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Woot? QoTW FTW^^
Edit: That last video was freaking epic!
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When will we ever get a QOTW that's funny :(
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That last video was the best community submission I've ever seen for QoTW.
Fuck you, Jazz hands.

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Lemon & Dirty did it again. 

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QOTW needs to die. 

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"QOTW needs to die.  "

I agree.
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Lemon and Dirty Dan tottaly deserve a prize or something. Please send them each a dsi or something or like a copy of spirit tracks each.

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This was an awesome QotW. I loved the last two.

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@Erik said:
" Woot? QoTW FTW^^ "
This is the epitome of how a gamer will type.
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@NoXious said:
"Lemon & Dirty did it again.  "
And HOW! 
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" QOTW needs to die.  "
I agree two...
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Wait a second? Who won the Assassin's Creed 2 sweater?

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If ever there was a reason to never allow open custom content on GB its QotW...

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Yay! Good funny submissions!

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@MAN_FLANNEL:   You could just.... you know... not watch it...
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That was amazing. Better that Tyler Swift, even.

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The last one was funny for all of a few seconds.
I don't think it needs to die, I think we need better questions!
Although I imagine it to be hard to come up with a question specifically to get viewable videos.

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 Lemon and Dirty are the champs this week no doubt.

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Lemon and Dirty Dan is so goddamn awesome, they deserve all the prizes 

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LOL Lemon & Dirty Dan.  Nice work!

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Creepy bald guy gets my vote! 
And who ever said people's submissions had to be funny?

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Haha last video was funny

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I thought they were all pretty good aside from the first one.

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After Ryan already said his goodbyes and there was still a bunch of video left I was seriously worried, because that's never a good sign.
I didn't hate this video, but that may have something to do with the fact that it didn't have a bunch of stupid entries, just a few. 
Lemon & Dirty Dan....I've noticed that you like to make a stupidlong video that's taking huge liberties with the original question, and I do honestly hate most of the things you've come up with, but your thing this week was alright. It kind of lost it's novelty due to it's length, but I still finished watching it and liked it, 
This doesn't mean this feature is good though, one good video each month isn't that great of an achievement :)

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Lemon & Dirty Dan. That was awesome ! 

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@bluemantra said:
" @MAN_FLANNEL said:
" QOTW needs to die.  "
I agree two... "

i agree three... 
also, the last two guys in these vids are te-gay for sure, and need to learn how to spell "you're"
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Lemon and Dirty Dan continue to be awesome. You guys deserve hoodies of some sort for sure.
All those saying this feature it bad, GTFO and stop watching it if you don't like it. Nobody is making you watch it, and most of us love it and it's not going anywhere.

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QOTW in its current form sucks and is just embarrassing.

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Billy is amazin' !!!
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Great job Lemon and Dan.
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Seriously guys, if you hate QOTW no-one is making you watch it you dumb asses!  
Dirty Dan & lemon for president i say! 
Or at least mods.... same difference :3

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I'll be the first person man enough to admit that I like that Taylor Swift song. Well, I respect her as a musician at least. It's nice to see that among the garbage of Disney marketed bands like Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, etc. there's actually one artist that actually puts some heart into their music.
BTW, the QOTW is really starting to feel like it's just not worth it anymore. I love the fact that it's something the community can get involved in and all that, but I feel like this feature has overstayed it's welcome. I'd like to be proven wrong...

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"Spirit fingers hug you jazz hands" 

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Hilarious videos this week!

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Lemon and Dirty Dan... You guys rock.

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@dvdwalker8: Yup.
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@Adziboy: just did
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Lemon & Dirty Dan, that was awesome. Can't you see hee hee, you won question of the wee-hee-heek.

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Bahaha Lemon & Dirty Dan! That was freakin' hilarious! Especially as I watched it just after seeing the X-Factor final...

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We have found the winner for the Giant Bomb Best of 2009, 2008 Remix QOTW submission.

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Lemon & Dirty Dan. 
Fucking legends.

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lmao. Anyone who watched that and still think QOTW is pointless, you can die in a fire.

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wow....wow...that's as good as it gets.

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You gotta love GB, and it's community. Epic song =D

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Holy shit you guys.