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Posted By Little_Socrates

Liked the aesthetic, but the gameplay looks kinda messed up.

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Posted By Dodongo

Looks awesome.

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Posted By Nekthand

I'm going to buy this game because of the music.

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Posted By Murdouken

Reminds me of Shank. I'm ok with this.

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Edited By Ventilaator

Watching this just made me really want a 2d HD Castlevania game on the PSN/XBLA

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Posted By RuneseekerMireille

That crab boss is directly out of Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, if I remember correctly.

This game looks pretty solid, though. Might pick it up.

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Posted By Icemael

The backgrounds are nice and I do like the music, but almost everything that's animated looks... cheap. Like something out of a free Flash game you play in your browser.

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Posted By JetForceGemini

Wow! Super impressive. 

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Posted By DarkbeatDK

Looks great. The only thing I don't like is the Comic Sans font in the UI.

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Posted By bhhawks78

Don't think I'll play this but I love the art.

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Getting a bit of a Daisuke Ishiwatari wibe from the music.

...sucking the juice out of giant bugs is weirding me out.

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Posted By Demoskinos

So why is the sunlight hurting Rayne? She is a Dhampir NOT a Vampire and thus has no problems walking in daylight. *sigh*

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Posted By MachoFantastico

Wasn't expecting much, but rather impressed.

Especially love the music.

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@Demoskinos said:

So why is the sunlight hurting Rayne? She is a Dhampir NOT a Vampire and thus has no problems walking in daylight. *sigh*

I don't think there are enough people that care about BloodRayne for canon to really matter.  Vampire game having a light mechanic is a great idea. 
By the way, that was no sunlight. MAYBE IT WAS DHAMPIR KILLING RAYS?!?!
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Posted By dropabombonit

This game looks awesome, will pick it up next week if I'm done with Deus Ex by then

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Posted By LassieME

Damn, this looks good. Quick Look to quick.

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Posted By sirdesmond

This actually looks pretty great. I may have to pick this up after I beat Rock of Ages and Bastion and the other few downloadables I want to play.

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Posted By punisherkaos

Great another stupid bloodrayne game................Wait a minute this actually looks fun? now im confused.

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Posted By Crixaliz

I hope the fighting system is as smooth as Dishwasher VS.
I loved that game and could go for more 2D combat like that.

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Posted By PerfidiousSinn

So far, this is the only BloodRayne game I actually want to play.

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Posted By Zaccheus

Pretty pretty. I doubt I play this, but I wouldn't mind watching more of it.

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Posted By fooflighter737

Hey Ryan's playing....clickety clickety click... :)

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Posted By Mumrik

Yeah! A QL where Jeff's attitude is positive!

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Posted By Darkstar614

I must be jaded as hell, but this doesn't look that fun. The animation is super awesome looking and good art style, but I feel a little disconnected from the action. The hit flashes or something needs to be changed to that it feels like you're actually hitting enemies because it doesn't look that way from the video.

Hard to explain exactly.. but it seems hard to make a sprite based game like this while constantly re-enforcing that your sprite takes up physical space in the game world and isn't just cardboard cutouts overlapping each other.

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Posted By Sanj

I may have to get this. I don't think I'll ever stop liking slick looking 2D stuff.

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Posted By Addfwyn

Initially I had absolutely zero interest in even looking at the game, based on the name. This QL probably tipped my opinion all the way over to 'seriously considering buying'

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Posted By Juicebox

Phew got hewre before konami  bought and renamed this to Castlevania Bloodrayne.
Just like that other  game with the castlevania sticker slapped on to the title  whats that name of that subpar god of war clone with generic puzzles???

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Posted By Sanious

Looks like a lot of fun, will def pick it up soon.

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Posted By Sooty

I really cannot keep up with all these side scrollers.

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Posted By RampageAssassin

This looks really cool

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Posted By StriderJ87

Hearing the name Bloodrayne made me hesitant, but this is some good old fashioned Castlevania-esque lovin. I'm in.

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Posted By ttocs

Sold me on it. I'll be picking it up.

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Posted By KamikazeCaterpillar

Well, at least half of Sony's Summer thing lineup is good. This game doesn't appear to be in that half.

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Posted By Acheron

Looks like fun!

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Posted By Shaanyboi

WayForward...  stop being so awesome.

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Posted By godzilla_sushi

Wow! I'll be gettin this one for sure! It looks great.

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Posted By enemymouse

The music is amazing. Reminds me of Super Meatboy in places.

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Posted By Boosh

This looks great!  I love the art style and the combat looks pretty good as well. Although, this leaves me wanting for either a new SOTN-style Castlevania with super smooth 2D animation like this or for this Bloodrayne game to have gone all the way with its Castlevania influences and incorporated more exploration. Maybe if this sells well...?

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Posted By norfair187

I'd love for this to be a Metroidvania game, but the gameplay is probably focused on combat and action. However, speaking as someone who has a certain fondness for WayForward's 2D games, I'll definitely give the demo a try.

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Posted By Tesla

What is this feeling inside of me? Do I want to buy a Bloodrayne game?!

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    Yo dawg, I herd you like quick looks....

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Posted By The_Joker

@Boosh: Exactly what I was thinking. Her idle animation even kind of looks like Alucard's.

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Posted By AssInAss
@Demoskinos said:

So why is the sunlight hurting Rayne? She is a Dhampir NOT a Vampire and thus has no problems walking in daylight. *sigh*

What's this, a Bloodrayne fan?!
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Posted By steevl

Oh my god it's a giant enemy crab


Game looks reasonably fun!

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Posted By Terjay

The animation on this is AMAZING.

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Posted By AllTheParts

Wow this game looks awesome. Ryan is really bad at it though. I wish it was coming to PC.

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Posted By zymbo

Sold me on it.  Looks good.
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Posted By DougQuaid

Wait... this is on XBLA too? I thought this was a PSN exclusive. What's the point of PSN's summer of arcade block party thing if none of the games are exclusive to the service?

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Posted By DeadPan


Its pretty fucking sweet

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Posted By RE_Player1

@DougQuaid said:

Wait... this is on XBLA too? I thought this was a PSN exclusive. What's the point of PSN's summer of arcade block party thing if none of the games are exclusive to the service?

Some of them are coming first to PSN and all of them are discounted for Plus members. I believe they are only $12 instead of $15 for Plus.