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I suspect there won't be anything easy about this construction.

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Has some of that ol' Kerbal magic.

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These are always the best types of quick looks. I still watch Euro Truck simulator...hilarious.

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After just 1 min i can say... yea played this on my andriod once for 10 min while waiting on the bus.

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Vinny you should play Bridge It instead of this! It's old but way better. You can have trains go across your bridges. Trains!


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classic quick look

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Don't hang out under the bridge downtown. It will collapse right on top of you.

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>We don't need this one

The most important part of the bridge. Should've used magnets

I love Vinny.

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I'm wondering if Vinnie's colorblindness was keeping him from seeing the stress on the bridges before they were completed.

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This is stressing me out more than I expected.

Yup, I thought I knew what I would be in for watching this but the bridge builder in me keeps telling me to kill myself.

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That double car jump at the end was fantastic.

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Can we see some of the other bridge simulators out there as well? Yes, there are more bridge simulators out there.

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Man. The music hella reminds me of Mass Effect for some reason.

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@isomac said:

I used to play game named Pontifex quite many years ago. It was really fun and addicting game. Interesting to see how this compares to that game. Also I really want to see what kind of bridges Vinny is going to make...

Fuck yes, Pontifex!

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When the amazing V Bomb landed those 2 cars on their tips, well I hear Heart's "Magic Man" kick in. Vinny colors outside the lines man. Love it.

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VinnCo for GOTY theme PLEASE

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Forget game of the year it should be named Vinny of the year!

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This game is SO OLD!!! I played this more than a year ago on my android tablet.

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This is the Calvin's Dad approach to bridge design.

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well saw this on the homepage and i know it will be incredible

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@aas said:

@isomac said:

I used to play game named Pontifex quite many years ago. It was really fun and addicting game. Interesting to see how this compares to that game. Also I really want to see what kind of bridges Vinny is going to make...

Fuck yes, Pontifex!

Glad I'm not the only one who came here to mention that game. Didn't that actually have a first person view, too?

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This entire thing started from West Pointe's Bridge Design contest that they hold every year.

More fun program as the physics in it are wonky as shit. Also, it's free.

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Someone should register Giantbridge.com

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as an engineer, watching vinny build these monstrosities was soooooo aggravating! but great video

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Only you guys could turn this game into something enjoyable.

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Ugh, not sure if I want to stick to the iOS version or get the Steam version.

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I would totally be up for seeing this on Unprofessional Fridays anyway. Vinny plus bridges seems to be some sort of magical equation.

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I wish this game existed back in high school when I was taking computer drafting classes. We had a striped down version of this game that we were tested on for bridge making physics. Each test was pass or fail based on if the truck made it across the bridge without it collapsing. Very stressful.

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That's gold, Jerry. Gold!

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I think Brad napped through half of this Quick Look.

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That last bridge is the greatest bridge performance in history.

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I bet Vin Co.'s stock dropped a bunch after these multiple bridge "accidents", gonna by a couple thousand shares!

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Great quick look. Makes me want to get a bridge simulator game to screw around with. Not sure if that will be this one, though.

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VinCo: Our bridges only go one way because that is the only way you need to go. You want sweet jumps.

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quicklook of the year!

That ending!

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I haven't watched this didn't notice what this was at first, this is going to be the best thing all day.

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Soooo... we're playing bridge?

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Looks like Vinny's a regular Othmar Ammann.

...Look it up.

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I'm loving all the Alexis and Drew on content lately - the last bombcast is one of the best episodes I've heard in 3 years. I'll admit that back when Alexis was getting his "sea legs" at being a personality he was awkward and kind of dull, but he seems to be picking up the same groove Drew's been getting lately.

GB never stops being rad.

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Certified World's Best Bridge Constructor.

Has anybody seen the bridge? Where's that confounded bridge?

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My OCD made this reeeeally hard to watch. Those bridges need symmetry!

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So... I heard Vinny found this awesome game called Ramp Constructor where you build bridges.

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Vinny should have been a physics teacher, obviously.

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I would buy a shirt that says:

VinCo Certified