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Back to the island!

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Posted By Gerorne

YESSSS!!! I don't really watch much of any battle royale stuff... but when I do, it's murder island.

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Posted By KgKris

Murder Island: The College Years

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Posted By gizmo88

Now this is why I'm Premium.

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Posted By BladedEdge

"Or just play more PUBG...." feels about like how I feel. Are they way better? Or is this a bunch of 'loot, wait, die on first contact' repeat sessions? Do they go spicy?..

Is this better watched as a high-light reel of the best bits or what? My memory of the feature from before was that it was extremely hit or miss.

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Posted By HatKing

Oh heck yeah!

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Posted By carkey
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Wow, we're going to Ibiza

Wow, back to the Island

Wow, we're gonna have a party

Wow, in the mediterranean sea

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Posted By Wemibelle

@bladededge said:

"Or just play more PUBG...." feels about like how I feel. Are they way better? Or is this a bunch of 'loot, wait, die on first contact' repeat sessions? Do they go spicy?..

Is this better watched as a high-light reel of the best bits or what? My memory of the feature from before was that it was extremely hit or miss.

They can definitely be pretty hit-or-miss. I tend to watch them in the background as I'm doing something else and pay a bit more attention during the high energy moments, like right after a drop or during an extended firefight.

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Posted By ZmillA

leave it to GB to find the worst loot locations on sanhook (only 12 mins in)

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Posted By Moderp

I wish y'all would shoot the guns more

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Posted By FlappyHands

We really need names on the feed to distinguish who is being spectated at any given time

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I'm glad this is back.

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Posted By Fawkes

Rise from your grave!

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Posted By Chuck_

They've gotten so much better at the game.

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Posted By Brandonbw5

Wonder if they would ever visit the other battle royale islands. Would love to see them mix it up

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Posted By Icicle7x3

Murder Island 2: The Search for More Money Murder

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Posted By AndrewJPlant

one of the metal door sound effects in this is a stock effect I have heard thousands of times in something (Magic School Bus maybe?) anyway every time it plays it pings in my brain like when a guard notices Snake in MGS.

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Posted By NickFoley

Anime is A-OK.


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Posted By villainfb43

I would love if they had a guest on this feature like Will Smith, Matt Pasqual, Danny O'Dwyer, etc. that could provide some live tips when they have questions but still join in on the banter that makes this feature fun.

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Posted By Johnf_kyeah

@fawkes: Hey is just me or am I supposed to hear a very specific "rise from your grave" when reading that comment?

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Posted By Pomeroy

Holy Shit....

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Posted By real_jones

Dan the master of under statements

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Posted By salmypie

THE Murder Island

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Posted By Knale

I absolutely love this series, but god is it infuriating sometimes xD

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Posted By noblenerf

MURDER IS LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted By DekuShrub

Weird, Polygon just ended their PUBG series and Giant Bomb brings it back. I was kind of hoping the guests would be like Griffin or Justin because you know that would be hype.

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Posted By niko_of_death

Whats this fortnite ripoff they're playing

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Posted By babyboy420

This was boring.

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Posted By Lingxor

Wish the guys would engage more... when they run away from fights those same people end up coming up behind em.

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Posted By fightingchance

Black Lagoon is actually not very good!

But it is interesting, in the choices they made for the voices.

You see, Black Lagoon stars a group of mercenaries operating near/out of Hong Kong (?) - 2 Americans, a child of an American and Chinese, and a Japanese man. The Japanese guy is also an interpreter, so he can speak Japanese and English; everyone else on the boat speaks English exclusively (I think the Chinese/American girl can speak Cantonese as well). But the show is dubbed natively in Japanese, it's just understood that they're speaking in English... until there are scenes with Japanese or Russian characters, in which those characters, which are normally also dubbed in Japanese but understood to be speaking their native languages, are speaking with our main characters - then the show reverts to having the Japanese voice actors speak in Russian or English to distinguish that they can't understand each other when in their presence. There's a great scene where the Japanese guy main character is interpreting for a group of Japanese businessmen/gangsters to a group of Russian gangsters, of which the common language is English until the Russians start speaking Russian among each other.

That's a really bad explanation but it's wild to hear them switch back and forth to try to convey that these people are speaking different languages despite all being Japanese voice actors!

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Posted By SloppyDetective

Played this on Xbox for the first time in months. Played the desert map for the first time. On the second game on it me and my buddy won a chicken dinner. PuBG is so much more appealing than Fortnite to me, but Fortnite on Switch has been some casual fun.

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Posted By Swiftoid

I would love for them to do a Fortnite Murder Island.

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Edited By zinkn

@carkey: Fuck yeah! that song brings back memories :)

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Posted By Wolfspinach

Reprint the shirt!

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Posted By hansolol

Ben: "My game just crashed."

Dan: "Oh right . . . PUBG . . ."

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Posted By skronk

Yeeeees! :D

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Posted By Humanity

Seems like some of the enthusiasm they had for it in the past was gone.

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Edited By lokez352

@humanity: I wouldn't say some most of the hype around this game is gone. This game was starting to die down in popularity by the time it officially cameout. PUBG gained a viral following in pre-release. But that kind of following is always looking for the next meme generator so it was destined to lose it's lime light.

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Posted By ElectricGypsy72
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Didn't know this was coming. So glad it's here!

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Posted By Wibblefish

I am sad for Brad - he wanted to play!

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Posted By Ravelle

My favorite feature is back bay-bee!

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Posted By MostlySquares

You have to try some of those stereo headphones. They're really good for telling where things are. Mono was yesterday's technology, it's time to let go..

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