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Its all happening so fast, also i just ate breakfast but i want one of those

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What is this? Friday video posted as "Monday"? It's 9:00 AM eastern here, I call shenanigans! ;)

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I need to subscribe to Drew's Sandwichflix!

You should import E.X. Troopers and take a look at that. It's great!

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dat sandwich

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Is Drew the master of everything?

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All ya'all talking about fried chicken, and leave it to Drew to make it happen.

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is Ryan dead or on vacation. i thought he was going to start at about the same time as jeff.

anyway that sandwich sounded amazing

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what a week

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Drew always goes all the way.

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There's no way this was filmed today. My reality has been shattered.

EDIT: Oh! I forgot it was MLK day. I guess some people do get that day off.

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Oh man that sandwich looks delicious.

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That Sandwich sounds fan-fucking-tatsic

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Man, and for some reason I thought Drew was a health nut.

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Just imagine being married to Drew.

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Slivovic and Fritos sandwiches.

Giant Bomb.

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Slivovice super weird and intense? Please, here everyone drinks it, even babies! It's practically a medicine!

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@holybins: They explain within the video that they wont be in today XD

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Slivovica! You guys are in for a treat.

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As Italian, I'm totally thrilled and disgusted at the same time by the giantbomb food culture. I still laugh hard whenever I see the new aberration of the day. Every mailbag or monday video leaves me amused and mildly nauseated... :D

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How the hell is Drew so skinny.

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Drew, take me in your strong arms and carry me to your beautiful world!

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That sandwich looked so effing delicious. God dammit I'm starving now.

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We are glad that the Slivovica got there safely. Enjoy it guys!

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tough day since Jeff grabbed the brandy and was cradling it ;-)

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That thinning hair :s

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Weird part in the middle that might be edited out...? I guess it's a good thing I watched it live, although I can't really think of what exactly they would deem necessary to edit.

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I'm super pumped for The Cave. Bring on the quick look!

Also, that sandwich sounds amazing, except for the mayo.

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Drew Sandwhich Club, make it happen.

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Hey its monday!

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Nice job getting this Monday started right. Granted I still have to work but I get to watch GB videos

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Slivovica is Serbien not Slovakien

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Looks like they are finally drawing the curtain on the old Giantbomb we loved.

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I miss my metabolism

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I really do hope Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter is eventually a thing. They can make two games like Capcom did with the SNK vs games.

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On Friday we found out Drew is insane, today we find out he's crazy.

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@BBAlpert said:

Weird part in the middle that might be edited out...? I guess it's a good thing I watched it live, although I can't really think of what exactly they would deem necessary to edit.

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Goddam I wish I could be playing Ni no Kuni.

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Slivovica! <3

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@newmania: I think he works out quite a bit, but he might also have a really good metabolism.

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I'll have to watch this again after eating; I couldn't pay attention to anything past the sandwich.

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Further proof that Drew is the Dude of all Duders.

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Wow man. Drew needs his own cooking game. . .

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What was the weird thing that happened? I watched it live and nothing stuck out.

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Alright, Brad Shoemaker in the Devil May Cry Groove!

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Drew should open a Sandwich shop.

Also, all thumbs up for The Cave hopefully going up today!

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...sorry what? All I remember about that video was that sandwich.

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@JellyFish_Gsus said:

That thinning hair :s

you try getting older and see what it feels like to have people make those remarks.