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Posted By perfectlizardwizard

Seeing all three trailers, man I'm really hoping this The Wire vibe I'm picking up on shows through.

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Posted By Roger778

That looks pretty cool.

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Posted By multiace2134


yeah that was pretty good, i'm super pumped for this game!

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Posted By d_biro

This might just have got me excited about GTA again. IV bored me to tears sadly.

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Posted By thisguyrich
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Posted By Julmust

This is fucking amazing.

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Posted By thebipsnbeeps

Holy shit those witty lines and that Stevie Wonder song throw my money in your face Rockstar because this trailer is amazing

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Posted By demontrace

@das9000 said:

Hello fake michael jackson

Fake Michael Jackson? That's Stevie Wonder. He's in a class all his own. You can't compare the two.

For those that are wondering the song is named "Skeletons"

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Posted By TiE23

To balance all of the "GTAIV bored me/was stupid/too serious/didn't like it/didn't get why it was so popular/sucked"... I really liked GTAIV. I really really fuckin' loved Red Dead Redemption. I got Max Payne 3 and thought it was great. This game looks god damn amazing on every level. The shame is that it may be a while before we see a PC port... just means I'll probably be buying it twice.

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Posted By ki11tank

color me slightly unimpressed. i'll still be buying it but this trailer hasn't done much for me.

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Posted By verysexypotato

As an animator, I'm most impressed with the dog running on the car!

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Posted By Dryloch

@juice8367: That song is Skeletons by Stevie Wonder. It is one of my favorite songs of all time.

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Posted By 20183242

Early 2000s Jack Nicholson is in this game? Cool.

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Posted By Rodiard

So Trevor is Lynch, right?

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Posted By Glots

The song fits so nicely, that one would imagine it was made just for this trailer. I hope rest of the soundtrack is just as amazing. IV had some nice songs, but not nearly as many good ones as previous GTAs.

Oh and besides the music, the game looks just amazing in general. I just might have to buy Sleeping Dogs to get myself some GTA-ish relief before this one...

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Posted By mrfluke

i loved gta 4's grimey story unlike most people, but i will say this story looks like it could be a ton of fun

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Posted By Jazz_Lafayette

I enjoy both serious contemplation and ridiculous high jinks in my video games! Go figure!

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Posted By Lukas

I can already see me exploring that landscape forever after beating the game. In SA, after the fun of Jetpack hovering over Las Venturas Strip sniping random pedestrians or cycling up that giant mountain and jumping down was gone, I would spent hours driving around in a truck, listening to that country station, bringing trailers from A to B. Good times.

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Posted By deactivated-57d3a53d23027

Hell yeah!

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Posted By juice8367

Alright what song is that?

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Posted By MachoFantastico

This is the GTA I remember, GTA IV took itself way to seriously at times.

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Posted By meaninoflife42

I swear I heard Christopher Walken in that trailer.

Avatar image for manos
Posted By Manos

After GTA4, proper, I thought Rockstar forgot about fun but here it is, it's back.

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Posted By cthomer5000

I'm surprised at this trailer. If they had gone all-serious i think I might have been in after enjoying the last few Rockstar games I played. This just feels like my least favorite writing parts of GTA 4 in a trailer. I didn't finish that game. I'm not even gonna bother with this one. This is a definite pass for me.

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Posted By csl316

Wow, this actually made me give a shit. This ensemble's got some potential, nice to see they're mixing things up a bit.

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Edited By Simplexity

Calling it, either the old guy's son dies or the old guy dies and you play as the son at the end.

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Posted By AlwaysBeClothing

Trevor sounded a bit like Jason Lee to me, but if they say they're not using celebs, then I suppose its not.

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Posted By TheDeadComedian

It finally looks like the characters you are playing are actually, you know, different.

If you ignore the ethnicity of the GTA 4 characters, they're basically identical. Don't get me wrong, GTA 4 is one of my all-time favorites, but I felt like I was playing 3 versions of Niko.

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Posted By das9000

Hello fake michael jackson

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Posted By RollingZeppelin

awesome, looks like they're bringing the humour back, and some of those missions looked awesome. The part with the car sliding off the truck and doing a 180 was sick.

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Posted By TheSquarePear

YAY! Jets, motocross and trains makes GTA complete but I don't have the patience to unlock it all. I worry about the contemporary setting since it doesn't seem as stylized and satirical but at least it's light hearted.

I hope the driving is a little snappier (at least off-road)

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Posted By BBQBram

@DoctorDanger99 said:

im gonna have to be very careful with this. every GTA gets me so pumped and excited that it starts to affect my life. i was a nervous wreck leading up to gta 4 and RDR. gonna have to pace myself.

I feel you man I'm getting ready to freeze every frame for analysis. Rockstar...I believe!

Avatar image for demontrace
Posted By demontrace

Great trailer. I was laughing and actually clapped a couple times. Previously I didn't really care about GTA 5, but these characters have really sold me on this game. I'm looking forward to how this story turns out.

Avatar image for stubee
Posted By Stubee

Looks like a GTA game, no more, no less.

Avatar image for meatsim
Edited By MeatSim

I am surprised a good trailer can still get me pumped.

Avatar image for mezmero
Posted By Mezmero

I was lukewarm on the idea of a GTAV until this moment. I can't wait.

Avatar image for hamz
Posted By Hamz

Looks like the same old rubbish to me. Kind of hoped after RDR that Rockstar might have opted to go more in the direction of something fresh and new than make another GTA...

Avatar image for fuzzypumpkin
Posted By fuzzypumpkin

Year of the.....dog?

Avatar image for herbiebug
Posted By HerbieBug

Looking pretty slick so far. Hope it delivers.

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Posted By ThePurpleWall

I am so ready to bounce!

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Posted By LTSmash

Harvey Pekar?

Avatar image for thepickle
Posted By ThePickle

Those better be fake names because if that isn't Claude, CJ, and Tommy, we have a big problem.

Avatar image for redrocketwestie
Posted By RedRocketWestie

Nice to see them going back to a lighter tone. GTAIV was good, but it felt constrained by its gritty seriousness.

Avatar image for doctorchimp
Posted By Doctorchimp

Ahh man.

Hopefully the next trailer is a PC announcement.

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Posted By Largo6661

I love crazy GTA way more than serious GTA

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Posted By Legendary

We're about to bounce now?

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Posted By KlUMZeE

GTA IV was amazing and this looks like an extension of that, bringing in more options from earlier games while maintaining the fleshed out world and characters. I can't wait to see more of this and finally get my hands on it next year. Go Rockstar!!!

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Posted By lclay

This looks pretty amazing, clearly not running on a 360 :)

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Posted By SpicyRichter

Ray Leota main character?

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Posted By Ghost_Cat

Rockstar has that pulp-film vibe down on lock! Absolutely loving what I saw and heard (choice song too).

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