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Holy crap, that was amazing. We need to see more!

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(I was pretty into DDR about 10 years ago...I made some videos...)

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And the award for most genuine video game journalist on the internet goes to Patrick Klepek everybody! Someone give that man a cookie.

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So good.

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Young Patrick Klip Klop sang an E-Rotic track. That's the biggest highlight for me.

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I'm so glad this counts as Premium.

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He was so buzzed recording those intros.

Good on you for flying your gamer geek flag, Patrick. I'm 35 so I am just old enough that video cameras were still hard to come by as a teen, otherwise I'd have a very similar collection...

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Dude is feelin it. Thanks Patrick!

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Patrick used to be cool, hahaha that was too funny

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I totally saved up my money back in like 2001 and got DDR Konamix and a couple of official pads to use on our family PS2 and was way stoked by the idea of the game...but never ended up getting that into it. The stuff just seemed beyond me, especially with how much I wanted to play it anyway. And we got a Disney game at one point for it too. Don't know if we still have those somewhere or not and I really don't care.

Really fun to see how into it young Patrick was. Ridiculous. Haha thanks for sharing.

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Uhh at 9:09 it looks like you were playing static on your TV.

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A kid being a kid.

Thank you for sharing.

This was great.

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Young Patrick is basically Daxflame in these videos holy cow.

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I <3 Patrick Klepek

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I fucking love you Scoops <3


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Lol Patrick, even if you got it wrong they probably just took a sip and they were like oh fuck its coke here switch me.

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I have the biggest smile on my face right now. This is awesome. Thanks Patrick!

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if it makes you feel better we're close in age, and i was into all the same dumb stuff
(bam magera bush diving &making dumb/skate videos, i probably blame jackass for this)
we got really into stealing shopping carts and going down hills in them, we spray-painted one blue, man.
kids are dorks.

also you was rippin it up at Dance Dance Revolution.

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*Walks away quietly nodding his head to the beat*

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Great stuff. Damn being a kid was great!

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patsp for ever.

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Do It All Night and Happy Man. Those were definitely two of the most memorable songs of those games in arcades!

Next to Butterfly, Captain Jack, and Dynamite Rave, of course. Still, Do It All Night is the song I immediately associate with the dance game boom, as it was the song most teen girls picked every time once they started getting into it. At least, that was the case in the arcades where I went to (mainly London and various holiday camps in south-east England).

As for Happy Man, I can still picture the 'music video' (or elaborate animated gif?) for that song. It definitely included a wacky-looking happy man rocking out on a guitar.

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311 is...

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I felt like I just watched a clip show of "Boy Meets World." Not saying you looked like the main character from that show, but you kind of did. Ha ha, Patrick you keep doing what you do man, but I wished you also had some Beat Mania stuff. Man that game was fun, now to go listen to "20, November" and scratch that nostalgia itch.

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@jimbozu: Because this is worth the money

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Patrick Klepek: Nu-Skool Journalist

Loading Video...

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God I miss being a kid.

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I haven't/won't read 333 comments, but I'm sure the Cory Matthews comment has been made. Here's a +1.

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@patrickklepek Did you ever put up the tmnt coming out of our shells video?

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@caleb1915: When people specify they need to avoid something for a medical reason it generally means that contact with said thing will literally make them (potentially severely) sick, not just that they don't like the flavor, and depending on the severity of their condition they might in fact even die simply by getting a tiny amount of the substance inside their body.

Patrick was young at the time and it seems he regretted it quite a bit since he still remembers it now, which is good, because what he did at the time is genuinely a dangerous and irresponsible thing that could easily hurt somebody and get his workplace sued for that matter.

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That was amazing. Thanks for sharing Patrick.

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Patrick, this is awesome. You're awesome.

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both videos the same dance moves... also what surprises me the most is your parents kept your stuff and didn't just toss it all.

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Oh god...

Good shit, Patrick. We've all been there.

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Am I dead? Is this Heaven?

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Good! Cool! Good!

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It's good to see even as a kid Patrick had poofy hair.

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Thanks Patrick <3

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@rem said:

@patrickklepek Did you ever put up the tmnt coming out of our shells video?

Haven't found it yet! I suspect I've located the right pile of tapes, though. Just need to digitize.

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Take the goatee off and Patrick looks exactly the same, lol.

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God bless you Patrick Klepek!