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Awesome! I think this is going to work out.

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Fantastic video!

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This was awesome. Please continue to do this.

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Man, that was exactly what I needed today. I'm very excited about all of this and I'm really hoping Small Businessman Dan gets more visits in the future.

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Building GANG BEASTS the FMV!!

Very exciting!

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OMG that store is a 3 minute walk from my university campus.


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Ooh this vid gives me such warm fuzzies. So excited!

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They should hire Dan from Video Games New York. That guy seems super knowledgeable and fun.

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I don't want to be bizarre or anything, but I am just a little bit happier. I'm not expecting much, but now it is starting to be I will actually be expecting something. Good start to a duo effort.

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Get that guy as a regular. DO IT!

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I love this website.

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YES! I want moar!!!

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Video Games New York makes me actually want to visit New York.

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Giant Bomb East is the best Giant Bomb.

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I'm actually going to be in NYC next month.

I'd gladly spend some money at Video Games New York.

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Can't wait to see what you guys turn out. ^^

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I was a bit scared when Vinny headed east. Those fears are no more. GIANT BEAST.

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This is nuts.

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fears are no more!, GB NYC is gonna be awesome, vinny and alex got great chemistry together

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Nice. I was so sad about Vinny leaving, but this makes me feel quite a bit better about it. Still sad, but this could turn out well.

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scrappy vinny is the best vinny

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Giant Bomb East is going to fucking rock.

Would re-up my subscription just for a semi-regular series of Vinny and Alex pal-ing around NYC.

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Man im so excited for the new content. I really hope Dan gets some more screen time and that Video games new york gets a ton of new business as convenient as Amazon is we have to still look out for the small business man.

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Danstop > GameStop

I anticipate that guy showing up a few times a year for...some kind of video content. The repair video thing is a neat idea and would be something to set it apart from OG Giant Bomb.

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I'm excited for Vinny and Alex to get things going!

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I'm glad you dudes picked up a Retron. Please do an in-depth look at it!

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YES YES YES. This is so good. Looking forward to all the great content.


Alright, I'm good.

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Yay @vinny! Can't wait to see what you and @alex have next!

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That intro song just makes me happy :)

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This is going to be an awesome few months to watch!

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Awesome vid! So stoked to see Vinny back on camera. You guys should bring Dan in to the office one day just to shoot the shit and talk games. Seems like a cool dude. Can't wait for more!

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Great job guys! I really enjoyed the video!

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@tariqari said:

Oh yeah and clever pun "Bomb+East = BEAST"

i feel so stupid that i didn't get that when i first saw beast lol

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Great, this was exactly what I was hoping for.

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I am glad you guys are doing these videos.

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Great video. Hope to see parts 2 - 99 in the future!

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This is why I love giantbomb, cuz this stuff make me feel like they love me!

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Robin must be the new hire!

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Hey! I know Video Games New York! They usually have booths at conventions here in Toronto. Their library of games is intense.

And YEAH!! GBEast in full effect!!

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Fuck. Yesssssssssssssss.

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Yaaaaay Vinny and Alex! This video was great, and that Video Games New York dude seemed super cool. Gotta visit that store

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This is why Giant Bomb is so great. These videos are exactly what makes us viewers feel like actual friends. We care a lot about you duders, and we know you guys know it, so keep up the good work.

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Oh yeah. After watching the video, I think it's official. It was all worth it to start BEAST! Behind the scenes videos are wicked!

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Hot Giant Bomb East content.