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Posted By Joey2683

I was on board until the heavy metal started playing...
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Posted By MasterHiggins

I will only buy this game if it involves Nine Inch Nails in some form.

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Posted By Hyper_Bunny_Meow

Looks fun and with enough variation in the music and not just one or two track looped together could make it very entertaining. For me its what made Brutal Legend so much fun when you just would pound on enimies with the right music just got me smiling manically.
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Posted By Lazyaza

Game looks pretty fucking metal. 

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Posted By Authun

..Not sure it needed that backstory to be honest

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Posted By Tordah

Already on my wishlist!

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Posted By driffter

I F bomb loved the old Splatterhouse games, got them on my virtual Wii, hope this one has the same power.
They shood yust make the old school series in HD and more gritynes, blood and all that shit rather than making a remake or reamgination.

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Posted By Noccee

Give. Me. Now!

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Posted By GigaKill


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Edited By Slither_Maggot

Sometimes even with the Live Arcade's plethora or classic side-scrolling beat em' ups it's good to grab something new and relive the old formula with a little modern day tech. added in for the hell of it. It's fun to see old franchises brought back and even if it -isn't- what sum people expect it to be... who gives a damn. The people who know the franchise and have an idea of what to expect (I think) will be hard up to being disappointed. If it moves... kill it! Grab the 2x4 and splatter it up!

  • 61 results
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