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I do love Mondays!!

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And the rest of the week!

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I kind of liked Dead Island, it was dumb. I only liked the first level though, the resort. Rest of the game was hot garbage.

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The sun setting at 9:45 is par for the course in Canada.

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Video Broken?

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benadryl is a far better option. I take it at night from time to time when i just can't sleep and it puts me out like a baby.

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Monday's never sleep in Iceland.

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Really want some GB English speaking fans in Iceland to connect with Patrick & Drew to help with not only seeing the crazy at the event but also other fun stuff in Iceland. Other thing to Quick Look would be the older pc games they got in that one mailbag.

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Carpet polishing machines?

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First time I noticed how tidy Drew's desk is compared to the other side of the room. I can't say I'm surprised.

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Best part of Mondays!

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Ask Drew and Patrick anything about Iceland. GO

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A Vinnix system? I know this..

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No Trucks in Dead Island Riptide, WTF. Did they not see the extraordinary Giantbomb coverage of the first game.

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Why would anyone eat shark? The Greenland shark is "near threatened." 100 million sharks killed each year makes me sad.

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I wonder if Patrick has ever even seen a dumbbell.

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The Ombudsman has spoken.

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If you have a EU console, im pretty sure you can just use a PS NTSC video cable. I used to do that since it made the colors better on pal games... Not sure if they change the output though.

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Have a good trip Patrick and Drew!

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I never knew Jeff was such a master Linuxician

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I hereby request that someone do something with that copy of Seaman.

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@patrickklepek needs to wear a hat during the trip. I think that should be a rule.

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@warchief: That stuff is prescription only in Sweden (and most places around the world from what I see in Wikipedia) ;( Sucks << I wonder why it isn't in the US

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Brad sure loves his bells. BOOYA!

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I clicked on that video so hard and nothing happened. Then I switched to Youtube and watched the video.

I am more and more convinced that GB's video server is a pancake with wires coming out of it with each passing day.

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@sgtpierceface said:

The sun setting at 9:45 is par for the course in Canada.

This basically doesn't make any sense.

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No trucks?! sudo rm -rf / that shit!

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Black Strip Linux

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What sort of union shit does Ian have to deal with that he can't touch the computers?

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Man Jeff's "TV Hacker" impression is pretty spot-on

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So Namco Bandai didn't send em a copy of the new Star Trek for review?.............. hrmmmmm that's rather surprising

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rsync will solve all your problems.

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Rule nr. 1 in backup strategies: Never store your backups next to the originals.

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No trucks?! sudo rm -rf / that shit!

Remind to never add you to my sudoers file...

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everyone is getting fat

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I don't know what ACK Brad was talking about, but ACK stands for Acknowledgement. Man, I really don't want to remember my Networking classes. The hardest shit ever, with the worst professors.

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Carpet polishing machines?

Yeah, do they just mean a Vacum Cleaner or what?

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That dude's beard is sideways

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Yo, why is there a face in that bell?

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Arthur Gies from Polygon and Vinnie look like brothers.

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@mitch0712: Twin Brothers. One, down to earth and charming, another self serious and pretentious.

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Time to write a Perl script and add a routine to your cron tab, Vinny! I wonder if it's Yellow Dog, or reg CentOS or a specialized distro. I have to imagine it defaults to run level 3 for storage solutions like that though, I can't see them bothering with a GUI like KDE or Gnome, right?

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Wait I saw some trucks in a gameplay video. Someone needs to settle the trucks situation.

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@drewbert and @patrickklepek , I assume you've been linked to this site numerous times already, but http://www.grapevine.is/ is probably the most comprehensive starter guide for anyone making short trips to Iceland. Also, regarding the shark, you don't have to worry about the rot so much. The urine that the shark carcass ferments in kills any harmful bacteria. On top of that, the burning sensation from the shot of Brennivin you throw back with it takes your mind of the taste immediately.

Hopefully I'll see you around downtown during the festivities!

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Ian's beard is mesmerizing

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