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I'm re-watching this and the lighting here just makes everything look so nice. The new set is too gloomy :\

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Oh my god, Jeff is so happy at the start!

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"you're a drain on society Brad" - Drew

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At the end of all the Mario Parties, they should come up with a really sweet prize for the overall winner ... and then give it to anyone other than Dan in a big ceremony.

"Congratulations, Brad. As the best Mario Partyist, you get this super rare and valuable Amiibo that Dan doesn't have!"

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I admire Dan's good nature. I think most people would get upset after a while if someone kept talking as much shit as Jeff does about something they liked. Dan consistently laughs it off though and seems genuine about it too.

Also, I'm not knocking Jeff. His shit talking totally makes this video worth watching.

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Jeff, your the true star. Dan, your such a Luigi...the sad brother everyone loves to hate. Go fight a wolf. P.S. I love you all, except Dan's mauled corpse :)

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Jeff was hilarious in this.

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Going back to this, Drew looks so different.

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Can we please have a "Nobody Wins" t-shirt design!

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at 57:45 Dan says, "this is a blast for everyone!"

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@derpious: Two years later. Two YEARS later. How could that possibly be an issue? Sometimes you gotta let some stuff out to draw in a bigger audience. That's par for the course with this kind of stuff.

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@derpious: too bad there isn't hundreds of hours of other premium only content on this site.

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Man, I can't believe this series has been going since 2014 and they're only on mario party 6

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@derpious: They're not all going to be released for free. I'm sure they just made the first one free so people could get a taste for the next 5 MPPs they could potentially enjoy.

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And sad to say, I cancelled my Giantbomb premium membership as I said I would. You weren't up front on MP going to be non-premium.

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Relive the magic, one more time.

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Welcome, freeloaders.

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nobody wins

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It's a game of skill.

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I just watched this for the first time, and it's the hardest I've laughed... ever, I think. Some of those moments were golden.

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Just finished watching this and the whole 3 hours was a blast! I love how Dan knew all the mini games and explained it to them each time.

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Seeing this for the first time way after the fact, so I've grown accustomed to Dan. But my god is he annoying in this. He drifts from being funny to annoying, but around the 2 hour mark, he genuinely becomes insufferable. And it's great. This was amazing.

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Drew stealing back his stars is probably my favorite part of this video. Not only because he gets his revenge, but because of the moments leading up to it. Drew is super focused, Brad & Dan are both panicking, and Jeff just wants to watch the world burn.

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"We've plenty!" hahahahaha that shit never fails to crack me up.

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I am now beginning my journey through darkest abyss of video games.

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O man dan without a beard is something i don't like

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I have listened to the bombcast for a few years now but just a few days ago I decided to subscribe for a month, and what I have been hearing on the podcast was solidified here: @danryckert you are a great addition to this website and I absolutely love the energy and joy you bring to these guys. Mario Party really can be a lot of fun and hopefully you will convert someone by the end of this series. Don't let the haters get to you.

I have also been enjoying Metal Gear Scanlon. Keep up the good work!

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Dan is the happiest competitive person in all of these videos

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God, I love Jeff in this.

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I unsubscribed a while back when vinny left, thinking that no more good things could occur at Giant Bomb.

I was stupid and wrong, Dan is the man. He makes this group of guys better than ever.

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Loved this but it however does confirm i could not play this with Dan. He is way too into it and way too much of a sore winner/loser.

Loved seeing Jeff constantly call bullshit! :P

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funniest part of this is that Jeff seems so sure that he'll never play any of these mini games again.

"Sure, next time we play Crane Game."

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This is everything I expected it to be! Typical Dan, same old smug Mario Party player. Jeff though. This is why I love Jeff so much.

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Just became a premium member and this is the first video I decided to watch. I was not disappointed in my investment.

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Dan Ryckert is responsible for everything great these days.

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Watched this again to prepare for MP2. Still great.

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My bucket list now includes "Play Mario Party with Dan Ryckert"

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Yep, need to see this again.

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@subwayd said:

I was watching an old Game Informer video and heard the following statement:

That's the trademark: Dan's always having a good time and everyone else looks like they're sitting in a room full of farts.

Immediately thought of this video.

This needs to be on his wiki page hahaha

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I was watching an old Game Informer video and heard the following statement:

That's the trademark: Dan's always having a good time and everyone else looks like they're sitting in a room full of farts.

Immediately thought of this video.

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On a sea of clouds that spreads across the sky stands a great gaming site, but somehow, without Mario Party 2, it seems rather sad.

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The start hour was kinda lame but once I finally understood this game, surprisingly entertaining.

GiantBomb makes me wish I had friends too! Nintendo games finally seem appealing.

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I demand Mario Party 2!

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I have watched this all the way through twice. it is awesome.

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@sessh: I sure hope so, I keep hoping that Mario Party Party 2 will show up on the homepages list of upcoming content. Maybe Dan can use his accumulated star power to get everyone ready for another go!

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I sure hope @danryckert is still trying to convince the rest of the guys to actually make this into a series.

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Well if there was ever proof that skill really doesn't matter in Mario Party, this is all the proof you need. How many times did Dan just straight up luck out with magical warps, random Bowser/Toad switch boxes and chance boxes? Either the game is pure luck or Mario Party quietly predetermines a winner beforehand and fiendishly plays out these dice rolls that constantly favors one over the other. I actually like to think it's the latter as it makes the game much more sinister.

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Just the best. Dan you are a great addition to GB! Keep being positive!