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Here's the first ever chat archive for Metal Gear Scanlon... and also the last one.

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Posted By AMyggen

This was fantastic to watch live.

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Posted By SaltyCatfish

Oh Seven

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Posted By mikecardii

Is this the entire live show from yesterday or was it longer than 2.5 hours?

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Posted By Jaina_Solo_

lost a 0 from the stream title.

Scanlon's fault

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Posted By Mindkiller

lol, Drew really didn't like it when people suggested playing Rising

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Posted By beforet

Is this the entire live show from yesterday or was it longer than 2.5 hours?

It was about 6 hours. I think another 2 parts are on the way.

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Posted By hargrimm
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Posted By cooljammer00

The song Drew was thinking of was "Can't Help Falling In Love".

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Series has died. (Heroism -30)

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Posted By GeekMarty

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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Posted By mikecardii

@hargrimm: Ah, yeah. The title of the Livestream was Part 001 so I wasn't sure if this title was just a continuation of that nomenclature or a reference to more videos to come.


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Fantastic and bittersweet. #TeamDrew

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Posted By Treefingers

This was wonderful to experience live. Thanks to Drew and Dan for sticking through it!

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Great ending, though I've really stopped caring for the gameplay completely, except for parts like the one with your staff and some of the more grand cutscenes. I hope the next series won't turn into a snorefest, if that ever happens.

Also something stupid I shoddily made from the stream archive.

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Posted By alwaysbebombing

Drew is very much against putting people out of their misery

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Posted By blacklab

Should the video be working? Or no?

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Just finished watching the 6 hour stream - worth it just to see Drew's expression during the Quiet rain scene. He did a great job of the frustration of mission 45 too - those insane sniper tanks were one of those moments when I almost quit, but ended up cowarding out behind rocks calling in bombardments. I agree with Dan's assessment that MGSV was a great but flawed game - who knows what might have been if Konami had been willing to trust Kojima's judgement.

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Posted By AMyggen

@blacklab said:

Should the video be working? Or no?

Works fine here. Try Streaming or HTML5 if Progressive doesn`t work for you.

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Posted By lokez352

Why isn't the song diamond dogs in this game?

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Posted By North6

Oh man, if Dan had just said the thing he said at the beginning of this episode every now and then during these previous episodes this game, there would have been a lot less drama. "I've seen your comments, I'm not gonna tell him any of it." That's perfect.

All in all, great series, thanks guys.

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Posted By North6

Wait, what? How did Dan not like the gun customization? You can put a shotgun on your grenade launcher, or a grenade launcher on your shotgun. Basically everything is almost infinitely customizable, its the reason the upgrade system is cool.

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Posted By tylambert86

V has come to

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Posted By zaldar

So how bad did the pranking between Dan and Jason get? I cut out of the live stream because it was so ridiculous. Time stamps for the worst parts of it would be great so I can skip past it. Sometimes things like that work - just got a little too juvenile here for me.

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Loved the series, but listening to community advice for MGSV would have benefited the overall experience greatly. Drew's style to main-line the story via his perceived path of least resistance w/o knowing certain mechanics (e.g. camo suits, stealth, the upgrade/research system for weapons, listening to Dan's advice regarding the use of the Riot SMG throughout the game) added layers of resistance he wouldn't have wanted.

Ah well, I'm glad they went through "Part 2" at least!

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The "we watch the same movies" talk takes me back to when MGS first started. Dan and Drew weren't that familiar with each other, somewhat skittish and shy. Hell, I was even wondering what their chemistry would be like. Dan being Dan, and Drew being someone that could survive and thrive in a post-apocalypse with just his wits.

Then once they realized their love of old action movies, a permanent friendship was formed.

Anyway, watching that Quiet cutscene and knowing it's one long shot just makes the planning of that scene so damn impressive.

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Posted By lkpower

Signt on a podcast would be great!

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I love the movie talk from this series.

Also I really want a film and 40s

Finally, I get Jason doesn't really hate Dan, and it is a bit of a work but even knowing that I am getting really annoyed with Jason, it is starting to go too far to be just downright mean and making me not like him as much. I know it is exaggerated for comedy but at some point enough is enough. Oh I still like Jason but I just wish that would be toned down a bit. Unless it is about Dan making people play Mario Party or other similar situations, yell at him all you want for that [and I love watching them play mario party].

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Posted By Onemanarmyy

Drew was thinking of my heart will go on.

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Dan is a Monster. My feelings go out to Drew and Jason for maintaining their cool the best way they could.... Dan is a Monster!

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That was fast.

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Posted By kasaioni

@north6: No it's not? The gun customization in this game is very limited an arbitrary when it comes to what guns you can customize and what parts it allows you to change. The only real use I got out of the customization was the ability to put a suppressor on a sniper rifle...and not much else.

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Posted By Jeverage

Does Dan eat redvines through the whole video? I hate being that guy but I'm honestly not gonna be able to watch it if so...listening to people talk and eat is nails on a chalkboard for me

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@kasaioni said:

@north6: No it's not? The gun customization in this game is very limited an arbitrary when it comes to what guns you can customize and what parts it allows you to change. The only real use I got out of the customization was the ability to put a suppressor on a sniper rifle...and not much else.

You have to keep researching. You can make Frankenstein silly guns or ridiculous all purpose ones. Sleep sniper with lethal shotgun underbarrel, or lethal shotgun with sleep pistol. Sniper rifle AK 47's, armor piercing pistols, grenade (smoke/he/flash) grenades on a sniper rifle or pistol or anything except rocket launcher basically. You just need to have researched the right weapon.

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Posted By ALavaPenguin

I do enjoy cheat engine, but I only do it in two specific situations....

1. I have basically completed the game and probably am done with it. This just adds some fun to do some crazy stuff.

2. There are aspects of the game balance that REALLY turn me off. This is often found in smaller steam games where there is a greater likelyhood of a rougher balance. This doesn't just mean I do this if a game is hard at first or something, but if I just legitimately do not like parts of the game balance [to the point I am probably done playing the game] cheat engine is nice for customizing difficulties.

For example I played hundreds of hours of FTL, got to the point I probably wouldn't play it anymore, tuned some of the balance [making a lot of ships much more viable and interesting to play as, keep in mind me having played this game for hundreds of hours], and that added probably at least 40 hours more gameplay.

I do accept the idea of wanting the game the way a developer intends, but often time the developer did not do well on some aspects and having the ability to tune the game to your liking is nice. You just have to make sure you don't get an itchy trigger finger on cheat engine any time a game gets tough, or you WILL ruin games for yourself.

I don't just load up a game and do it outright except in rare cases. There is a lot of value that cheat engine can bring to a game.

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Posted By Talon64

"They're Americans, Dan" Haas F1 has barely any Americans actually working for the team, though.

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@north6: Well I've researched just about everything at this point, so I guess I have to explore the guns a bit more. The problem is I found that the online development weapons they added are so overpowered that I don't feel the need to customize anything.

@alavapenguin I agree completely.

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Posted By Lannden

Everyone knows the best Doritos are Sweet Chili.

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Posted By Evil_Bunny_Hat


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Posted By doctordonkey

I played the missions 43 with the lights off back in September, when you are fully immersed while playing that part it hits really, really hard. I was in tears by the time I was back in the ACC. That part where they are all saluting you while trying desperately to hum the peace walker theme through their garbled ripped up throats is so thoroughly fucked up, in a good way.

Really wish the game had more of that and less padding, truly a flawed product, despite how great the gameplay is.

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Yes, thanks Jason for providing those red vines so we can listen to Dan talk with a full mouth.

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Posted By elite49

Boy listening to Dan talk to Chat and get wrong info, after wrong info sent to him then telling Drew making this even longer is tough to watch. Tapes/Outer-Ops have nothing to do with finishing the game.

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What is that phrase Dan says at 26:59?

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Posted By ebinBraveheart

@sweetz said:

Yes, thanks Jason for providing those red vines so we can listen to Dan talk with a full mouth.

You people complain about anything and everything. I'm surprised someone hasn't made a number of Dan pointing to the camera again...

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Posted By TwoLines

What is that phrase Dan says at 26:59?

It's from Event Horizon, it's the message the crew of the ship sent from hell. Liberate tutemet ex inferis. Which means "Save yourselves from hell."

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Posted By psyghamn

Dan Ryckert is history's greatest monster

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Here we go! I know that Dan and Drew kinda cooled on this game. But for me, it's still one of my all time favorites and maybe the best stealth game ever made.

And my helicopter music was a mix between Redbone "Come and get your love" and Toto - "Africa". Each time, it was perfect for the situation.

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