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Wow she can really change her voice up, great singer.

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A lot uglier up close.

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No wonder why she goes out with Lewis Hamilton must like our accents.

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Those lines are so written for here, she comes across as an idiot in unscripted interviews!

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Inexplicable nerd-hate only makes her stronger.

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@Reinforcement09: or you know. They editied the dumb parts out. Either way she sounded good in that song.
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Listened to the original and the new one yesterday and I think she did well on the new one.

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Say what you want about her, but the woman can sing.
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Kinda sad that she's been chosen for a copy of a song for a Wii remake of a game based on a Bond film from fifteen years ago, rather than doing something completely new. She's a fantastic singer, and I feel like she's being wasted on a song she has no chance of making her own - simply because everyone will think of the original when they hear it.

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I wonder what they Pussycat Dolls with no talent are up to these days?

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Cheesy song, I would love to slam her though.

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Typical internet thread.
I noticed that they had re-recorded the song, must not have had the rights to the Tina Turner original. I didn't recognise the name when it came up in the credits but she did a good job.

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@Sanj said:
" Say what you want about her, but the woman can sing. "
Yes she can!
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@tobygw:  Well one of them Ashley (a blond one) doesnt do all that much. Everyone but Nicole got the short end of the stick in terms of getting paid. Ashley lives across the street from my sister in LA and I see her fairly often.
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she has one silver dollar nipple and one quarter nipple. 
oh yeah; she's a good singer too.

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"We composed the music to Goldeneye." 
".... the video game." 
Way to start the interview off upbeat, music guy!

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Actually this is a pretty good version of the Bond theme.

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Sometimes pop music makes me mad, because if it didn't exist than this women would really SING.  

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Damn, she actually did a good job with the song.

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@MarkWahlberg said:
" "We composed the music to Goldeneye."  ".... the video game."   Way to start the interview off upbeat, music guy! "
Actually, David Arnold was the one who did the music for all the modern Bond Movies (ironically excluding Goldeneye which was done by Éric Serra) So I think he deserves some credit. Also he did the score for Stargate which rocks :-D
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shes so bloody hot

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I didn't think I'd get this, but I've seen enough about how much (fan) effort they've put in, and maybe it deserves a reunion of the old GoldenEye N64 friends!

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wait what

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reading the comments on this, im glad im affiliated with such a classy subsect of gaming culture... (
sanguis_Malus, Badwhodo)

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i wish my girlfriend was hot like her

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Didn't think she had the chops, but not too shabby!

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she did a good job, i wasnt aware it was a different singer when i played the game and for a second thought it was tina herself.

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Gotta say, Goldeneye's theme was only second to Thunderball's. Great Bond theme.

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Those composers seemed really excited about their job.

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I put down a cushion on the floor - please, kneel.

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@solidlife: I thought the same thing too!