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Dem boxes.

Fight sticks you say? I still wanna see some content with that crazy gun.

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Whooo! Mondays! Better with Giantbomb.

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Drop a bomb on Monday?

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The beard has gone.

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I really wanna see you guys play Lawnmower racing mania

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I demand a quicklook of Lawnmower Racing Mania.

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Loving Mondays, always...

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hah, thats the stick i have. it's in that exact box about a metre away from me. it's the madcatz SF x Tekken TE stick

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@rasmoss said:

The beard has gone.

Long live the beard.

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Yesss Darkstalkers

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Bladerunner all up in this bitch!

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Ryan you've changed man

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A.I. Editor cares not for your puny comments.

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Jeff on jury service. Sad face. I hope he's not out for too long.

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Hey, I have jury duty this week too!

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This was a great way to kill some of the 30 minutes it took for my ps3 to download a 72 mb patch

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Angry comments about them "not playing fighting games right"! Can't wait!

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A great way to get out of jury duty? Show them this video.

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If you guys are in fact building PCs then could you record the building process please? Thanks!

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*pauses video*




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Do you have to shimmy sideways until there is room in the new Tomb Raider?

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Look at all that Neweggin'.

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More blade runner, more.

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@froesti said:




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All other racing games pale in comparison to racing lawnmowers!!

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I Love Mondays, but hate jury duty.

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Fight sticks? Sweet!

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Tim Schafer? Fuck yeah!

It's promising that they're talking about doing more of these TNTs with developers looking back at their own games. That last TNT with Brad Muir was super interesting and entertaining, and if they can get more developers like that, it would be great. I imagine that not a lot of developers would be as open about the process as Muir though, but it'll be interesting to see.

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These videos make my Mondays so much better.

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Patrick had to bring in his actual Wii U console to work to transfer his save file? That's fucked up.

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Yeah, Darkstalkers!

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Woooo!!! I was starting to think they didn't care about Mondays anymore.

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RIP Vinny's beard, again.

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@Jeff That Super House of Dead Ninjas game isn't bad, someone should give it a shot. It's probably worth a QL despite your kidding nature.

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Ryan you've changed man

It's the pants. Otherwise he sounds like the same Ryan.

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Oh hey, a Darksiders 2 tombstone.

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3 min left on my monday here!

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I thought famous persons would be exempt from jury duty? I don't know anything about American laws.

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Best Ryan impression

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I know we are all on the same page. Can't just have that copy of Lawnmower Racing Mania in our face and not do a quick look Jeff.

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Is that a very tiny hat or does Dave have a very large head? Or both?!

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@darkbeatdk: I'm not totally sure that a judge might be impressed that Jeff is a video game funnyman on the internet.

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Jeff is going to review your court case. 3 stars.