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YES! More premium content, please! More! We want more!!

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I love they appreciate kesslers work. hes a talented guy. and i know he gets alot of hate.

Thanks for that jeff

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No idea what this is, but I'm downloading it to stream to my television.

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He gets a lot of hate because he is fucking annoying.

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I didn't watch the whole video yet so I don't know if he said it, but how do members send him questions?

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Do not fuck books, it's a good way to get paper cuts.

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i Love 10-yard fight! but i dont have a Sega Saturn :(

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You guys should definitely come up with some small thumbnail logo for Premium content, instead of putting either PREMIUM or SUBSCRIBER in the title.

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This is why you were download Windows Movie Maker...I see...
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This will be Jeff's pre-video used for his episode of Horders.

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Longform Vyou?

We cool.

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Man, I am moving at the moment, looking at my stacks of games and crap, thinking hmm, I should get rid of alot of this... but no, Jeff you've validated my hoarding.

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Love it!

Where can I submit questions?

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"But fuck books. I got video games. They're like books, but brighter." - Jeff Gerstmann, 2011

Also unsubtle Gerstmann-gate reference at 27:00, had to rewatch that to be sure what he said!

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GAWD DAYUM PREMIUM SON OFA-*remembers monthly subscription*... Feels good, man.

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Loved this, keep them coming.

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THIS is an awesome value add for paid subscribers!

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I'm about 10 minutes in, is he just getting hammered and talking into a webcam? Cause I can down with that.

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$50? already justified.

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lol, I like the achievement points thing at the start throwing back to when he made vlogs on gamespot.

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As a big jar fan, I have to say its about damn time.

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Student loan hurry up and drop so i can sign up!

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I love this like " beer time with jeff"

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So this is just Jeff's Vyou page?

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@X19: Nope. Upfront he says that Vyou doesn't let him film long enough responses. This is solely available here. It's an hour of Jeff talking into the camera.

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I could listen to Jeff talk for days. I need lots more of these.

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So this is vyou?

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@kingzetta said:

So this is just Jeff's Vyou page?

More or less. They're just charging for it now.

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on the right: Dig Deeper into Jeff Gerstmann

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Thanks for nothing

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@Twinsun said:

the words [PREMIUM] in front of the video still looks a little silly to me, guess its just a matter of getting used to it.

Good to see subscribers getting some extras though.

It's a stop-gap until Dave and the guys can get a better icon or something on the homepage to let people know what's what. Agree that it looks pretty awful this way, but yeah, should be resolved soon.

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@LiquidPenguins: Opinions. You have them.

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"Dig Deeper into Jeff Gerstmann"

Aw yeah!

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This was totally worth my subscription fee.

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This. This is what I pay for.

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I guess that these questions are taken from his vyou his forumspring. Maybe he gets questions in the form of pm's on the site as well?

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@InfiniteGeass said:

@kingzetta said:

So this is just Jeff's Vyou page?

More or less. They're just charging for it now.

I guess it's ok he didn't have to do Vyou in the first place.
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Why are people allowed to comment on content they can't see? All the non-premium members are just posting incorrect assumptions on what they think this is. I don't see the point.

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So it's just vyou?

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"Do not fuck books. It's a good way to get papercuts."

- Jeff Gerstmann, Editor-in-Chief, giantbomb.com

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@ajamafalous: He spends like 10 minutes on one question. Not really something he could do on Vyou.

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I was a big trade-in guy for like 5 years, but have recently started to regret that. I'm with Jeff, I love to be able to pull old games when necessary!