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I'm with Vinny on this one. The game looks alright, but nothing about it stands out. 

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Ugh, this just looks like a three years old generic FPS. It doesn't look terrible, but it looks bland and boring as hell, which is the worst kind of game. No ambition at all, just a lazy attempt at combining some famous Bond scenes in a boring FPS and call it a day. Fuck you, Activision.

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Bomb Slickers 2: The Search for Vinny's Gold

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Vinny/Jeff Quick Looks always make me laugh.

Best Bond film is Goldfinger. Not best villain, but best everything else. Pussy Galore. How on Earth did they get away with that?

And we never did really see the Gold.

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Wow, Judi Dench agreed to do voice work for this crap?

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Man this is a really long quick look, entertaining though lol.

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great they are now selling Bond mods for Call of Duty

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I wanted to see the gold :(

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Alpha Protocol in all of its brokenness was a better spy game than any bond game has ever been.

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Who throws a shoe? Honestly!

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Fuck yeah Everything or Nothing was amazing.

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I'm not even much of a Bond fan, but that was pretty bad. Thoroughly entertaining QL though!

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No shooter will ever recapture the satisfaction of shooting enemies in the hand in Golden Eye.

Anyone else unlocked all cheats in that game? The one where you start above the bathroom was a b****, took me a lot of tries, a lot.

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Watching this for a second time is weird, He picks up the phone, that she was clearly using before she was flashed golded, and keeps the phone. Then he is teliported to some airport in some place, and planes blow up for no reason.

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this is a long look....

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this game looks nasty

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Night time gold is the best gold.

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oh god, I thought I couldn't stand 40 minutes but then vinney's "lets see the gold" pushed me on. What a sad looking game

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These Quick Looks are really only quick in comparison to an Endurance Run by this point. But I'm not complaining. =)

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@MemphisSlim said:

"I have not watched most of the Bond movies."

Erm...couldn't someone who has have done the QL, then? Or maybe more prep could've been done? A huge part of the game clearly hinges on that, so...

I mean, I get it. But still.

As they said in the first mission, any bond fan would look at that opening scene and instantly be turned off by this game. It is call of duty reskinned for 007.

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The one thing that bothered me most about this was that fire. Holy shit, that is some of the worst looking fire I have ever seen. It flickers so... wrong, and it looks like it was drawn next to a Maiden or Twisted Sisters logo on a shitty floppy plastic folder.

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Awesome Quick Look. Game looks decent enough, but it's not really something i would pay a lot of money for. Night gold just isn't the same as day gold.

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The textures are real muddy.

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@YoVideoGamesAreSerious said:

This is so transparently a Bond game in the COD engine. My god.

The fonts and way point markers even look the same.

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Never stop searching for that gold.

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I wanted to see the gold too.

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The Hitman games are more James Bond than James Bond games are James Bond.

SWEET door opening QTE right there.

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@jmic75 said:

@YoVideoGamesAreSerious said:

This is so transparently a Bond game in the COD engine. My god.

The fonts and way point markers even look the same.

I think they made this entire game so that when you kill someone with that asian guy's top hat and it shows the 'this person <weapon image> other person' in the corner, they could put in a picture of the hat.

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ugh. dreadful

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@GBH said:

bond james bond


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@Nicholas said:

The Quantum of Solace movie IS SO BAD! OH MY GOD!

Okay, Ryan Davis.

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Ten minutes in and I'm already expecting "If you and I were Bond fans, we'd be like, 'This is disgusting!'" to be the hardest I laugh all night.

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Hey look, it's modern looking Daniel Craig with all these people with hairstyles and clothing right out of the 70s and 80s.

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Looks like a reskinned CoD... so it's looks like shit but atleast cod have a decent UI

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This is now one of my favourite quick looks. Thanks!

Though, I do wish you had kept going for the illustrious gold.

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I'm sorry to say this looks pretty dumb and most of all, pointless.

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Damn. Finding the gold would've been the perfect place to end the QL.

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I'd like to see a spy game where you have to liaise with contacts successfully. Kind of like some sections of Assassin's Creed 1.

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Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey! I am a massive James Bond fan! I have seen every single movie....

...and this video made me lose my shit laughing. Amazing stuff! xD

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This game looks SO bad. Someone really needs to get this license away from Activision, ASAP. I'd even trust EA more with it. At least they had the balls to occasionally do something a little bit different, such as Everything or Nothing.. In fact.. Can we just have Everything or Nothing 2 now please? Pretty please?

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"it looks like a mix between daniel craig and chris waters"

i almost shit with glee

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Jeff made a great point about Goldeneye ruining Bond video games. Goldeneye is the better game, but Everything or Nothing was the better Bond game, and no one played it.

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Everything or Nothing was and is my favorite James Bond game. It is amazing and was everything you wanted out of a Bond game.

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I like the implications here, that MI6 just kinda says fuck it to the whole spy thing and starts fucking up shit.

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All this makes me want to do is play Alpha Protocol again.

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Ok, now I'm rewatching the last two movies to prep for Skyfall. Marketing goal achieved.

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I'm 45 minutes in. I cannot imagine how they keep doing this for another 30 minutes.

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"Operation Grand Slam: I'm going to design a breakfast."

Thanks for that, Vinny. XD