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Dude. That was awesome. Best I Love Mondays/ Mailbag ever!

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When Jeff and Brad call in sick tomorrow, we'll all know why.

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Did Drew say "It tastes like Lucky Charms... in my pants", or is that just what I wished he'd said?

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Daim, that box was fucked!

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Aside for the Vimto Bon Bons, those British sweets are horrible.

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Man..... Is anyone else starting to hear a faint trace of contempt for the users from the GB crew?

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That was the most ADD Mondays/Mailbag ever.  Awesome approved.

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I'm way into this being what it was. That was awesome.

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edit: correction, Will's emphasis on thanking the user who sent them the goodies reverses my opinion...

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Lol I love how they ate open food in the mail. 
Attention assassins: Giantbomb is open for business.
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Get drenched!

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Vinny is the best!

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Saw the tayto and the TK and just thought.. "woo Irish mailbag this'll be interesting" ;)

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That's all of the steps.

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I want to get drenched!

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@Hexogen said:
" I approve of the Whiskey Media crew's stance on banana-flavored products. Bananas are great, but anything banana-flavored that is not a banana is for terrible people who like terrible things. "
Banana Milkshake, banana pudding, banana flambe, banana turon, Bananarama. All good.
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Also.. TK Red and southern Comfort.. give it a shot guys.. you can get it in Ireland and i think Scotland.. anywhere else ive asked for it i may as well have been speaking Chinese.. ;)

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Awesome video, and in HD.  wooooo

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Lots of blur in that video. 

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 Erin Brockovich poster!

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Haha when jeff was holding that box saying am i helping lmao. xD

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That was nice!

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So here's a little bit of site feedback. 
This 28 minute mailbag is awesome.   
I enjoy long videos, so I feel good about subscribing.  
Maybe not everyone is into it, but I enjoy these sister site crossovers.

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Best "I Love Mailbags" yet!

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i would kill for a can of Guinness from Ireland...

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Banana mouth sucks

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I had no idea that Intern Steve is Lemon from most of the qotw videos, thats cool.

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Then I lost it   =(

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does will smith seriously not know what halal means

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I live in Lancaster PA, so all of this talk about Amish is hillarious lol.

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Auto-focus isn't fast enough >_<

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Dear god, how do the Whiskey Media crew not have diabetes yet?

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@wfolse1 said:
" Man..... Is anyone else starting to hear a faint trace of contempt for the users from the GB crew? "
There might be just the slightest hint of something there, but I wouldn't say contempt.
I couldn't tell you what they're thinking, of course, but I would say that if I were in their shoes, I'd feel like I was in a tough spot. They have this huge cache of junk food of varying quality, but they keep getting haphazardly packed boxes of this stuff.  I wonder if we shouldn't try to enact, as a community, a brief moratorium on the mailbag stuff?
Or that's not their issue at all. They've had a long, stressful couple of weeks and might be feeling  a bit worn out. After PAX and the BLLSL, I would've taken a week off.
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I got soo drenched while watching this.
TK, guys.

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I don't know who that lady is, but she was spreading some hardcore twinkie misinformation.
They stopped being banana during WWII if I recall.

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With all the food and drink you guys receive, you could stockpile in the case of a zombie apocalypse..
GiantBomb vs the world.

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Man, Hi-Chew are the best. I'm partial to green apple, but i'm totally willing to take that banana off their hands. This video kind of turned into candy fondling near the end though...

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I love tuesdays!

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Wish i got shit like that :(

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Yes I love Tuesdays

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These make me super hungry.

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I lost it when Vinny pulled out the Daim.
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Great stuff loved the video ! :) keep up the amazing work.

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Can we have casual format on all (I love) mondays.

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Let this be a lesson when it comes to shipping items anywhere. 
If you think your box is strong enough to ship to anywhere in the world, its not. Reinforce that sucker. Then line it with even more padding.