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I thought this was pretty funny. I like idiot quotes like "I'm running really fast!" and "Yep, that's my game!"

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@gunslingerNZ said:

@ItBeStefYo said:

Isn't this ad making fun of the game's boring nature? strange

Nope it's making fun of the hyper kinetic nature of games like MW3.

It's mostly making fun of how crazy people look when they're "playing" a video game in an advertisement.

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@AngelN7 said:

You Know that was a nice little trailer them joking arround the game being exiting when is the other way arround, but the ending seem a little pretentious shoudn't the game be for "everyone" now that is out on Xbox? or this is our game because all those guys were there and unless you knew who Notch was that part came out off nowhere like "oh that guy made the game?" really weird.

You are pretty much the king of overthinking things, eh?

The dude in the video made the game. He was a part of the process of developing the game. Therefore, his game.

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@Jeffsekai said:

Notch is dumb.

How, exactly? I honestly don't know.

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@Brendan: Oh I know is HIS "game" I just found that part weird that´s all.

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Pretty good. One day I'll try it for myself.

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@rjayb89: WOW! the way they celebraited was cool