancy pants studio.

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Smiles on a face is what this video does to me.

Also, the new setup/gear looks like real sick gear. So nice.

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Dave, you dog

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I can't get over jeff's shirt

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That room looks bugf--k crazy.