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Posted By TripMasterMunky

This looks like the best bloodrayne game.

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Posted By jacksukeru

Seems decent, not liking everything I see though, like the platforming. Doubt I'll pick it up myself but I hope that someone does.

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I've heard from some reviews that this gets brutally difficult towards the middle and end, which is kind of a shame, but I think I'm still going to pick it up. I just adore 2D games like this and The Dishwasher

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Posted By Chef033

RE: Jeff asking if people will ever get tired of smoothly animated 2D games: god I hope not because I sure as hell won't

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Posted By Solh0und

Eh. It looks ok. I'll buy it later in the year.

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Posted By Buneroid

This actually looks pretty fun.

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Posted By Draxyle

Very glad to still see some slick 2D animated games. 
You don't need to go 3D to look good, you can do some very awesome things in the classic two dimensional plane. Muramasa is another good example. Wish we could see even more of it return.

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Posted By Tokubetsu

Really looking forward to this.

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So it is like The Dishwasher but more expensive and nice animation?

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Well this looks great.

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@Darkstar614 said:

I must be jaded as hell, but this doesn't look that fun. The animation is super awesome looking and good art style, but I feel a little disconnected from the action. The hit flashes or something needs to be changed to that it feels like you're actually hitting enemies because it doesn't look that way from the video.

Hard to explain exactly.. but it seems hard to make a sprite based game like this while constantly re-enforcing that your sprite takes up physical space in the game world and isn't just cardboard cutouts overlapping each other.

Yeah, I think that is the biggest problem with this game. It doesn't seem like you actually hit something. Especially with the smaller jumping and flying enemies.

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Posted By TheMasterDS

Looks like a no frills linear action game with no variety whatsoever. It's a modern day brawler and has no Metroidvania trappings whatsoever, whether that mean progression or non-linearity. I don't think it looks fun at all.

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Posted By Ronald

The gameplay looks unimpressive but visually it looks fantastic.

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Posted By captainanderson

Looks pretty cool, like Shank meets classic Castlevania.

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Posted By BisonHero

Those time bonuses look pretty rough. 
That one at the end of the Quick Look, where Ryan had 32 seconds to take out 10 of those enemies with giant claws, and they spawn in waves instead of all at once, for example.

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Heh, like a boy and his blob, a girl and her blood eh? Gross, and sexy, and gross. BUT sexy. but mostly gross.

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Smooth ass 2D is the shit.

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who punches the crab puncher?

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Money sitting on my psn account for quite awhile, which is nice since I don't have any actual money to buy games for...awhile. Spent my leftovers on xbox for bastion. This will be my use of that money definitely. Could sit at that title screen for awhile too.

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Posted By spiralsin

Jeff's comment about "Fat Magnum" was priceless.

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i'll probably get this mostly because i love the bloodrayne games but also because this looks like a decent game

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Had my doubts but THIS LOOKS ALL RIGHT. Way Forward knows how to do some 2d games!

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I really love the look and sound of the game, but I just find that genre of gameplay to be mind numbingly tedious and boring. If it ever comes to PC I will pick it up during some Steam sale for $5.

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Is there a demo for this because I'm now interested in this game.Also Ryan totally should've jumped when those buzzsaws were coming for him.

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Posted By maxB

looks slick

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Blood Belmont.

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Posted By Tordah

This looks surprisingly sharp. Loving the Castlevania-esque music.

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Looks super slick and pretty fun; I have a soft spot for those first two Bloodrayne games for some crazy reason. Definitely gonna pick this up. Nice job, WayForward!

Also, I'm gonna sound like a crazy person who knows too much about Bloodrayne, but I'm confused as to how those lights hurt her, since she's technically a dhampir (one human parent, one vampire parent). Maybe that just means that lights hurt her less? I forget the specifics of how that works, but for some reason I thought I remembered the fact that lights don't hurt her being pointed out explicitly in the other games. Anyways...carry on, everyone, nothing to see here!

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Posted By SockLobster
@Juicebox said:
Phew got hewre before konami  bought and renamed this to Castlevania Bloodrayne. Just like that other  game with the castlevania sticker slapped on to the title  whats that name of that subpar god of war clone with generic puzzles???
That game was awesome, it was far closer to classic Castlevania than the SotN clones will ever be, so suck it.
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Posted By Mathey

Animation is magic, especially when its got some handdrawn stuff in there. It has that semblance of reality, but filtered through somebody's brain and hand.

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Posted By Subjugation

This looks like a solid game. Good job.

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had my doubts definatly, cause hey its blood rayne (and i hate 1,2 and definatly the uwe boll made travesties movies). it seriously reminds me of castlevania...and thats a good thing :D

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Posted By Demoskinos

@AssInAss: Yeah, I have the first two game and I'm a fan. I mean, I'll be the first one to admit that they aren't stellar games and both had a good bit wrong with them but they are fun for just chopping up nazis and vampires. I have a few of the comics too as they are actually fairly decently done as well.

And before you ask... no... I haven't watched and never will watch the movies. Ugh. Fucking Uwe Boll.

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Posted By Sergotron

Wow... I am actually going to buy a BloodRayne game for once.

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That is some goddamn awesome animation.  It's too bad 2D only works with certain genres of games.

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Posted By EveretteScott
@VoshiNova said:

I hate this music so much its ridiculous.

I also hate that this game is covered in "heavy metal."

Also, I hate Bloodrayne, yet I'm watching the whole quick look. lol

I hate everything!
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Posted By FacelessVixen

Loving the music.

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Posted By RedCricketChase

"..that's my favorite kind of hugging *grunting sound*"

hopefully i just made some unsuspecting reader want to watch this vid. cus that was a quote from this QL. also i am drunk, if that matters. ok back to lasagna food land mm!

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Posted By lokey013

Must BUY!!!
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Posted By PimblyCharles

Please keep Uwe Boll away from this one!

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I know making a game can be expensive, but I know cheap freelance artists that are leagues better than whatever artist they hired for the character design in this game. It's like they just picked up someone off deviantart to work on this game.  The animation is good, and something that is always enjoyable, it's a real shame that an amateurish drawn character has been animated so well.

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Posted By Beechbone

I'm one of the few rare people who actually loved every minute of the original Terminal Reality's BloodRayne. Obviously hated the movies which are unbearable. Still kinda undecided about this 2D iteration, need to play the trial for myself.

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Posted By SuperfluousMoniker

This looks great. Nice Castlevania vibe. Day one

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"When I grow out my mustache, they call me fat 'Fat Magnum'". I love you, Jeff.

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Damn, this music is fucking great. Trumps anything Castlevania has had since SOTN.

Konami needs to hire these guys to make the next Castlevania, because this is slick. Just needs a grid map and abilities as keys.

@Mumrik said:

Yeah! A QL where Jeff's attitude is positive!

Not only that, but there was metal without him going "Jung jung jung-jung jung."

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Posted By Max_Hydrogen

I was waiting for them to make a Castlevania comparison and something tells me they were trying to suppress that. Might as well call it Castlevania Unauthorized:Now You Are The Vampire! Strange, whenever they play a beat'em up, they always lament how beat'em ups are dead and boring and nobody wants to play them anymore... Those enemies jumping from the foreground reminded me of the fist battle against Shredder in TMNT IV: a beat'em up they don't like playing.

The game looks really nice; I like the motion blur on some of her moves and the background parallax scrolling was neat. I'm unfamiliar with the Bloodrayne series so I don't know I should feel about the 2D comic book adaptation but just on its own merit: the one level shown suggests that this a well made revamp of a classic genre if a little too reminiscent of Castlevania. The music is good too.

As long as Uwe Boll has nothing to do with this...

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Posted By MrKlorox

@Max_Hydrogen said:



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Posted By Rolyatkcinmai

This looks surprisingly cool.

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Can you put the music down? If not... wow my head.
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The next logical step for them is to basically rip-off Symphony of the Night, and I'm totally okay with that.