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Haha, I'll be sure to do that.

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Madden already does this.

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I still don't fully believe that this game exists.

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@devilzrule27: It exists. But the real question is. Will it be released. They still have over a week to cancel it.

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Sounds like a terrible idea.

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Maybe I'm trippin, but I believe that next-gen 2k does something similar.

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Every sports game has had some version of this since roughly 2009. NBA Live 10 was touting its collaboration with major sports information database Synergy for day-and-date shooting percentages from hot spots and cold spots on the floor for every player. Madden has had weekly roster updates for years, and 2K's "Insider" has sporadically updated rosters every week to three weeks of the season with rating adjustments and roster shifts.

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This game continues to look like it could played on something with the graphical power of a word processor.

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I hate this "feature" in sports games, except in online mode. For some reason it feels like it belongs there to me. As long as it's updated fairly frequently.

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Madden already does this.

And NHL14 more-or-less does this as well.

@striderno9 said:

Sounds like a terrible idea.

because it is.

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Just to "be that way," O.J. Mayo wears #00 for the Bucks, not 32. As cool as the features of NBA Live 14 (didn't it used to be called NBA Elite?) I'm going to be sticking with NBA 2K14. It looks more impressive on next-gen than NBA Live and I just like the feel of the gameplay better with 2K.

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@rotnac: Fifa 14 does that too. So seems like it's something EA is doing across all its sports titles now. And like you, I really do not see the point.

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@rotnac said:

@ajamafalous said:

Madden already does this.

And NHL14 more-or-less does this as well.

@striderno9 said:

Sounds like a terrible idea.

because it is.

NBA 2k already does this.

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2k has been doing this since 2k11

even the last nba live did this

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Why you'd want a players stats locked to a real life system is beyond me. Good one EA!

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So what happens if a team's plane flies into a mountain, can I still use them or...?

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Nba 2k does not do this, i don't know what game you guys play. They may update the roster stats every once in a while but it's nothing like this is trying to be. But either way, i wouldn't want to play with 4 for 20 d-rose, i want to play with all star mvp d-rose lol. I wonder if this has a myplayer? That's all i play besides a little association with the bulls.

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This isn't really a feature I use in FIFA, but there is one place I'd like to have this as an option, even if it wasn't mandatory: the WWE titles. I think it'd be a perfect fit there. Just for the current-roster stars, of course. I don't want modern-day Hogan stats.

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Ummm, how about you make the ahhh...game work first?

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Not sure but didn't NBA 2K13 have this as well? Updated player stats, injuries and stuff like that?

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Different sport, but every time Chris Perez blew a save for the Indians people would nag the shit out of him on Twitter until he eventually deleted his Twitter account.

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the only thing thats a good idea is the "big moments" i think that would be cool to play a 50 point game the day after someone actually did it, just fun to recreate that stuff. 2K did it sort of for select games like the jordan challenge but it would be neat to have that always updating during the actual season. RIP nba Live

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If I was an NBA player, the LAST thing I want people to do is fucking tell me to do better in real life because their fantasy team/video game representative is not doing so well... -_-

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I'm really glad to see NBA Live 14 start shaping up. I have been ready for some competition in the NBA area for a long while now. I have high hopes that Live will be able to hold up in the long run.