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I also love Mondays!

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I love Mondays!

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Hey everybody! It's Monday!

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Now I know what's going on this week on Giantbomb dot com

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I love Mondays too. Who doesn't? Especially in a week with Hitman: Absolution and Assassin's Creed III PC getting released!

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Fuckin' hate mondays.

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Ah, I thought you guys were having Monday off because of the Sunday stream.

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so if a dead player spawns in your world, and you take their loot, will there be nothing left when that player returns to the body to get his stuff back?

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Well that's a big-ass can of Surstr├Âmming right in front of Jeff.

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Patrick's shirt is amazing. I want that shirt.

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"Stephen Totillo has died in Buckingham Palace" This is indeed, factual.

Also: Been waiting on Pat to say it was a roguelike....

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It's already technically tuesday here!

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Hooray for Dave!

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Minor League Hockey! Going to see my first game this Friday up in Bridgeport, CT.

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How can you not love Dave?

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A game of monster closets

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Love Jeff and Dave scheming at the end.

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I too am enthused about Mondays!

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I Love Mondays, sort of.

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A Quick Look of smoked turkey!

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Bless you!

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minor league hockey quick look

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Ok Jeff has talked about wanting to play ZombieU and Walking Dead, both Zombie heavy games. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE??!!?!

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Vinny going ham.

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If a game's graphics aren't represented entirely in ASCII, it's not roguelike. That includes graphical versions of NetHack. Come at me brogue.

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@TheSouthernDandy said:

Ok Jeff has talked about wanting to play ZombieU and Walking Dead, both Zombie heavy games. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE??!!?!

Crazy thing is is that he had little interest in "Dead Island" (as far as I can remeber) and was hostile towards the Dark/Demons Souls games. Which is what ZombiU strikes me as.

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"Rogue-like" needed a broadening, anyways.

SanFran has wrecked poor Dave's concept of "cheap", lol.

Poor Brad and Patrick. That is a mess.

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Something tells me that Patrick is wearing that shirt ironically

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$10, screw that high standard of living. I'll stick with my $4 a box.

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Bless you, Vinny

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Has there always been an Aeron chair abandoned in the corner of the room? Is it a commentary on the fickle and cutthroat nature of Internet startups in the 1990's?

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Chris with the white car returns! Sort of, maybe

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New game plus? Who in his right mind would want to play this awful game, twice.

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Aw, no podcast this week? Wah-waaaaaaah. :(

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How stupid are you Nintendo? Locking accounts and games to hardware is just...ugh, infuriating.

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Cheers on the great idea on minor league hockey, should be a fun time for all. Hopefully the thankgiving holiday means we will get another secret takeover of Giant Bomb video from Dave.

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Website Baby: a distant relative of College Baby?

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@chose said:

New game plus? Who in his right mind would want to play this awful game, twice.

Patrick, who seemed to have enjoyed it, seems like one potential candidate.

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they weren't kidding when they said soon o_o

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@Iceland said:

Something tells me that Patrick is wearing that shirt ironically

I think he's a big Friday Night Lights fan.

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$10 for a dozen doughnuts? Fucking San Francisco.

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It seems like you Americans have a shit ton of holidays throughout the year. I mean us Brits have a lot too, but we work during most of them.

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mondays you guys

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What's Dave so happy about?
There's no donuts left n there he is, smilin away for the whole video. Must be fun to work at GiantBomb.
Or maybe this new site design's just really awesome.
Or maybe he's excited about this smoked turkey.

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There better be a hitman quicklook in the works or ... nothing.

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I wish i could leave work early because reason :(