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Is he being goosed?

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Man, I would love to see Adam Boyes do one of these for PS4.

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That sound when you push the button was cool

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Unwrap the console as hastily and unceremoniously as possible, plonk it on the table, point at it like it's Happy Hour on QVC, throw buzzwords around, camera thing no-one cares about, HOLY SHIT LOOK AT OUR AMAZING ON-OFF SWITCH, end. I almost felt like Major Nelson was mocking the whole ordeal. Was he in a hurry to get somewhere?

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Your turn Sony!

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Woow. Looks cool enough for me.

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Anyone know what he meant by free day one digital game?

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Well, that's at least one person really stoked for the xbone!

(and i mean the guy in the video, not myself)

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I liked seeing a nice close up shot of the controller, but the proof is in the games as always.

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Well that was.... rushed (to say the least).

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Was slot loading disclosed before?

Is the headset an admission that the Kinect mic is unreliable? Or just noisy for chat? Or just awkward because you have to talk louder?

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Damn it's a monster. With the power brick too... Thing could crush a man beneath its mighty dimensions.

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I look forward to accidentally hitting that capacitive power button on a semi-regular basis.

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...But will it brick!?

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This is so late night infomercial it hurts.

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And you can turn it on without plugging it in - amazing!

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Looks pretty good.

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I won't be getting it, but it is a nice looking console/controller, in my opinion.

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Damn it's a monster. With the power brick too... Thing could crush a man beneath its mighty dimensions.

Yeah I didn't think they could top the other monster called Original Xbox.

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It's getting closer by the day.

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@chaser324: Lol yep, thats gonna happen all the time

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Looks like our developer kits

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@skelington_: I'm sure Microsoft has done enough research stating people stop watching after X number of seconds. So I bet thats why there is this hasty feel to the unboxing. Sure people from this site will watch the whole thing, but I bet the general public will turn off much quicker.

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Should change the subtitle of this video to "Major Nelson is not wearing any pants in this sexy unboxing extravaganza".

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... But will it red ring !?

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@skelington_: I'm sure Microsoft has done enough research stating people stop watching after X number of seconds. So I bet thats why there is this hasty feel to the unboxing. Sure people from this site will watch the whole thing, but I bet the general public will turn off much quicker.

For sure, no doubt you're right, but it doesn't make this any less hilarious. If I was coming in cold to the whole affair, I'd be tempted to interpret this as a 'spoof', haha.

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Damn, he ripped into that thing like a kid a christmas. Not much of an unboxing, more like a dump it out on the table. I like how everything was "beautiful".

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Really glad they included the headset, can't wait to pick mine up in November

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Wow, GB put this up fast!

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@arcadehero: Somehow I don't think Adam will go for the insincere car salesman pitch like this dude did.

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Now smash it !

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You're telling me with the size of that thing they couldn't fit the PSU inside the console this time? Still has a power brick...........

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The Xbox One: it's awfully big.

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@scaramoosh: Well it may be a design decision. Having an external power brick reduces the amount of heat the actual console would have to deal with. After the fun times with RRODs I'm sure Microsoft would prefer to avoid any more potential heat issues.

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That thing is a beast.

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Ok so here is everything you've already seen but its being taken out of its box which looks pretty much like every other game console box. Maybe i'm being bitter but I cant help but get a nasty taste in my mouth whenever I see or hear anything linked to Microsoft's sometimes pointless ad campaign. Not that Sony's (or any others) is that much better but showing an unboxing of your own item that anyone who cares has already seen inside and out seems weird to me... I don't now like I said maybe I'm bitter.

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@senate4242: They haven't been 100% specific, but it is DLC for some of their launch games, Ryse, Forza, Killer Instincts and Dead Rising 3. There is some blurb on the Official Site (shame he didn't go into detail).

Besides that, does anyone find the whole thing huge? I mean the console is pretty massive, but then a power brick, and the Kinect 2 is giant.

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Man, was that "Are You Ready?" a send up of Sony's U R Not (red)e ad campaign?!?!? (just kidding)

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3 months early? Do we know a release date?

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Jees that box is big. I mean its got a fucking handle!

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The console looks a bit slimmer than what was shown initially at the reveal which wouldn't be a bad thing. And that sound for the on/off button is very Nintendo/Mario-esque.

I can see myself buying this next year once some good games are out.

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First item out of the box reminds me why I don't want one!

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@senate4242: No, I don't. But be aware that he didn't say "game." It's a "digital exclusive", which could just be an avatar item or something.

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What I want to know: What will the new Red Ring look like?

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I personally can't wait. I'm ready to get the next gen show on the road.

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So that's HDMI 1.4, right? Which means 4k @24fps. Which means only for video content. That's great news, now I want all XBO games to run at 1080p at a rocksolid 60fps and I'm happy.