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I thought it was all powered by magic. Now I have a better idea of what all this equipment does.

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It's really cool to see the set up you guys have, when I was in broadcast school we were using not tricaster but something called broadcast pix. Man your version of tricaster looks way more capable, the broadcast pix would constantly crash and burn. Also when you do the next video could you go into detail about the kind of switcher you use. Great video guys, makes me want to do more live stuff.

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@Darthozzan said:

@crusader8463: Yeah, operating a studio or working on sound as I have done a bit is fun but setting it up and troubleshooting is a real nightmare T_T But can also be fun :D

I can imagine. I've come into contact with video conferencing equipment a few times and I tend to just end up staring at hdmi splitters getting a headache trying to figure out where the signal is going and where it should be going. And then getting it working, not documenting what I did, and having to do the same exact thing 5 months later.

I love that video workstation by the way. I could have so much fun with that thing. Especially if you can just take any greenscreen footage, key it and load it up as a transition.

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That looks incredibly fun by the way.

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this is one of the coolest videos on the site, vinny and drew do work!

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Great video.

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Dude, gotta do a "How to Make a Bombcast" video next. I bet I'm not the only one who wants to do podcasts, too.

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That was a really good primer into how stuff get made at the bomb house. It's crazy how much (really expensive) kit is needed to put on your productions. Fascinating to watch and I'd definitely tune into other videos dealing with more specific aspects of the process.

I can't help but wonder if the setup for PC gaming controls introduces any noticeable lag, and if this is something you guys have to compensate for when doing PC Quick Looks, Flight Club, etc.

Also, it would be interesting to see how your setup differs from Gamespot's and how much of that setup is crafted for the specific needs of the productions you run (ie, everything needing to be operate-able by only one person).

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Thanks vinny and drew. Good stuff as always

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This was great. Would love to see more.

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Absolutely fascinating. I was so compelled to watch the entire thing. So freaking awesome. Please do more like this!!!

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Vinny, this was an absolutely fascinating look behind the curtain, thanks to you and Drew for doing it! I'm considering starting up a YouTube video project (though certainly nothing close to the scope you showed here) and it's really fascinating to see how the bigger stuff is done. I can't believe how much gear and how complicated a setup you need just for TNT.

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Love this insight into how you guys make magic happen. Fascinating.

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Awesome. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

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12/5 stars

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This reminds me of Premier Guitars 'Rig Rundown' videos.

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Behringer compressors? You cheap bastards!! :D

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Great feature, thaank you for doing this. And yes, some more details on why you use certain cables and how you're capturing stuff would be interesting.

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Loved the behind the scenes, looking forward to the next one!

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@simkas: could you find it?

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Loved the video, would love to see more behind the scenes videos.

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Did a great job showing your set up. From my time working on film, recording, and live music (by no means a pro in any of these), there is an amazing amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to make the magic happen.

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Wow, and 2 people are managing all these things? Great content guys. Makes me glad I subscribed :)

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Very interesting. Thanks Drew and Vinny!

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You guys are really clever, makes me appreciate TNT so much more!

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cool cool cool.

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this was really hilarious live, thanks guys. behind the scenes stuff is da bomb

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That's a lot of complicated stuff! It's was fun watching it!

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What watch are you wearing?

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This was a great video. Very fun and educational. It's great to see all the parts of kit that make up their setup. I would really enjoy videos focusing on the different components. For example, with the tricaster, how all the PiP's are controlled and positioned as well as how they create their own transitions and import them. Keep up the good work.

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i could watch vinny talk words at me all day!

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RE: Vinny Caravella's comment about people complaining about the stream's volume being too low:

This seems, at least partially, to be the fault of Twitch. I've discovered that if you mute and then unmute the stream after the broadcast has started, the sound level jumps dramatically. I know I'm not the only one that this works for because during a recent TNT, I saw "low volume" complaints and suggested this technique in the chat. I got several replies back confirming success, including a couple of "now it's too loud" comments.

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@Nmckee503 said:

No Caption Provided

That face is right behind Drew's Halo 4 face from his GOTY.

But thanks for the behind the scenes guys! It's cool to have an inkling of what all those switches do.

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I always hear everything with my HD650s. I HEAR EVERYTHING

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Holy shit. All subscribers are now primed and ready for internship.

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And here I thought the whole thing was done using handycams and xbox 360 headsets.

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Awesome, awesome feature.

Makes me miss my film major.

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Holy shit, my subscription paid for maybe one of those cables in the entire setup. Shit's crazy.

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In a previous life I got the wonderful experience of running live audio.

Seeing what is involved in live video REALLY makes me miss those days, but I don't have the money to even begin to play with that kind of tech.

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The comparison between the lighting levels and prime lenses vs regular zoom lenses was really interesting. glad they don't have to have super bright lights blaring on them any more, and it looks so nice.

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Great stuff. Really enjoyed it. Thanks guys!

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Haha, I don't know why, but Jeff and Alexis's "Bwaaaaah!" at 42:18 makes me laugh happily.

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Thanks! This was very insightful. Never realised how complex these setups can be. Makes me appreciate all the video content you guys put out even more!

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This video should've been called "How to throw down".

I got more of those. Holla back for that hot collabo, GB :p

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Soooooooo complicated.

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Nice camera work Drew!

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You know that there is no going back from this. We will demand more of this kind of stuff.

You guys are great. Thank you Vinny and Drew.

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I wasn't feelin' Jeff's facial hair before, but now I'm totally down.

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Ok, now that I've watched this I'm qualified to work at GB correct or do I need to drink a certain number of beverages?