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Yup, that boy's got a bad case of Anime Face.

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Captain Saver.

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I'm proper enjoying this. The default control scheme is a little odd given the 360 shooting angle idea (although it can be changed) and it is probably kinda short for people who are good at games like this (luckily, I am terrible at games like this). But as the lovechild of Mega Man X and Abuse then it is pretty damn fun to blast through. Didn't know it was intended to be episodic, rather glad for more from this series.

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What an awful name for a game.

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played the demo.. game stinks

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Oh, sweet, so this is an actual thing now! I saw some videos of it a long time ago before I'd heard anything about it being.. actually sold. First thought was "Oh, it looks like Mega Man Zero", quickly followed by "Oh, it sounds like Mega Man X" and then "Oh, it kinda plays a bit like Mega Man..."
I like Mega Man, so... I consider those good things! But for some reason, the S in the logo reminds me of "forever alone"... I've been Internet brain damaged...

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An endurance run of this game would take about an hour.

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Im an ares

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Anybody else hear hints of Summer of Angst in the music in this?

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@nithr:  trying to get online co-op working now, having the worst time
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Main character should've been a little faster, but this is my kinda game

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Like in Ares, the god of war ? 

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Hmm, looks interesting :P

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kinda cool

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Advanced Rippin' Endurance Shakes ftw!