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hmmm the last one I played was NHL 11 so I might actually upgrade to this. I think the hitting looks pretty good (if not a little goofy with the legs). BTW the yakity sax video is FUCKING HILARIOUS!

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I'm pretty sure, with the money they make on the Madden series, they just couldn't be bothered to care about the quality/consistency of the rest of their franchises. Coupled with the fact that they have 0 competition (they are the sole owners of the NHL license), I don't see the NHL series getting any better anytime soon.

Generally speaking, I find the NHL series has been pretty well built-upon in the last few years, or at least the game has felt significantly improved upon.

Last year's iteration did pretty good job with how players occupy space in front of the goaltender, notably in the way that they push and shove each other around in traffic, and it results in better ways to get actual tipped goals from blueline shots. The CPU AI was progressively improved on too, I can no longer just squeeze AI players into the outside boards when they cross the blueline anymore - they actually attempt to dump the puck in deep.

Granted, it's still all very minute changes for a very scummy 60 dollars every year, there's no defending that. But I do give them some credit for some of the improvements they've made to make it a better game.

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I'm pretty sure, with the money they make on the Madden series, they just couldn't be bothered to care about the quality/consistency of the rest of their franchises. Coupled with the fact that they have 0 competition (they are the sole owners of the NHL license), I don't see the NHL series getting any better anytime soon.

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Does one dude walk down from his seat to pound the glass at a set interval? Are the Canucks fast as fuck? Should wraparounds be illegal? If not, this isn't a hockey game I want.

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The NHL series has been consistently good over the years. I've bought the game once every couple of seasons, not being willing to spend the same money year in, year out, and have always enjoyed my time with them. The trouble is, an improved physics mechanic isn't a big draw for me. It's nice that the developers are amping up the realism, and it does look impressive, but for me, it's the AI outside of the matches that really needs the work. Over the years, I've played the GM mode more than any other but have always been frustrated by the attitude of the opposing GM's, particularly around trades, drafting, etc. If EA are able to address those issues then this will probably be a good purchase, but until then I will remain wary.

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No Wii U/ PC FML

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I know I've been on Giant Bomb too long because I read that headline as "collusion physics".

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The idea that people rag doll any time they are touched has to go. There's always compensation based on one's proprioception unless you got knocked the f out...of course, this involves a great deal of work to capture, but rag doll isn't doing it for me anymore (or ever).

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They say the exact same thing about their hitting system EVERY YEAR. Also the hitting is ridiculous in these games. Hockey isn't non-stop big hits like it is in these games.

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I like how they throw their current game under the bus. "Oh, NHL 13 is shit. but 14 is going to be awesome!!!"

...Day 1 buy for me :(

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i bought NHL 13 two weeks before they announced NHL 14 in NHL 13. Pretty bummed about that considering that this one seems to be a bigger leap than 12 to 13 was. Hits have no impact at all.

I hope that EA gets it right this time.

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So... No more Hercules check???

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But I bet it'll still have the same 10 player faces for 3/4 of every roster! I love the point I get to in every single game where my drafted players and non-star players look like they're clones.

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Come on Canucks! Don't embarrass yourselves too much!

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@ollyoxenfree: Needs more scream variety, needs more slo-mo screams, to properly reach the potential.

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I like it.


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This video is bad and I should feel bad.

Loading Video...

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I'm glad they're finally fixing the collision issues from past games. I love speeding down the ice and laying the big hit, or should I say, I would speed down the ice and tap the opponent on the shoulder.

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I can't wait to have tons of fun with this the first week, then everyone figures out how to abuse all the broken shit in the game and ruin all the fun.

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@wmoyer83 said:


I c wat u did there. Unless you were being genuine...if so...*facepalm*

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@vuud: Me too. I'm a huge sports nut, and I should be pissed that Jeff/Vinny don't play the sports games "right", but it's just too much fun to watch them.

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Can't wait to see the quick look!

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The graphics in this look better than other sports games. Or is it just that ice hockey looks less natural in real life than other sports?

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@venatio said:

Also no Wii U release, despite Nintendo and EA Sports' "close relationship"

EDIT: I take that back, I meant NFL 14, not this, this I don't know

I imagine it's fairly safe to say that your post applies to NHL 14 as well. The only one I could maybe see making it to the Wii U this year is FIFA.

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Anyone else find it a little suspicious that the hits that look really good are almost all in slow motion? And most of the full-speed hits look kind of odd -- momentum shifts that seem wrong, guys that go down too quickly, etc.

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Poor Korpikoski earns the background image.

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Ice Hockey on NES is the best hockey game ever.

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Looks awesome. Go Blackhawks!

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I feel like they say the whole, "real time physics, bitch!" thing every year.

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More realistic dirty hits that would draw penalties in real-life... fantastic rag-doll work guys!!!!

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I'd like to see a real dynamic crowd system that is unique to every team's home building. For instance, in the Canadian cities, Every arena is jam packed and you can hear the roar of the crowd, chanting, etc.

Then for some of the american teams, like Florida, Dallas, Columbus, and especially Phoenix, have empty seats everywhere and all you hear are crickets and the occasional clap when the home team scores...lol

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Will it be on Wii U?

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I haven't bought a hockey game since, like, 2006 or something. It's always the same game.

For one I hate that they took out color commentary for more serious commentary. Serious commentary makes sense but I really enjoyed the bad jokes the commentators made in 2001 (my Favorite hockey game since 1995, I think it was, on the genesis).

Second, a hockey game is a hockey game. Nothing significant has changed for me other then Players moving to other teams (and of course time and rosters and whatnot). Ehh.

Nothing wrong with a good hockey game, but collision physics doesn't draw me in that much. Fixing the AI might though.

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So basically we'll get some hilarious youtube videos out of this ala Let's FIFA?

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About half of those hits look dirty -- lots of stuff on the chin.

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Also no Wii U release, despite Nintendo and EA Sports' "close relationship"

EDIT: I take that back, I meant NFL 14, not this, this I don't know

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Too bad there isn't a Stars player that can actually hit hard enough to activate this system :(

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This could also use a wilhelm scream every time someone gets hit.

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Can we get a gravity slider in the options? I want to smash into fools and send them flying.

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Those hits all actually looked pretty good if we're being honest here.

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Fix the AI, EA. Will I get rewarded for actually playing hockey this year, or is it still all about the breakaways?

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Let's Go Rangers!

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Some of it looks crazy awesome, some of the "taking your legs out from under you" kinda hits make the ragdolls look a little silly though.

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those legs look a little too funny

edit: GO SENS.

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I can hear it already.