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Funny video, Guys. You need more curling games Xbox Live!!!

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It looks interesting, esp. if you will be winning points even if it's a small number to at least take care of any gamerpics/themes/downloaded movies to watch. I kept expecting on the choice with the money or the mob to have the mob pick up torches & storm the player at the bottom, that or someone to show up after someone is picked for the one & have the new person pull out a sword & yell 'there can be only one!' then fatality :).

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Jim Carrey and Seth Rogen are also from Canada. Where does GiantBomb really do all their videos and stuff?

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This doesn't look too bad, eh?

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I am Canadian and I cannot stand hockey, and do not like artificial maple flavour, though actual syrup is okay.

I do not personally know any beavers, though I'm sure they're very nice.

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Wouldn't it be awesome if they got Guest Stars to host? Every week when it's live they just have a new avatar & celeb host. Imagine Mr. T hosting 1 v 100.... pure awesome!!! You can't beat 100%.

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Why is Cortana hosting 1 vs 100?

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ARGH, fools! You actually made it into the Mob and you quit? I never even managed that, I was in the crowd the entire time. Anyway, I did enjoy the first round of the beta. Pity there aren't real prizes yet but this could get me somewhat involved in some form of game show again.

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Dude Jeff! You were in the mob and you quit! Quitter! You could have won real fake beta prizes!

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No Brando humour in there? :(

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Kyle: The whole video was mob gameplay. Pay attention.

No it wasn't. They were in the "Crowd" for the first three rounds. The fourth round, they got picked for the "Mob"... but then they quit.

Round 1
Round 1

Round 2
Round 2

Round 3
Round 3

Round 4
Round 4
Next time, sir, I suggest you take your own advice.

In order to be picked for "The One", you have to be one of the surviving members of "The Mob" at the end of a round.

For the first round, "Mob" members are weighted-randomly selected, with those having the highest weekly scores (from playing private matches during the week) having the highest chance of being picked for the Mob.

In subsequent rounds, "Mob" members are weighted-randomly selected from the "Crowd", with those having the most points during a session having the highest chance of winning a "Mob" seat.

At least, that's how I understand it, based on previews I've read this past week.
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I definitely played in this exact same instance. I remember that blonde dude with the mutton chops.

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UnnDunn : "What the hell! You guys quit just as you were picked for The Mob. I wanted to see The Mob gameplay. Lame. :("

The whole video was mob gameplay. Pay attention.
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What the hell! You guys quit just as you were picked for The Mob. I wanted to see The Mob gameplay.

Lame. :(

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Sucks Australia won't even get the full version. What a bunch of crap. :(

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Looks better than I thought.

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Why should a person get Microsoft points just for attending? Striving for top 3 does sound like a challenge worth attempting and if a person reached it, congratulations to them.  But it should remain that way, those that didn't make the top three will just have to work towards their general trivia knowledge.

I'm sure they have some sort of secret formula so that a person who continues to do well won't constantly be part of "The Mob" or "The One" and win several times but instead be part of the crowd.

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[quote]im from canada, NO ONE LIKES CURLING[/quote = Jason_Bourne ]


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I was playing yesterday and I really didn't have fun with it.  Seems like it would be really hard to win Microsoft Points because you'd have to be The One or be in the top 3 of the mob, which isn't easy.

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Dude, awesome!
I was a bit skeptical when this was first announced but...
Now I'm totally excited for when this actually comes out!

Hopefully they get better live announcers, though... that guy was being a damn lazy bastard...

Winning Microsoft points is gonna be so awesome... Rock Band songs... all of those $15 games I skipped out on... man, this thing is gonna rock!

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Dunno if this was posted but did anyone get the 'ABOVE1979' reference?


gr8 band

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judging from other things i have heard about this game, we are pretty lucky the QL made it into the "mob"

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1 v 100 Endurance Run would be awesome! 

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I am also like "who's Samantha Rhonsan"?  The fact that I probably spelled that wrong shows how little I know about this thing you should be ashamed to know about.

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K so they really were uniformed they play in the crowd untill eventually they go in to the mod at random no real prizes in the beta your just there to learn and make sure it works. They cut it off right when they joined the mod!!!!

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This surprisingly looks like a lot of fun.

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I'm from Canada. EVERYONE LOVES Curling

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Kirkland makes batteries? man they make everything from jeans to water.

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Hahaha "the canadian race"

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Your knowledge of US Magazine trivia is unnerving , but the game seems like a lot of fun.  I'm excited to see more when it goes live.

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Does this work with a "one/two months free Xbox-Live"-card?

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Let's all cry at these guys being 'racist'. Wah wah wah.

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Thank you for starting off my morning with that awesome quick look.  Looks fun but once again, witty commentary makes it even better.  As for those who say it was offensive to Canadians, Americans may poke fun at them but come on, I'm sure there are lots of jokes or stereotypical insults used for Americans.

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Making fun of Canadians is not racist it is called discrimination, and everyone does it in some kind of way, same as how some Americans think that British people speak likeDick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins (Hint: He is American) , so don't go talking how Jeff and Ryan are being Racist because they aren't, any all of you commenting that they are are most probably racist or discriminate, or even are prejudiced in some for or way.

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Sounds like Jennifer Hale is the voice of the announcer.

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How did Jeff or Ryan not make reference to Darth MacLeod being Marlon Brando in the Godfather! That was annoying me all throughout. Good QL though. 

Also, be awesome if you do actually win MS points. Looks like a cool feature for LIVE - Just hope it works well.
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lol that was really entertaining.

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LOL how did you get that Scot question wrong.

+ this looks awesome.

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hey! this look skinda neat!
Is this coming to europe aswell?

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And seriously, Jeff and Ryan stop being so fucking inconsiderate towards Canadians. You can claim it's a joke all you want but believe it or not things you say can actually offend people.

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Fuck ya, go Canada!!!!

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Sounds awesome that you can win Microsoft points :D

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ummm wow... this actually looks pretty awesome.

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That was a Friken funny quicklook
oh man this is gona be so sweet
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Bwahahhahahha Canadian Dracula ... BLAAAAH!

oh and .... BLAME CANADAAAAA! etc.
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This looks pretty awesome!

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Canadian Dracula always leaves prints at the scene with his fingerless gloves.

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Cmon now, the Canadian jokes were getting old. And why did you pick a Saskatchewan postal code of all places? (no offense)