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@Wes899 said:

" Screw you guys, Candy Corn is great. 3 Musketeers too! You guys have no taste in candy.  "

Oh, and this game looks awesome. Day 1.
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Looks fun! I don't know how I feel about all the candy corn and 3 Musketeers hate, though :P

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Posted By OneManX

No Love for Three Musketeers... I dont know if I can come back to Giant Bomb

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Oh this looks pretty good. It definitely has a playful, Psychonauts feel.
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Oh God why are they stuffing candy into Bart's head?! 0.o

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Cute game, looking forward to it.

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Candy corn is the best.

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Oh man Sea-Tac shoutout... worth it.

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Loving all these QLs today.  
Vinny - "Wait ... really? This is the worst neighbourhood in the world. How can these - WHAT!?"  
Giant robot transformation reaction. 

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This looks really cool, I'll be downloading it for sure.

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not really into the way Ryan enunciates the word 'monsters'  
somethin weird about it

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Every Halloween should be an elaborate RPG.

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This game looks awesome.

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best rpg ever

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Yep, totally getting this!!!

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I am so into this

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Game is looking great, I am excited since the day it was announced.  Wish the QL showed more custome though.

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You're supposed to collect PUMPKINS!
Those are clearly pumpkin pies she has there!

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This looks even more excellent than I first thought! 

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Can't wait for this game!  Glad to see the latest Double Fine product is looking good!

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Can't wait for this, looks great.

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This looks amazing, it can't come out soon enough!

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I want it so bad.

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This looks reallllllyyy good. Can't wait to see some reviews.

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@TechSamurai said:
" This was an instant purchase until I heard it was only single-player.....it looks like a game built for multi-player. "
A turn-based RPG does?  

I hadn't heard of this before the QL, looks fantastic though.  Wonder how long it is or if you get more party members.
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Looks awesome I like that the battles have timing based attacks like the mario and luigi rpgs

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Can i play as a slutty nurse?

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Clothing party?

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 FUCK YES THREE MUSKETEERS IS THE WORST!  Thank you.  It's like the shitty part of a Milky Way, but an entire candy bar of just that.

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This game looks really awesome and a lot like Earthbound

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Wow, this seems amazing. Day one!

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Looks cool. A map and some voice acting would be nice though.
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Screw you guys, Candy Corn is great. 3 Musketeers too! You guys have no taste in candy. 

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Ahh mah Gawd, so many quick-looks today! And they all feature Vinny! Yay! 
Also, soooo many RPGs I need to burn through, but this game looks great, and will get for sure.

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My kids will go crazy over this one, and unlike those pesky lego games, I will probably enjoy this a ton as well!

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ok, i want this game

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Looks awesome.

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This looks so rad. Day one for me.

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This thing looks great, and candy corn is underated

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I really love what this looks like... but it needs voice acting.

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They're right, candy corn is terrible.
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day one perch

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Candy corn fucking sucks. Its so gross.

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This just looks so incredibly good I can't wait to buy it. Day one purchase- this, I vow!

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I already wanted this game, but this quick-look makes me so much more excited!

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this game looks so cool 

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This was an instant purchase until I heard it was only single-player.....it looks like a game built for multi-player.