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Still one of my favorite QLs.

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Yeah. Seriously the funniest quicklook ever, had to come back to this one for the laughs.

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I really wish we'd have gotten more of Patrick/Vinny, secretly one of the best QL combos.

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Still one of my favorite Quick Looks and one I wish they'd go back to for a "Test of Endurance" playthrough.

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tom and jerry part is great!

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This is one of my favorite old quick looks. Patrick and Vinny were a golden combo.

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It's a joke game right? Like to make fun of horror games?

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I'm scared to watch this. :(

Okay that was hilarious! Loved this quick look. Man, I'm really gonna miss Patrick when he leaves. :(

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Axe man scared me too, Patrick.

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this was good and funny to watch;),,but u took so long ,,wasnt it an easy game;p?

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Awesome quick look! :D

The game looks like crap...but it's the GOOD sort of crap! I love the enemy design, whoever came up with this is a GENIUS! I could totally see me playing this with a friend...at night...in a dark room...with headphones on...this game yells ENDURANCE RUN right in your face! ;)

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I like how excited chainsaw man is about his chainsaws. :D

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I didn't watch this quick look because well I didn't want to get scared. But I saw it on Steam today and I thought to myself well I never saw the quick look. Is there a mod to have Vinny and Patrick in the game with me so I laugh instead of cry? Like a Cry of Laugh mod? I guess I'll just have to tough it out.

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I played a bit of the single player and holy hell, it's actually really scary.

I played it for like a few minutes at night and I had to shut it off. That segment with the camera is eeeviill; I knew something horrible was going to come up and I just couldn't handle the tension anymore.

Someday I'll give it another try though; seems like a fantastic survival horror experience despite its modest budget.

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This quick look nearly brought me to tears. Great job Patrick and Vinny!

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You cant really be all that harsh on a game that is a free mod, but man this game is hilariously busted up. Great quicklook

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This is the funniest quick look ever

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After watching this Quick Look and Unprofessional Friday, I really hope Vinny and Patrick do more with this game.

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@mrgtd: You absolutely should watch it. It's way better than those ridiculously stupid scare cam LPs that are annoying on every single level.

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this seemed like fun so i got it almost immediately after... it runs pretty good on my wifes crappy little computer so i assume it runs on the old HL engine... anyway the single player is different for sure. but it was still fun to see this QL

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@vuud: its what happens after you go poop and even after you flush it the smell lingers for WAY TOOO LONGGGG.... my little brother is haunted by them frequently i think

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Really enjoyable Quick Look. and ghost beds.

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Bedemic: Shock and Terror

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Endurance Run!!!

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Absolutely hilarious w/ that ending just icing on poopghost cake.

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I'm sorry but I think this game looks terrible.

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I played a bit of the single player and holy hell, it's actually really scary.

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Oh man I fucking lost it at the end.

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really great quick look!

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This Quick Look was awesome.

Great job Patrick & Vinny!

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Poopghost! NOOOOOO!!!!

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Those bed dudes were funny at first, but they started to get legitimately creepy...

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Nice one :) Not a a game I would want to play alone at night...^^

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34:25 is great

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Pretty scary and pretty hilarious.

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Anyone that gets upset about GB goofing off in their QL's takes video games way too seriously.

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An incredible QL. It's too bad nobody did their research before playing this on the unprofessional Friday. It's kind of embarrassing to see people who are payed to cover video games give misinformation about video games. Yes, this is an HL1 mod. No, it isn't old. This "total conversion" was just released recently, and the entire point of the project was to push the extremely old "GOLDSRC" engine from HL1 to it's limits. While it's far from pretty, it's an incredibly good looking game for the engine it was built on. Everybody who enjoys horror games should give this game a try. It's incredible.

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This game makes the poop come

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Holy balls, this was such an incredibly funny QL. Patrick crashing and his character freezing in Vinny's game had me in stitches. This game is legitimately neat, too.

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I want a T-shirt with a caricature of Vinny in a cop costume and the words "Happy Halloween, Dickweed" written on it STAT.

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Goldsource, Patrick. Goldsource.

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One of the most enjoyable Quick Looks in recent memory! Keep on being awsome!

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Awesome quicklook, could watch these two play this game for hours more. Some damn awesome enemy design in this and pretty creepy moments, and some funny moments that should have been creepy but gave a laugh instead because of the bad graphics/ai. Seemed like they were genuinely having a fun time playing this together which is a nice breath of fresh air after a lot of dull looking games in quicklooks lately.

Laughed my ass off and jumped a few times, thanks Vinny and Patrick.

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Vinny purposely used Comic Sans MS in this video just to mock everyone.

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Echoing all sentiments, loved this ql and hope that there's more Patrick and vinny to come!

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10/10....Chi-Town Pat and Vinny holding it down!!!