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All these characters are unnecessary everyone is just gonna be the cyborg gorilla all the time.

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Oh GOD! That's just wrong...

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The strength of a silverback gorilla! YEEEH!

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Grey and blue game is grey and blue.

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It pleases me that in the future, everybody is shooting peas.  
Also: NPSEAS.  
My god what a horrible voiceover. 

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@Tordah said:

" That guy's voice was super annoying. "

I read this in his voice.
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i already have a fairly meh opinion of this game (GB's ask me anything of this game showcased a lot of this games shortcomings...), but oh my buddha the voiceover of this video was atrocious. even if the footage hadn't been pretty bland and subpar, the voiceover would have tanked this preview. unfortunately, the footage was bland and subpar, so it just hurt that much worse. i think this game is going to go the way of dark void – decently interesting idea, but terribly executed. 

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Who was doing the voice in that? 
He comes off  like a Demolition Derby MC with a barely suppressed  piss-poor opinion of who or what he is addressing. 
Hey dumb fucks, get a load of this shit!.  
Really,..sounds like a voice actor out of the tv or radio satires in the Grand Theft Auto Series. 
It's of course not intended, but  it would I think call for a retake.
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this guys voice is the worst!

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Did they get the guy who writes DSIware and Wiiware releases write this? 

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*crap noises*
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@Tordah said:
" That guy's voice was super annoying. "

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The ability to hack in and play NPC's.... contradiction much? 
Still, very interested in this.

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The Mindjackees is the name of my all-female post-punk band, which is weird because I'm a dude.

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That guy's voice was super annoying.

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Worst fake enthusiasm ever!

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the announcers voice was terrible... really took me out of this video... but seems like a neat idea!

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That was very interesting.

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What are you guys talking about, there's crazy awesome gasmic sound...
First half second its a little scagglescribble sound :D

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@myslead: Yeah, I'm not hearing anything either.
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no sound?

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Mindjackass more like! Eh? Eh? No? Aw

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That was interesting.

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That EPM was pretty good, especially the "Illuminaughty" skit.