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About damn time i got this done.

...Why would that quest unlock... why?
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something, god I should have gotten it this time

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Already have the quest.

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@beef209 said:
" som "
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wow you guys are swift

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@Ender_Obitus: you said "first".............hahahahhahahahahahahha
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Man there's certainly no shortage of cinematographer's in Austin.

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@Ender_Obitus: hahahahaha
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I had never heard of LightBox- good idea to get your name out there with a video like this

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a beard, a hat, thick rimmed glasses, and two different coats in one video. 

that's all i saw
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Warcraft - Starcraft

Warhawk - Starhawk

Oh gee.

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this seems to produced to be trustworthy

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"Games by gamers" - uh, I think there's a pretty large amount of game developers who are also gamers.

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Did I just watch a pitch for a hipster version of The Office with subtle cues to The Social Network, but set in the intrinsic city of Austin with a really chillax Applebees down the street.

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"How awesome is your Company?"


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This was so weird. It was like watching a episode of The Office that's not funny at all.

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Dammit, now I'm hungry.

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I must say these videos are very well produced 

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lots of talent there

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Lightbox For President of the United States, 2012.

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ok im sure they are all really talented. but could everyone in this video look more trendy? 

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Now someone should make a reaction video of Bruce Boxleitner watching this video so we could see "Boxleitner on Lightbox on Lightbox.

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Was it supposed to end so abruptly? Mid-cupcake and all.

Glad to see they aren't letting Austin's stereotypes get out of control.
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No one can be all bad that produces a video reppin' Austin.

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I really like these developer based videos, not enough of them get pushed forward on other sites and I hope Giant Bomb continues to post them.

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This game needs to have mozzarella sticks, queso, chips, and cupcakes now.

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Feels like a Michael Scott speech.