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They should do this more often.

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Posted By ThePantheon

This was still one of the best things they ever did.

I'm rewatching all old content from the good years (Pre-Klepek era) and a little bit into it (without him involved), and damn its great. Really still miss Ryan almost every day.

Great stuff <3

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This video is still so fucking rad!

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Still enjoying this quality content.

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Hope they do a scrub league redux when X comes out. Such a great video.

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@klei: This is still one of the best vids on the site. RIP Davis

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Posted By Klei

Ryan :(

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The fight between Vinny and Gary definitely was EXPLOSIVE!

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That mistake in Patrick's surname is awesome.

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Ryan: ".. and a copy for place and another for show."

Jeff: "That's second and third place for those of you who are not horse racing degenerates."

best line

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LOL "Kung Low"

This needs to become an annual thing!

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God dammit I wanted Will to win- but congrats to Alexis anyway!

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@TrueEnglishGent said:

Forgot about Gary's battle face :D

@Romination said:

Man, watch Gary's face when he plays. He goes through all these weird face things.

So what the hell is that about? I've only just noticed this AND IT IS CRAZY. I can not stop laughing, it is the weirdest twitch that I can not understand or comprehend. Wow...

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Forgot about Gary's battle face :D

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I can't wait for them to do another of these!

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So ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 scrub league? hopefully that or Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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@YOUNGLINK: They probably won't. Ryan highly dislikes Super Smash Bros. And I don't think anybody else would care enough.
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Loved this! I originally was going to bet on Alexis, too...

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They should do a Smash Bro's Melee scrub league!

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After watching the Pacman scrub league, I had to come back to this - this one was so much fun

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This is even better when u watch it a 2nd time!!!!!

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Yall need to do another scrub league!

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Scorpion probably has my least favorite X-ray

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This is officially my new favorite Whiskey event, OF ALL TIME

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Posted By Romination

Man, watch Gary's face when he plays. He goes through all these weird face things.

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When Ryan walked off they should have put in the Quan Chi portal effect

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This was probably my second most favorite video (Endurance runs are always no 1) on GB ever. Thanks a bunch for that =) Excellent form to continue to provide glorius entertainment even during technical difficulties.

Oh btw: Usama is dead.
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@SavageM2 said:
" I think I could watch these guys play Mortal Kombat all day. "
My thoughts exactly.
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They should do more of these for different fighting games and even sports games like FIFA and PES

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Posted By SavageM2

I think I could watch these guys play Mortal Kombat all day.

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That was fantastic, I'd love to see more of this. Watching this is what's finally tipped the scales for me - I need this new Mortal Kombat!

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I'm digging the Bob Barker mic.

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this was brilliant.  i look forward to more.  though the two gary fights were a cringe a second.

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This was great, you guys should do this more often. 

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It´s content like this, that makes me love this site so fucking much

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@UnsolvedParadox said:
" That was awesome, congratulations Alexis! If only Dave was in on this, it would have been perfect... "
There's no mouse or keyboard, Dave would have been lost.
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Yay at Rorie showing up.

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That was awesome, congratulations Alexis! If only Dave was in on this, it would have been perfect...

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This was great! And I'm not even interested in MK.

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this was great, i really wanted to buy MK but at the same time i really wanted portal 2.

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That was great. Excellent commentary. You guys are good.
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This is one of the best things that has come out of GB yet.

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So awesome, must do this again!

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Best feature for a long long time! Thanks guys!

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Gary was making some funny faces while he was playing.

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This was exciting, awesome stuff!

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Puppet Goro getting punched in the balls. Good times had by all.