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Posted By American_Drag0n

Good stuff Brad!

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Posted By PassiveSpiral

I should watch some Metal Gear Scanlon.

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Posted By PrivateMalarkey

Who the hell is Drew?

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Posted By eccentrix

War is butts.

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Edited By TekZero

Just finished this game for the first time. Maybe it's time to watch the video review.

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Posted By Speedhuntr

I was going to play this about a month ago but now I think I'll just watch Drew do it instead. YOUNG BRAD IS YOUNG.

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Posted By evilrazer

Back when Brad was paperthin.

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Posted By ShakeSoda

God, DOTA has really taken its toll on Brad. On a side note, I'll be looking forward to when Dan and Drew swing around to this. This game was a blast to play.

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Edited By Kasaioni

The last game in the series. : )

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Posted By Shagral

I reeeaaally hope Drew gets to play this on MGSc, so I don't have to. Also, Brad looks a-mazing!

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Posted By Fake_Empire

Can't wait til Drew gets to play this.

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Posted By Karmann

Just finished this game. Wow, even 6 years later, it's still amazing!

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Posted By barberforce

Ah looks so cheesy now :D

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Posted By CaptainCoke

@sergelgar said:

I actually bought a PS3 back in the day just for this game

Holy necropost Batman!

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Posted By sergelgar

I actually bought a PS3 back in the day just for this game

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Posted By Xanth93
@leky1 said:
" @BlooCat said:
" Would this really need a bluray to fit on to? "
it wasnt on 360 because sony protected rights for MGS,the smae thing is with Gears 3 "
Not exactly. You might be right, but it really needs almost 50GB of space, and this was after extensive data compression. The 360 could not support this beauty... at all... ever.
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Posted By leky1
@BlooCat said:
" Would this really need a bluray to fit on to? "
it wasnt on 360 because sony protected rights for MGS,the smae thing is with Gears 3
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Posted By Copeland

amazing game review by an amazing "reviewer"
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Posted By kssunderland
@Ejiku: Better than GTA IV?
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Posted By Coolarman

This almost makes me want to buy a ps3 but almost

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Posted By MasterChief360

One single big draw for buying PS3.

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Posted By code305

this game definetly made PS3 on top again. Games should be more good looking like this. Nice Review

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Posted By MasterChief360

MGS4 is the ONLY reason I will buy a PS3.

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Posted By Shabran

amazing game

im at the end of my 4th playthrough and wanna start my 5th next week :)

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Posted By jakob187

I'm sure that MGS4 is a great movie...err...game...

I just prefer to play my games than watch them.
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Posted By NAZAR3NE

These are some of the best video reviews I've ever seen, keep it up. Written reviews feel old...

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Posted By Ouroboros

Best review I've seen on this game

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Posted By AmirDiablo

is there any way to download the vidoes?

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Posted By SpaceTrucker89

WOAH! i had no idea how deep they took the game.

im tempted to get a ps3 for this now, and home :)

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Posted By deddoa
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fuck you dec 25 come sooner

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Posted By Jok3r

If I had a PS3 I would be picking this up, but I really don't see it as a reason to buy a PS3. The singleplayer can only last so many hours and from what he said, sounds like the multiplayer is crap. I would still rather spend my money on new games, then trying to save up for a PS3 when there isn't much to play on PS3 that I can't get on my 360, not a fanboy, because I wish I had all 3 consoles. XD

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Posted By superezekiel

Brad sounds like he struggles to talk.

Then again, he probably thinks that's BULLSHIT.

And I refuse to buy MGS4 unless I can stare at Meryl's chest while she's wearing a see-thru tanktop. I think I speak for everyone ever when I say that was the number 1 highlight of the entire series, and the only reason the play any Metal Gear game ever.

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Posted By imHunt

Good review, looks like an amazing game.

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Posted By MetalGearSunny


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Posted By ElMonkz

Actually this game did made me get one.

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Posted By Clean

I agree with MGO such a waste

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Posted By IceCold

Thanks for another great review Brad.

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Posted By Jordan23

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is by far Hideo Kojima finest work him and his team has ever done. This game has truly set the bar in storytelling.

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Posted By slowpantz

Agree with the review 100%. Great Game

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Posted By xruntime

Best looking game on any platform? Oh please. Us PC gamers have had those graphics for years.

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Posted By Y2Ken

Loved this game, but I have been a fan of the series for a long time now, and this did feel like there was a lot of fan service in there.

Then again, I have a friend who played this as his first MGS game and loved it.

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Posted By Claude

I'm not good at fighting games, I don't like fighting games, I did like the review, honest, forthright and a firebombing review.

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Posted By pyromaniac

This is not bullshit

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Posted By loserkid962

awesome review

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Posted By GeekyDad

Is it bullshit?

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Posted By OctopusGooch

this is bullshit haha

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Posted By Turtlefuzz

I love this game! It's really really good.
Great review!

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Posted By Bloodreaver

I bought my PS3 on release day here in the Netherlands and although ive played some good games on it, MGS4 definatly made my purchase an excellent one.

The game is great, but personally cant give it a perfect score, because no game is perfect.

This game left me wanting more... not just story, but gameplay aswell (i fail at replaying singleplayer games...)

great review, keep them coming!

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Posted By BurningChimaera

I completely agree with the review.

As a person who has not played any of the previous games, I still liked MGS4 a lot, and it does a good job of filling in the gaps for people like me.
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