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For some reason I'm reminded of Pepsi-Man.


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I heard Anamanaguchi has songs in this or something. Sounds good.

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I want a highly placed comment 
But yeah, i definetely appreciate the old school appeal.
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God damn. Looks alright, might pick it up.

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I totally put ASS in for mine, too.  So juvenile.

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Oh dear, Vinny's exclaimation of "I'm pregnant!" was brilliant.

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that was an awesome quicklook

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Jump! Jump! Slide! Slide!

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What the fuck! This game is amazing.

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Reminds me of the Incredible Crisis quick look. Those Bit .Trip . games have been really interesting, too bad they're only on WiiWare. I'd pay a couple bucks on PSN

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I was 100% sure that Vinny will enter that word as his highscore name.

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lol "did he just wank of a little"

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This game looks rad.

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@VelvetLore04 said:
" I heard Anamanaguchi has songs in this or something. Sounds good. "
i think it's on the main menu or something ( one of the developers talks about it on the last CO-OP episode )
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This was reminding me of the Ryan's Inferno video. But much more fun.

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Vinny is simply brilliant.

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I demand a Ryan Inferno's 2: Bit Trip Runner Level 1-11 "Oddysey".

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Fuck me running :D

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when vinny slid after the finish line i laughed real hard. also CNT is my dirty 3-letter-name-thing of choice as well.

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@VelvetLore04: LOVE ANAMANAGUCHI!!!! The main menu and the credits screen are rocking tracks from Dawn Metropolis! All the more reason to get this game.
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I love how this was Ryan's quicklook, but Vinny took over

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Yep, Vinny is win.

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Anamanaguchi. Fuck yes.

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Hahaha, cnt sure is Vinnys favourite word!

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@BenderUnit22 said:

" ...too bad they're only on WiiWare. I'd pay a couple bucks on PSN "

Absolutely.   I would definitely buy it if it turned up on the PSN.
That looked like a fun, really addictive/frustrating game that would appear to be not the most difficult thing to convert to other platforms.  Only two control keys too (from what we saw  so far). 
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@b33 said:
" @VelvetLore04 said:
" I heard Anamanaguchi has songs in this or something. Sounds good. "
i think it's on the main menu or something ( one of the developers talks about it on the last CO-OP episode ) "

Yep, That's Blackout City on the main menu. Totally awesome! I didn't know they did music for Runner untill I heard it in the QL.
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You are the runner and I am my fathers son?

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The music sounds AWESOME!

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Holy crap, that music is Anamanguchi. Awesome.
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@VelvetLore04: The opening song in the main menu is Blackout City by Anamanaguchi.
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i might get this for my Wii, it looks fun XD

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Best Giantbomb quote nominee:  

"FUCK ME RUNNING!" – Ryan Davis

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I need to pick this and Cave Story up sometime

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AWESOME! Anamanaguchi's Blackout City is the title song? Great!

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They player mermaid during the credits. Double awesome.

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This game reminds me of The Impossible Game.  

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Still prefer Tomena Sanner for something like this in the gameplay. Should have let Brad do this one, at least it's a game that it looks like it's immune to Brad's ongoing recorded death wish when doing these QL.

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"I'm pregnant!!!". Everyday I learn something new on GB. I didn't know the Wii could do that and I'm totally not gonna make a stale joke about that console's name here ;)
Hilarious commentary & a cool looking game make for one hell of a QL. I bet you didn't know that so I'm telling you now.