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Looks like a buy for me, anyone else kind of getting Earthbound vibes from this with the modern setting?

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Personally leaving AT LEAST $15 reserved for this damn game.

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so many vinny quick looks wheeee
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I was looking for Penny Arcade Adventures 3... I think I just found it.

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Got some good arcade games coming up and I still need to get Limbo. Damn.

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Finally I get a double fine game .
Amusing to watch Vinny revisit his childhood, if he ever left it.  
Ryan on the other hand, probably was putting m-80's in trashcans..... 
Crazy as it sounds, this looks like it's going to be the   The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, this Holloween.
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Looks cool, like Earthbound!
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wow, it actually looks better than I thought.

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Reminding any one else of a certain South Park episode? 

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buying it if it comes out on steam
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I'm REALLY liking this. I had a vague interest before simply because it's a Double Fine production. Otherwise I wouldn't have cared much. I'm totally sold now though. I'm getting this. This looks awesome.

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WTF, Ryan? Candy corn and 3 Musketeers are the best candies ever. You're nuts!

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@Jawshua said:
" WTF they hate candy corn?!?! "
I know 0 people who like candy corn, which is great cause I can have it all.  Cand Corn Lover is my new rap name though
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This looks amazing. Can't wait to play.

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This is fucking adorable! Day one purchase for me

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@heavyplay:  That is exactly what my boyfriend said when we watched this (except the Butters part).  
I am definitely buying this. It looks so darn cute and fun. Also, "Candy corn is a confection popular in the United States and Canada, particularly in autumn around Halloween... The National Confectioners Association estimates that 20 million pounds (9,072,000 kg) of candy corn are sold annually." Lies! I don't like candy corn. Blech.

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@Branthog said:
" I hate trick or treating. Haven't done so since I was ten years old. This, on the other hand, looks awesome.  On another note, do kids even trick or treat anymore? I thought they all just "trick or treated" at church and the mall, now, because of all those bullshit "they'll poison yer snickers and put razorblades in your butterfingers!" lies that the media spread years ago? "
What kind of nonsense are you spouting, sir? Every year my neighborhood gets fucking TRASHED because of everyone partying and trick or treating. In a good way, of course.
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@LucyGlitter said:
" Buying.  Straight up buy.  "
No question.
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I like no I love me some 3 musketeers bars. Send my way if you dont want them.

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Looks pretty good. Reminds me of that anime South Park episode where Butters got the ninja star in the eye.

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@wasteguru said:
" @Connelo said:
Where did you read that? The giantbomb page for the game says Oct. 27th. And the Wikipedia page says... Oct. 31st?  Ok seriously, when is this game coming out? "
I'd assume it'd be the 26th/27th as those are the days PSN and XBLA update.
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Heh, we had a basket of various chocolate mini's in the office where I work and Three Musketeers bars ended up being all that was left, so it's funny Ryan mentioned that. It was enjoyable to watch people sift through the basket only to walk away disappointed.

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As soon as I saw the first glimpse of the combat, I knew I needed this. 

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This is what I love about this community. Excited for a game that is happening, not spending all our time bemoaning what's not.

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@Connelo said:
Where did you read that? The giantbomb page for the game says Oct. 27th. 
And the Wikipedia page says... Oct. 31st? 
Ok seriously, when is this game coming out?
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Must have this game.
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Fact: candy corn is made from actual pieces of Hitler's heart.
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I'm gonna guess you win an apple for finishing the bobbing quest, and you can give that to the pie lady.

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Looks fun, fingers crossed for a pc release.

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Game wasn't on my radar; I thought it was some weird mini-game collection. 
I was sorely, sorely mistaken.

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fuking awsome!!!

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This game looks awesome.  I'm looking forward to it.

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Oh god this is so good. 

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This looks really good, hopefully this will take Penny Arcade Adventure's place. (Because Deathspank certainly didn't.)

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This game looks rad, hope there is a little bit more to the final product though as I can see this getting a little dull after a while.

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Where's the house that gives out raisins and pretzels?  Super Secret Mini Boss perhaps? 

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Omg, how cana game with this name look so god damn good!

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All the kids like to dress up as Abe Lincoln.

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I really could not be any more excited for this game.

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That was a good Abe Lincoln.
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Never is a looong time.
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not like this

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The lack of voice acting. Hearing little kids read those lines would be simply amazing.

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wow i didnt expect that at the start! :D

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I'm not a fan of Turn-based RPGs anymore except for the Mario RPG series but this looks excellent. I love Halloween so I can see myself totally getting into this game.

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I want this game sooo badly!