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boobs please

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Who loves Mondays?

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Oh, Brad!

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Ride that pony! Ope ope ope ope ope

EDIT: Breaking news! Brad is finally getting his game saves recovered off that busted stick! Timely Assassin's Creed Brotherhood coverage must be incoming!

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i dont mind mondays ever since i joined giantbomb, but now the weekends suck a little more

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Prof Oak will enjoy those wild Brad pics 

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Oh no

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Still fascinated by Patrick's hair.

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It's high frame rate mondays.

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I just realized that from here on I will now think of Gangnam Style every time someone does the horse ride motion.. I dunno if this is a good thing.

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Holy shit the end of the video freaked me out.

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Oh shit Dragonball quicklooks are always good

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Gangnam style? Not you too, Giant Bomb...

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@CaLe said:

I just realized that from here on I will now think of Gangnam Style every time someone does the horse ride motion.. I dunno if this is a good thing.

It is the best thing.

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My mind has been blown.
My mind has been blown.
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You know you're living the dream when you can honestly say that "I LOVE MONDAYS!!!"

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So when Vinny is at his desk you know he's gone? o_O

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Friday could be the Jurassic Park games. Just an idea.

Weird to see I Love Mondays from the other side of the desk this time.

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yesss, Vinny is back :)

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Friday; Burn Cycle part 2, Do it.

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And PAX East Registration is up. $$$$ROUGH WALLET WEEK$$$$

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@Hizang: I've got a friend that keeps her weed in one of those. i lold

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@thebunnyhunter said:

Oh shit Dragonball quicklooks are always good

Especially Vinny and Ryan dragon ball quicklooks ;)

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Wait... Gangnam style is over, Patrick?

No one told my news feed...

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They did a kinect Dragonball game, well so far I'm thinking that one will be average at best but the quick look should be interesting.

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Gotta see DragonBall Z for kinect.

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Ancient Youtube video? It's barely a few months old D:

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RE6, Fable the Journey and Mass Effect 3 while everyone else plays Dishonored and Xcom...so when will Brad loose it?

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so are these guys pretty much on a kinect games blacklist? if so then yea fuck them go and buy those kinect games and show the world how crappy those games are.

also it is pretty much mandatory to have vinny and ryan on this dragonball kinect quicklook, i wont hear otherwise

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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bradnam style

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Hidden Brad is the Best Brad.

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Another video with Patrick, another new Bears shirt I haven't seen before. BEAR DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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NBA2K13 love this week?

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Brad finally did the usb recovery! Yay!

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Another Kinect marathon?

You spoil us, Giantbomb.

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Quick- record a Bombcast while Brad is awake and energetic.

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I completely forgot about Fable: The Journey. I guess I need to see a (more than likely) bad game to make up for all the greatness contained in Dishonored and XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

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Is that box on Patrick's desk a copy of Seaman for the Dreamcast?

Are they going to be doing something with Seaman?

Possibly this Friday for premium members?

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Dunno if anyone else commented yet, but Retro City Rampage is coming out on PC tomorrow also, not just PSN/Vita etc.

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Ugh, the videoplayer's been goddamn infuriating this past week or so. Counting to 10...

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How about some Prison Architect? :)

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I think its super cool that brad's going to be able to go into ME3 with his save and the From Ashes, Extended Cut, Leviathan, and Omega DLC (if it comes out as soon as I'm thinking it will)

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it's more like "Buy Worms Armageddon, get a free copy of Worms Revolution"

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Patrick's PS3 is upside down yo!

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What about the Jurassic Park marathon?