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Is it just me, or does the female compere sound very much like Jen Taylor? I'm pretty sure it's her.

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For free, it's pretty cool.

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Great stuff man

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You ended it at the worst time! You got into the mob at the end there. I was so excited  too :p

Cool Quick Look and too bad I wasn't paying enough attention to notice your avatar as while I was playing I noticed that red suit dude with the monocle just next to you when you got into the mob.

Its also cool to see you guys answering the same questions and getting them right when I was wrong, though I am Canadian and I also got Nova Scotia question wrong, I thought it was New Land.

Also you can mash the Y button to dance and when you get to the max it changes the dances to some pretty funny stuff.

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You guys are doing nothing to eliminate the stereotype that American’s are geographically ignorant.  New Land…

CanadianDracula is a great gamertag by the way.  Awesome quick look.
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Real cash prizes? Fun trivia stuff? Sign me up! I hope this comes to Europe. Looks like fun and to win real money, hell yes!

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Mega points for the Wasted Pushups reference.

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I put up an impressions post too.

My Canadian gamertag is Fake Canad1an.

You guys didn't have to pay for a Gold Canadian account.  A 360 will give you 3 single months of Gold each time you create an account.

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How do you get a gamerscore of 89? Aren't all the point totals multiples of 5?

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Aww, they quit right when they got picked to be in the mob..

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That actually looks pretty entertaining!  I'm surprised that I actually want to play this!

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It looks really good I hope they make it more often once beta is over

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this looks neat if they giving away real ms points then ill play this

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I was planning on doing this but I forgot about it and when I did remember it was 1 hour too late :/

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Major Nelson said nobody is winning real prizes in the beta.

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That actually looks suprisingly addictive, I hope it comes to Europe.

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That was a good QL

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Looks decent, wonder is it coming to europe?

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why did they even bother to making a QL for this crap?

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It's like crazy, but with more questions.

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One of the emotes looks like he's doing the gesture for 'suck it'

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The show was dumb but the game looks alright.

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Is this just America and Canada getting this game?

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Giantbomb is in the beta, hacking my country lolz

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Laptop with google right next to you for this will be very helpful

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this is awsome to watch

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im from canada, NO ONE LIKES CURLING

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It's a bit like a less polished Buzz! if you ask me. Of course it's on a bigger scale with real prizes at stake.

Seems kinda cool. Presumably it's all free so I would certainly play it if I had an XBOX.

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Eff this game!!!!!!!!
Oh I thought you actualy had to be Canadian to play it. It's all good then :D.

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Damn it, curling is Scottish!! Scottish!!!!!!

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it was okay

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Might make me a Canadian account.