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god damn it, I'm in the same boat as Brad, haven't finished ME3 or assassin's creed brotherhood.

This Monday I started going to the gym again, oh man the pain!

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@Vigorousjammer said:

Is that box on Patrick's desk a copy of Seaman for the Dreamcast?

Are they going to be doing something with Seaman?

Possibly this Friday for premium members?

It's Seaman 2 for PS2, and we flirted with the idea of doing something with it, but there are no FAQs. :( It's all Japanese.

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It's alpha and barely a game yet

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@LordLOC said:

Dunno if anyone else commented yet, but Retro City Rampage is coming out on PC tomorrow also, not just PSN/Vita etc.

Yup, on Steam and GoG

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Wait did I miss the video question of the week?

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I'm going to throw in my vote for Friday content and say it's about time somebody cracks open some more of those Jurassic Park games

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A wild Brad appears!

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Is it just me, or is the video kind of hitchy?

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I want more Nintendo 64 stuff for premium Fridays. Don't know what you could do, but there's at least a couple decent multiplayer games that could be good. And a Breaking Brad lite with Doom 64 on the same day!

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Wrong side of the table monday.

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@mrfluke said:

so are these guys pretty much on a kinect games blacklist? if so then yea fuck them go and buy those kinect games and show the world how crappy those games are.

also it is pretty much mandatory to have vinny and ryan on this dragonball kinect quicklook, i wont hear otherwise

You realize that we are due for another Wipeout QL. Wipeout 3 came out, last week? I just know that I can't be drinking ANYTHING when I watch it. Ryan & Vinny, best kinect duo ever!

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Monday's are OK.

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Maybe Orcs Must Die 2 QL... for premium...

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I don't know what Gangam is. I have never seen it. All I know is that I want to see less of it.

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The Jurassic Park games are a good idea or simply go back to old XCom given that the new one is coming out this week.

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Oh Kinect QL Goody

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Can't wait for Xcom to come out in my end of the world!

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"I don't know anything about Star Trek, don't pan to me." Patrick, you're alright.

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Extended Measure of a man? I REALLY love Mondays now.

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is it just me or is the ability to move forward to a random point it the videos not working? have to watch videos from the start every time

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There's a certain lack of Jeff in this video that I am not a huge fan of...

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Man, when Ryan does ILM it really hops. No fluff. Considering how awesome all the other Harry Potter QLs have been, Kinect or no, this should be great.

Also, random suggestion of Midtown Madness for TNT.

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So when Vinnys desk is empty it means he's hard at work. What does it mean if Jeffs desk is empty?

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I don't think "dark middle chapters" exist in The Walking Dead. It has a "dark beginning", "dark middle" and most likely, a "dark ending."

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Please let the premium feature involve both Vinny and Dave.

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Is the sound quality on this worse than usual? Just switched my speaker set-up and can't tell if it's the video or my speakers..

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I just beat Brotherhood, go for it Brad!

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vidja games

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I would love to see a Pokemon Snap part 2 :D you guys never got the Mankey onto the switch (also ties into Pokemon Black and White 2 coming out)

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Gangnam Style is still revelant, number 1 in the UK singles chart. Cool to hear it at clubs, better than the usual trash they play

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I say we get #dontfuckitupgary treding

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I'll never get tired of Brad being the reluctant, sleepy, sheepish host of ILM.

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I respectfully request Worms: Revolution TNT and Pokemon Snap Part 2 this week!

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@Master_Funk: totally agree! More Vinny and Dave!

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Love the whoosh at the end there.

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Welp, that's my subscription cancelled.

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The USB stick recovery? REALLY? All that money for ME saves? Brad you crazy! :-)

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@iamtheconsensus said:

"I don't know anything about Star Trek, don't pan to me." Patrick, you're alright.

No.. nooo! That's not alright!

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The return of Vinny is a good reason to love Monday's.

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@Grillbar said:

i dont mind mondays ever since i joined giantbomb, but now the weekends suck a little more

i agree

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@Ceno said:

Who loves Mondays?


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I seriously need to stop putting off playing The Walking Dead, its been on my computer since the summer steam sale.

I am really looking forward to the upcoming Ryan Vinny harry potter quick look. Probably some of my favorite QL's on the site.

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@patrickklepek: Patrick, your PS3 test kit is upside down!

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I say, finish Pokemon Snap.

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@MeatSim said:

The return of Vinny is a good reason to love Monday's.

It sure is! Drew did a fantastic job while he was gone though. Gotta give Drew credit

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I bet that XCOM would be a pretty good TNT. Just saying....

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@Geurge said:

I want more Nintendo 64 stuff for premium Fridays. Don't know what you could do, but there's at least a couple decent multiplayer games that could be good. And a Breaking Brad lite with Doom 64 on the same day!