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Posted By Nals

Does anyone even want a new Killzone game?

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Edited By Sil3n7

Glass buildings.

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Posted By WaiteyBulger

I do

I liked Killzone 3 and 2, 3 had that siiick Jetpack

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Posted By SuperSonic1305

@nals: millions of people yes. Killzone 2 is still the best multiplayer of this gen.

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Posted By djhicks1

I liked Killzones 2 and 3.

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Posted By kirkdouglas

The guy at the end bears more than a striking resemblance to a Killzone version of an Assassin. I like where this is going.

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Posted By deactivated-582d227526464

YAWN. All this manpower devoted to such an overdone style of game makes me sad. Also, do we have to see that guy kill innocent people/the player character stab him? It reaches CoD levels of ostentatiousness.

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Edited By dezvous

I love that we're finally going to be living in a time where all games have dynamic real-time glossy reflections. This looks awesome, excited for another Killzone.

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Edited By John1912

@nals said:

Does anyone even want a new Killzone game?

No, I think they are pretty awful. Atmosphere just isnt right for me, feels way too generic. AI kinda sucked balls. I dont get the love for the games. I wont buy another.

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Edited By sixpin

Killzone. :(

Pretty graphics though.

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Posted By TheHT

I really like the whole split between Ratchet and Clank future city and Helghast industrial hell town with a goddamn giant wall. That's the most interesting thing I've seen in a Killzone game, granted it's a low bar.

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Posted By megalowho

They should just call this Shadowfall, ditch the Killzone moniker. Neat premise, but the scripted FPS needs to start evolving with all this new tech. Hope there's more to it than follow and shoot.

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Posted By mrfluke
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Posted By big_jon

@nals: millions of people yes. Killzone 2 is still the best multiplayer of this gen.


Is that a fact?

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Posted By npa189

This makes it day one for me, just awesome.

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Posted By paisan13

Am I a strange guy for not being impressed by this, it's Killzone, no more, no less, and I hate the previous chunky controlled games in the series.

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Posted By jillsandwich

It was all pretty cool until the dude pulled out a gun and started saying "sitrep" a bunch.

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Posted By FuriousJodo

@nals: Yeah I never thought it was much of a system seller either. It looks neat and I think I own the first 2 but I barely played them.

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Edited By ICantBeStopped

@nals said:

Does anyone even want a new Killzone game?

I'll take one. They consistently look and play great.

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Posted By Bgrngod

How this series managed to make it past the first game is a fucking mystery.

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Posted By SharkMan

its too bad Shadows Fall didn't trademark their name.

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Posted By RE_Player1

@nals said:

Does anyone even want a new Killzone game?

I'll take one. They consistently look and play great.

Yeah me too. I love how people can be interested in something like Halo, something that comes out every other year, but be excited for another FPS with a similar release schedule and it's labeled as "same old stuff".

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Posted By Swordcery

Super excited for new Killzone. Replaying them via the HD collection right now.

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Posted By spilledmilkfactory

A new Killzone isn't necessarily what I wanted from the PS4 announcement, but I think this looks solid. More interested in Sucker Punch and Evolution's new games.

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Posted By viking_funeral

I shouldn't have watched this so soon after watching the Destiny video. "We lost our homeworld" is the new post-apocalyptic setting, which was the new WW2 setting. (I know, I know... post-apoc & lost homeworld are pretty similar.)

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Posted By Sooty

@nals said:

Does anyone even want a new Killzone game?

I'll take one. They consistently look and play great.

Excluding that first game, right?

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Posted By flasaltine

Anyone else think the gameplay in this just doesn't even look as good as Killzone 2/3? It doesn't have that really tactile feel.

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Posted By TruthTellah
No Caption Provided

The Neko-Helghast is adorable~! =^.^=

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Posted By drakesfortune

@nals: Yes, on PS4, I'd love a new Killzone game.

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Edited By shinluis

Yes. Oh yes.

No Caption Provided

The Neko-Helghast is adorable~! =^.^=

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Posted By DxBecks

I was completely unenthusiastic the moment the speaker mentioned this was a Killzone game, but once I saw that trailer I was stoked. Glad colour is finally returning to games.

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Posted By Jazz_Lafayette

The art style and design of the city environment were pretty impressive, but DAMN was I bummed when the guy lifted up a machine gun and started left-trigger-right-triggering dudes.

Side note: anyone else leading with this demo is going to get all the wrong sorts of media attention for Sony, given the recent resurgence of "video games are too violent" drivel?

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Posted By Veektarius

I have a fundamental problem with Killzone, specifically, the fact that the bad guys look way cooler than the good guys.

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Posted By MmaFanQc

oh look...., haters.

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Posted By Draxyle

One thing that really stood out to me, color. My god do I miss color, and it's great to see that developers are finally starting to listen to the complaints of de-saturating everything down to bland greys and browns. You need contrast in order for the deep and dark moments to have any impact; seeing the pretty blue skyline reduced to dirt and rubble wouldn't have had any meaning if the city already looked like dirt and rubble.

I have never cared about a Killzone before, but seeing those bright blues at the start really grabbed my attention.

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Posted By MordeaniisChaos

Anyone else think the gameplay in this just doesn't even look as good as Killzone 2/3? It doesn't have that really tactile feel.

Talking about the way a game feels without having touched it. Truly, you are a savant.

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Edited By oasisbeyond

Guerrilla Games presents... Another Killzone game no one cares about.

Why didn't they Sony give Killzone to another smaller company and make a new IP with Guerrilla?

It would have made them more exclusives... What's funny is that fake Killzone 2 E3 footage looks better then this. Silly Sony never learns. This game will be poop after a few weeks. People gagging over the graphics... This is what games in 2010 should have looked like but no one uses the max pc hardware anymore other then Crytec.

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Posted By Plasticpals

The graphics were pretty impressive but then when the "game play" started it looked like every other fps game ever made.

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Edited By SomeJerk

If you folks like the colour in this, give Syndicate a shot. It's even more colourful than the original 1993 title

(That said, my reaction to this was basically "Yep this is a decently powerful machine but eh")

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Posted By mellotronrules

shooters do nothing for me. but it sure looks pretty!

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Posted By benderunit22

@oasisbeyond: Killzone 2 looked better than the target render.

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Posted By andmm

This doesn't look much better than the ps3 killzones to be honest

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Posted By Vertrucio

Killzone 2 artistically looked better than the fake target render.

However, technically it was a mess, they sacrificed a lot of gameplay to achieve those graphics.

Anyone noticed they upped the tech level for this newest Killzone? The protagonist has powered armor partly covering him. He's also got what is basically a mass effect gun that fires tiny shards of metal through mass accelerators.

I'm okay with this change so long as it doesn't go overboard. I mean, the Helghast invented energy shielding by the end of 3. No word on when Shadow Fall takes place, and what really happened to Helghan after the terrible ending of 3 either.

To be honest, I hope they get a better writer and actually better resolve characters from the past games, without randomly killing them, or making them disappear.

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Posted By nights

I have a fundamental problem with Killzone, specifically, the fact that the bad guys look way cooler than the good guys.

I've never played a Killzone game, but I agree. Let me play as the Helghast! The ISA seem like your typical space muh-reens. Boring. I'd rather be a space Nazi! Either way, this was the most underwhelming trailer of the evening. It looks pretty, but ifit's your standard FPS affair, then no thank you. Fives years ago (when I didn't have shooter fatigue) I would have been stoked for a trailer like this, but not anymore. I hope it's more than a pretty face.

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Posted By zaphoduk

Not really a fan of the game series so i'm just commenting on it from a "this is a next gen game" perspective.

During the initial intro sequence, janky guy walking downstairs asside, i thought it look awesome. Lots of colour, great lighting, glass, real time waterfalls etc.

But there seemed to be a huge drop in fidelity during the actual gunplay sequence. It seemed more enclosed, not as detailed and not as jaw dropping as the intro felt. In a nutshell, it made me suspicious that the whole part leading up to the gun seciont was FMV which smoothly transitioned into real-time gameplay. I hope im wrong, because if that first part was real-time rendered then the next generation is going to look pretty sweet. But that's just CPU and GFX horsepower, and you'd be a fool to think that Microsoft don't have something equally as powerful.

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Posted By GunsAreDrawn

This looked really boring action-wise and the AI didn't look too great either, but maybe that's just because it was on a low difficulty. I only played the first Killzone and wasn't that impressed, I wanted to play as the Hellghast because of their distinctive look, it was just another spin on this rebels vs evil empire story.

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Posted By Blue_Cube

I guess it's pretty popular among the press and gamers alike to bash the sequelitis that's being going on in the games industry for quite some time now, but what's so wrong with it? Killzone is a good game and it's not like sony has a lot of alternatives, and from the look of things this promises to be another good game. I didn't hear them cry so much when COD black ops 783.356.121 was announced because they admitted it was still a good game.

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Posted By Bourbon_Warrior

@nals said:

Does anyone even want a new Killzone game?

Yes, yes I do. We can have 8 Call of Dutys this generation but 2 Killzone games and now a 3rd on the Next Gen. Killzone 2 was a really great FPS campaign, the enemies are alot smarter than COD and the MP Maps were quite big and had great class based system.

Now that I have seen this game in HD, it looks freaking phenomenal I have a feeling this is the prequel to Killzone before everything got fucked up, why they have undercover Helgast probably starting the war.

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Posted By CDUB901

COLOR!!!! yaaaay

But seriously though this looks great and is honestly the first time I can say i'm excited to play a Killzone game

Previous Killzone games were just so grey, brown and downright boring...the story, the characters, and the world were just awful IMO

BUT, i'm loving the look of this and the premise of it so I will stay optimistic...hopefully by the time this comes out I'll be ready to play an FPS again, because right now I have extreme FPS fatigue

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Edited By MeatSim

Killzone is more of graphical showcase then a game I actually want to play.

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