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I must know where I can get that "Bubsy" shirt Chris Dwyer is sporting.

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I feel like the description for this video should be formatted L I K E T H I S .

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@ayeayegeneral: It was available through The Yetee store during AGDQ this year. I could be wrong, but I don't believe they reprint those shirts, since they only produce the amount that was ordered during the event.

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@aethom: Rats. Thanks for the follow-up, though!

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Stay bubsy, everyone

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I was wondering why Ben and Sugar's accent sounded familiar only to realize after Sugar says he lives in South Africa that it sounded like mine... goddamn it. Hitting myself in the face so hard.

Glad to see some more local game devs making a name for themselves.

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This weird audio looping... conspiracies conspiracies