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Alexis is no scrub. He didn't even look at the moves or the fatalities, and he knows how to play at least two characters very well. Ryan would've probably won this if it wasn't for Alexis.

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This was one of the coolest things GB has done since the DP ER. I really hope to see more things like this in the future.

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Need to play me some MK with the GB community...this was awesome to watch though.

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This was amazing. Too bad Vinny got knocked out so early... our champion failed us. ;_;

Dat spear!
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This was a great show, keep the coming.

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This was fantastic

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Loved every minute of this, hope you do something similar again(oh God yes make it monthly!).

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I really enjoyed watching this live. I hope they do more tournaments in the future.

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This is literally fucking awesome. Bravo everyone.

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@ignignort:  LOL, it is hilarious.
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This was rigged. I refuse to lose to an intern.

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You guys need to schedule a revenge tournament for May 13th. Firday the 13th. Give everyone time to practice and throw Jeff in the mix as well. Good stuff.

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one of the best things ever by Giant Bomb

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Hope this becomes a regular thing - loved the commentary and general set up of the show. One of the bets things I've seen on the site - keep it up!

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Yeah this was awesome. Mortal Kombat again for this weeks TNT please! its not like there is anything else out.

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While I already watched the tournament.  It was awesome.  We need more of these.

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This was nearly as exciting as the first two rounds of March Madness.  I hope you guys do this again.  Maybe some NBA Jam in addition to the obvious fighters. 

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Haha, the look on Jeff's face when Corey said "full of win". Someone should gif that. 

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Fuck yeah Ryan!!!

Guys this is amazing, I hope you guys do this again!

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Best thing I've seen WM do. I hope you guys do more.

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More videos like this and Shrink Wrap please! Don't forget regular mailbags. Thanks!

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I love giant bomb

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Who won the copies of MK?!  I BET ON ALEXIS!

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Krazy Awesome Product! Keep 'em Koming.

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Jeff wasn't that much better than the 'scrub', although there is a lot to lose when fighting scrubs and they have everything to gain... lots of pressure! 

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I hope these continue.  I really like watching the staff trash talk each other.

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Seriously, he ruined the fun.
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@big_jon: I'm assuming that's a spoiler? Maybe if they do do something like this again people could be more careful with their comments for a couple of days.

(If it's not I apologize)
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Posted By GunnBjorn

Pardon my ignorance, people, but was this a live stream? Or is it pre-recorded and put later on the site?
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Make more scrubleauges please!

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Yeah Vinny!


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This was great. You guys should do this again.

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Did they steal that microphone from Bob Barker?

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Alexis is as much of a scrub as I am a purple phonebook hanging upside down on a palm tree

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I watched this live and it was great!

As a paying member I don't ask, I DEMAND more scrub league!.... please <3
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Thanks. That answered my question.

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Quite certainly the biggest, most important, most entertaining-est-er event of the last 5 days.

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so many upsets

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Great video! Makes me really want to buy MK even though I never played a game in the series.

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I could watch the skrub league everyday!

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@OracleXIII said:
" why no arcade sticks? "
MK never needed arcade sticks.
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More Scrub League!

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@GunnBjorn said:
" Pardon my ignorance, people, but was this a live stream? Or is it pre-recorded and put later on the site? "
It went out during the hour before Fridays Happy Hour... A lot of people would not have seen it due to not realizing that Whiskey were transmitting live on Justin TV the whole time the site was down
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Thanks a lot for making this available for free members! After watching this I'll be sure to pick up this game, it looks awesome.

Oh and I meant to ask, can the people playing hear you guys while you're commentating?

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This was really fantastic.  Hope to see more in the future!

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Scrub league is amazing! Please have more Scrub League tournaments!